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24 Dec 2007 @ 21:41, by Vaxen Var

For those unaware of the manger scene getting down in NOLA this year I must remind you that it all began in 1984 when 'The City' under Dutch Morial completely closed down the French Quarter so that businesses there would be bankrupted. This was all in preparation for the 1984 Worlds Fair held there that year.

I was General Manager, at the time, for the 'Louisiana Tour Company' and had first hand knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes. I also exibited my 'African Art' in the Cuban Booth at the worlds fair that year.

I finally got so sick of the political shenanigans that I pulled up stakes and fled to Atlanta opening up another business there. We were all promised 'reparations' for the remodelling, the whole 'Vieux Carre' got repaved, of the French Quarter that took place and closed down most all businesses there but...those reparations never came. Now this...

Shock and Tasers in New Orleans

By Naomi Klein [link] , HuffingtonPost (*yuck*) '.' com. Posted December 22, 2007 [link].

The shameless exploitation of poor New Orleans residents to privatize public infrastructure is being enforced by violence and tasers.

Readers of my book The Shock Doctrine [link] know that one of the most shameless examples of disaster capitalism has been the attempt to exploit the disastrous flooding of New Orleans to close down that city's public housing projects, some of the only affordable units in the city. Most of the buildings sustained minimal flood damage, but they happen to occupy valuable land that make for perfect condo developments and hotels.

The final showdown over New Orleans public housing is playing out in dramatic fashion right now. The conflict is a classic example of the "triple shock" formula at the core of the doctrine.

- First came the shock of the original disaster: the flood and the traumatic evacuation.

- Next came the "economic shock therapy": using the window of opportunity opened up by the first shock to push through a rapid-fire attack on the city's public services and spaces, most notably it's homes, schools and hospitals.

-Now we see that as residents of New Orleans try to resist these attacks, they are being met with a third shock: the shock of the police baton and the Taser gun, used on the bodies of protestors outside New Orleans City Hall yesterday.

Democracy Now! has been covering this fight all week, with amazing reports from filmmakers Jacquie Soohen and Rick Rowley (Rick was arrested in the crackdown). Watch residents react to the bulldozing of their homes here [link] .

And footage from yesterday's police crackdown and Tasering of protestors inside and outside city hall here [link] .

That last segment contains a terrific interview with Kali Akuno, executive director of the People's Hurricane Relief Fund. Akuno puts the demolitions in the big picture, telling Amy Goodman:

This is just one particular piece of this whole program. Public hospitals are also being shut down and set to be demolished and destroyed in New Orleans. And they've systematically dismantled the public education system and beginning demolition on many of the schools in New Orleans--that's on the agenda right now--and trying to totally turn that system over to a charter and a voucher system, to privatize and just really go forward with a major experiment, which was initially laid out by the Heritage Foundation and other neoconservative think tanks shortly after the storm. So this is just really the fulfillment of this program.

Akuno is referring to the Heritage Foundation's infamous post-Katrina meeting with the Republican Study Group in which participants laid out their plans to turn New Orleans into a Petri dish for every policy they can't ram through without a disaster. Read the minutes on my website [link] :.

For more context, here are couple of related excerpts from The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism:

The news racing around the shelter [in Baton Rouge] that day was that Richard Baker, a prominent Republican Congressman from this city, had told a group of lobbyists, "We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did." Joseph Canizaro, one of New Orleans' wealthiest developers, had just expressed a similar sentiment: "I think we have a clean sheet to start again. And with that clean sheet we have some very big opportunities." All that week the Louisiana State Legislature in Baton Rouge had been crawling with corporate lobbyists helping to lock in those big opportunities: lower taxes, fewer regulations, cheaper workers and a "smaller, safer city"--which in practice meant plans to level the public housing projects and replace them with condos. Hearing all the talk of "fresh starts" and "clean sheets," you could almost forget the toxic stew of rubble, chemical outflows and human remains just a few miles down the highway.

Over at the shelter, Jamar Perry, a young resident of New Orleans, could think of nothing else. "I really don't see it as cleaning up the city. What I see is that a lot of people got killed uptown. People who shouldn't have died."

He was speaking quietly, but an older man in line in front of us in the food line overheard and whipped around. "What is wrong with these people in Baton Rouge? This isn't an opportunity. It's a goddamned tragedy. Are they blind?"

A mother with two kids chimed in. "No, they're not blind, they're evil. They see just fine."


At first I thought the Green Zone phenomenon was unique to the war in Iraq. Now, after years spent in other disaster zones, I realize that the Green Zone emerges everywhere that the disaster capitalism complex descends, with the same stark partitions between the included and the excluded, the protected and the damned.

It happened in New Orleans. After the flood, an already divided city turned into a battleground between gated green zones and raging red zones--the result not of water damage but of the "free-market solutions" embraced by the president. The Bush administration refused to allow emergency funds to pay public sector salaries, and the City of New Orleans, which lost its tax base, had to fire three thousand workers in the months after Katrina. Among them were sixteen of the city's planning staff--with shades of "de Baathification," laid off at the precise moment when New Orleans was in desperate need of planners. Instead, millions of public dollars went to outside consultants, many of whom were powerful real estate developers. And of course thousands of teachers were also fired, paving the way for the conversion of dozens of public schools into charter schools, just as Friedman had called for.

Almost two years after the storm, Charity Hospital was still closed. The court system was barely functioning, and the privatized electricity company, Entergy, had failed to get the whole city back online. After threatening to raise rates dramatically, the company managed to extract a controversial $200 million bailout from the federal government. The public transit system was gutted and lost almost half its workers. The vast majority of publicly owned housing projects stood boarded up and empty, with five thousand units slotted for demolition by the federal housing authority. Much as the tourism lobby in Asia had longed to be rid of the beachfront fishing villages, New Orleans' powerful tourism lobby had been eyeing the housing projects, several of them on prime land close to the French Quarter, the city's tourism magnet.

Endesha Juakali helped set up a protest camp outside one of the boarded-up projects, St. Bernard Public Housing, explaining that "they've had an agenda for St. Bernard a long time, but as long as people lived here, they couldn't do it. So they used the disaster as a way of cleansing the neighbourhood when the neighbourhood is weakest. ... This is a great location for bigger houses and condos. The only problem is you got all these poor black people sitting on it!"

Amid the schools, the homes, the hospitals, the transit system and the lack of clean water in many parts of town, New Orleans' public sphere was not being rebuilt, it was being erased, with the storm used as the excuse. At an earlier stage of capitalist "creative destruction," large swaths of the United States lost their manufacturing bases and degenerated into rust belts of shuttered factories and neglected neighborhoods. Post-Katrina New Orleans may be providing the first Western-world image of a new kind of wasted urban landscape: the mould belt, destroyed by the deadly combination of weathered public infrastructure and extreme weather.

Since the publication of The Shock Doctrine, my research team has been putting dozens of original source documents online for readers to explore subjects in greater depth. The resource page on New Orleans has some real gems [link] .

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24 Dec 2007 @ 22:17 by vaxen : And how...
is this all related to Michael Riconosciuto, PROMIS, the death of Danny Casolaro and GIG? PROMIS was/is a software program which was funded by a Law Enforcement Assistance Administration grant and was actually 'public domain,' though it's creator Bill Hamilton of Inslaw Inc., which developes kick ass software for organising databases etc., sued the Fed for stealing 'his' PROMIS software (PROMIS means: Prosecuters Management Information Systems) and selling it all around the world.

There is a genius software programmer and developer who put a 'backdoor' into said software who is still in Fed Pen over the affair.

The nice thing about PROMIS and it's upgrades is that it utilises some cool AI and Machine to Machine talk to synthesize a general control over all databases it comes in contact with.

You might like to do some research into Indira Singh, "The Fellowship (Christian Secret Society to which Cheney, Ashcroft, and a bunch of good ol boys belong)," Distributed Cognition, Knowledge Objects, Object Oriented Programming, VAX 32, Ivanwald, Dr. Earl W Brian, The October Surprise, Edwin Meese, Block Modelling, Social Network Analysis, and Google...the real Octopus.

You might not, it got Danny Casolaro murdered and put Michael Riconosciuto behind bars indefinitely. However if you'd care to assess a link between NOLA now, X-Mas, and the PROMIS? Good on ya! ;)


Interestingly enough though the Feds bankrupted Bill and Nancy Hamilton and Inslaw Inc., it appears to be going strong today? Wonder why that is...

"Welcome to INSLAW, Inc. - Software You Can Grow With - Case ...INSLAW, Inc. Software you can grow with. Makers of Modulaw and CJIS case management software. ."  

24 Dec 2007 @ 22:38 by vaxen : And...
only the discerning historian, I suppose, could or would, even venture a relation ship between the following and the above article and PROMIS. Framework relational versus Object-oriented Model?

You, your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than the behaviour of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules… This is in head-on contradiction to the religious beliefs of millions of human beings alive today.

— Francis Crick

As an evangelical evolutionist, I have found much frustration in learning the prevailing views in each branch of philosophy I've encountered — in that they frequently embrace positions that are simply inconsistent with what we already know about the way humans developed and the way they function. Thankfully, there are also philosophers in each field who strive for scientific consistency, but they tend to be viewed as a radical minority — probably because there is much about scientific accounts of reality that seems counterintuitive or unpalatable. In the quest to make truth conform to preference, I'm afraid hope springs infernal.

— Kent Van Cleave

About the KLI Theory Lab:

The KLI Theory Lab:  

25 Dec 2007 @ 07:47 by vaxen : Since...
no one seems to care to comment then I'll just have to take up the tac and do it myself!

The politicians running the US Government and the Republic into the ground do not want you to know the truth about anything. REALITY and Electoral Reform are central to the future of Earth and our Republic.

This is the page where we will post pointers to information that needs to be considered by citizens and voters as they challenge the contenders for the President to move away from platitudes and toward substance.

Its not policy until its in the budget, and if its not in the budget, our future is toast.

The first link sets the stage for needed new policies in each of the twelve critical policy areas.

The second link outlined the key elements of an Electoral Reform Act that we must all demand in early 2008, in order to bring 100 million citizen-voters back into our political process. They dropped out when the two major parties hijacked the Presidential debates away from the League of Women Voters in order to exclude all other parties from the central debate that reaches most citizens--television debates.

The third link provides explicit warning of the financial crash coming between now and March 2008. One should not throw stones when one lives in a glass house. The two parties have bankrupted the Republic financially, morally, socially, and politically. The only thing that will save us is the restoration of the Constitution and non-violent nation-wide action to empty Congress of the partisans on both sides and put clean non-partisan (transpartisan) candidates in.


25 Dec 2007 @ 17:02 by a-d : Destiny speaking...; )
''I challenge every American to make a list of what they feel their individual rights are, and then, item by item, find out how much government is interfering with those rights,'' he said. ''I have been trying to throw off the yoke of government interference in our lives since I joined the American Indian Movement.'' /// Said by Steven; if you clck here [ ]
and read it all -and you'll find more thought provoking things said there.

Soooo many interesting surprises in store (... to show up the coming year!....) both from Within ourselves as we learn to dare to be nothing but Mr & Mrs Nobody, so to speak; ONLY our OWN selves, without any labels to hold up to the World, for the World to see and give their approval of us based on those labels -and we do that when we are so & so much anchored in our OWN Identity/ knowing ourselves as "just being maself". That happens when our Self Esteem has reached some kind of "Critical Mass!)
HAPPY NEW Year to ALL! : )  

25 Dec 2007 @ 19:07 by vaxen : One small step...
"Leonard Peltier was not so lucky. He was tried in North Dakota, and was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in prison. He remains there today, even though evidence recovered after the siege clearly showed that the two FBI deaths were attributable to friendly fire. During his years in prison, through his art and letters, Peltier has continued to work for oppressed people everywhere.

"Russell Means has remained free, and he has not been idle in the intervening decades. A committed libertarian, he has written several books, run for office on the Libertarian ticket, and continued to pursue a film career that has made him a household face and name. Apart from that, he has bided his time, waiting for just the right moment in history.

"That moment has come. In September of this year, the United Nations passed a non-binding Resolution on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Naturally, Canada, the United States and Australia refused to sign, but this resolution paved the way for a move that has been waiting in the wings, so to speak, since the 1970s.

"On Wednesday of this week, Russell Means led a delegation of the Lakota Sioux people to the U.S. State Department and the embassies of Bolivia, Chile, South Africa and Venezuela, declaring their secession from the United States of America.

"Means stated, "We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us." The lands of the Lakota Sioux encompass portions of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. In the coming weeks, they will take their diplomatic mission overseas to seek further support.

"Means also stated that anyone willing to renounce their U.S. citizenship would live on Lakota land tax free, and that the Lakota would issue their own passports and driving licenses. Since a large group of libertarians have recently moved to Wyoming, this opens up some interesting possibilities for a free society growing up in our midst."
And Putin begins the process of recognition!
[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one. No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]
"Better is it to die on my feet than to live on my knees!" (Put your name here)  

25 Dec 2007 @ 19:24 by vaxen : However....
there is another way that this whole situation can be viewed. The destruction of the United States, as a Nation, has to start somewhere. And even though I 100% support the 'Movement towards sovereignty' I must question this action simply because I am familiar with the Hegelian dialectic and do know that this could lead to the declaration of Martial law and the instantiation of a total police state.

I will need to get in touch with 'Russel Means' and see what he truly has to say about it. From my present point of view I must caution everyone to take a look at the whole picture. Remember Fort Sumpter?

Well, this could be it...but, who is really behind it? Who, what, when, where, why and how? WIll the Lakota really benefit from this? I mean I am ready, willing, and able to fight but once in the 'Lakota Nation?' Racism didn't start with so called 'white men!'

Haumikole! Hello my friend!
Mitaku Oyasin! We are all related!  

25 Dec 2007 @ 20:51 by vaxen : Sorcha Faal
Brief History of the Order of Sorcha Faal

The Order of Sorcha Faal was established in 588 (BCE) in Tara, County Meath, Ireland, and claim as their Founder the oldest daughter of King Zedekiah, Tamar Tephi.

The name, Sorcha Faal, comes from the ancient Gaeilge branch of the Goidelic languages of Ireland and has the meaning of: Sorcha: She Who Brings Light Faal: the Dark and Barren Place

The Order of Sorcha Faal comprises 18 Monasteries in Ireland, Russia, Egypt, Lebanon, and the United States.

You can join Sorcha Faal’s mailing list by sending your request to:

The Partisans Handbook

Essential Survival Guide For Resisting Foreign Military Occupation, Escape And Evasion Techniques, Surviving Interrogation, Facing Execution, Wilderness Survival

By Sorcha Faal (English Translation) $29.37(US) plus Shipping and Handling
482 pages/18 Chapters

I would like for you to seer these images into your mind as a remembrance. Not just a remembrance to these former Sisters of Ours who were executed by the German Fascists, but also as a reminder that where they once were, you, your mothers, your sisters, your friends, may someday also be.

Sister Bohdana was captured by the Fascist German Forces in 1943 outside of her Monastery and paraded before her captors while wearing a placard saying, “We are partisans and we shot on German soldiers.”

She was shortly thereafter executed by a single shot to the back of her head.

There is, as you can see, not many differences between these young Sisters of last Centuries war and those who may be close to you…but with the main difference being understood that they are now dead, your loved ones are still living.

Our beliefs have for centuries taught us always to be prepared for all things, including the fighting of wars to protect our Monasteries, our villages and our people.

It has likewise always been our belief that the best defense against war is to run from it, no matter how far one may have to go.

But this is sadly not always possible, and war can appear in your Country, at your very doorstep, as suddenly as a summer storm.

For this eventuality, and as hard as it may seem, you must always be prepared for. Not just for the survival of your own life, but for the survival of your family, your friends, your village and your Country.

In all of these lay the identity of whom you are as an individual, as a society and a Nation.

And in finding war upon your Country has begun, it is your responsibility to not only be prepared, but to also act.

In the cruelest of wars you may find yourself having to defend against the Soldiers of your own Country who have been ordered to subjugate you, and to which also you must always be prepared to defend against.

There is nothing kind, generous or honorable in war. It is an action that embodies the very worst attributes of what a human being is, and becomes for all who partake of it as close to hell on earth as it is possible for man to obtain.

Your time to prepare for war is never during when it is taking place, but before it ever begins, and that is what this book is all about.

For you to be effective in your survival of war you must become in mind, body and spirit a Soldier. What the soldiers you will be facing know, you must know too.

And that is why this book begins by showing you how to escape and evade those military or police forces that may be seeking to find you.

From both an urban and rural perspective we guide you through all known, and modern, techniques for Escape and Evasion. We show also how to accomplish this as an individual and by groups.

We show you in both ancient and modern terms the mental skills you will need to survive, and provide actual accounts of those who have faced wars before and survived.

But most importantly this book prepares you to be a Partisan, and which is defined as: “A member of an organized body of fighters who attack or harass an enemy, especially within occupied territory; a guerrilla.”

There is no more important book you should have in your possession than this one, we truly believe.

This belief is based upon our knowing of the events soon to come and which will see the outbreak of Total Global War, and to which those of you living in the United States will be most affected due to the invasion of your country.

The enemy soldiers of you, your family, your village and your Country are even now in their final preparations. If you are not likewise preparing then you will not be able to survive the war you will soon be facing.

Our goal for this book is to see that you are not only prepared, but that you also survive.

Sorcha Faal
St Petersburg
1 January 2006  

25 Dec 2007 @ 23:36 by vaxen : Guess...
I should edit the above, compress it a bit more, since it seems overly long because of the formatting. Already edited it once...didn't take it far enough. Happy New year? Ceade Mille Failte, Erin Go Braugh. Asta Fangu. Slap Happy Pappy...

Happy New Year A-d, all your kiddies, and your hubby. Saw them in town. Trippy! ;) Y'all need a dog sled. Hey, what portions of Montana do the Lakota claim? Yata hay! Tasty grass...

Nasty McFrasty says:

"The federal government's fiscal exposures totaled approximately $53 trillion as of September 30, 2007, up more than $2 trillion from September 30, 2006, and an increase of more than $32 trillion from about $20 trillion as of September 30, 2000," Walker said. "This translates into a current burden of about $175,000 per American or approximately $455,000 per American household."  

26 Dec 2007 @ 09:45 by ashanti : Fuck christmas and we are NOT all One
Heh, well you wanted a comment. :>

If you're interested, I'll explain, but otherwise, consider that my comment.  

26 Dec 2007 @ 18:32 by a-d : The thing about the
Lakota Sesession is, that people are finally starting to say "NO" to the Old GAME: "We will NOT continue on YOUR Terms/Game-Rules any longer"; ( you know; those rules,where there is NO equality for -and among- all people, where injustice =IMBALANCE, is BUILT IN INTO the Game; guaranteeing that ONLY the MAKERS of the RULES will reap ANY TRUE benefits from the Game... and we, the rest have just been expected (read: FORCED)to follow /abide to those kind of game rules -or else!....
But now, finally, finally people are starting to say "Hell, No! F.U!".... and say it out loud & clear and seriously!

There's always been people, who did this... They ended ALL up as Martyrs on the Stick -or something else equally pleasant and murderous!
But now, since so much of the SCAM is unveiled and becoming more & more "Everyday Knowledge" even among the masses, the Game is starting to crumble....

I really think Bush Sr. famous words in that --by now really famous-- Interview, will turn out to be very PROPHETIC!!!...becoming SELF FULFILLING to the tee! and very soon, to boot... I don't think we have to wait for November even... it will happen much sooner... for some reason, somehow.... there is -I can feel- a Doomsday feeling hanging like a Dark Cloud, over their heads all the time already!... This -of course- is a new -and a real source- of WORRY for the Tricksters...

What Russell Means is saying here is: "From now on WE, will respect YOU as much and as Heartfelt as YOU have respected US. No more, no less, PERIOD! End of Story!" and I find this soooooo refreshing, not to mention how absolutely VITAL for our very survival/winning the Game -this is!
I beg ALL people with a thimble's worth of Intelligence; that is all it takes!... (if "you" have more, then all the better! : ) )to STOP this INSANE going-along-to-get-along-game and instead, do what Means is doing: demand the Crooks to start respecting YOU and your GOD-GIVEN Rights!

Ashanti.... I would like to hear your Explanation!.... Is that alright? I can ao empatise with your frustration.... I'm sitting in the Icelandic Gal's boat!.... and my family members back in Eu cannot understand that at all... they just think that I don't want to come and visit them!....
Yuppp SCREWWWWWW this System!....  

26 Dec 2007 @ 20:16 by ashanti : Christmas
Yeah, not only the lights and commerce. For the millions who are poor, destitute, homeless, alone, and in despair, who are suffering - "Christmas" unleashes the blackest demons from the fiery pits of hell to torment them in their suffering even more, to really rub it in their faces, to magnify their pain, stick the knife in, and twist it. And the well-to-do of the world stuff their faces, put on their silly Santa/Satan moods, and falsely giggle at how self-satisfied they all are. A pox on Christmas, Im glad its over. Not until every creature on this planet is happy, warm, fed, sheltered, able to fulfil themselves, not be alone, and FREE, can "Christmas" be celebrated.  

26 Dec 2007 @ 23:05 by vaxen : Yeah...
I won't even celebrate it then. False religions by that time should all have been outed! ;) Now the solstice, as long as it is celebrated without the taint of religion, I might do...

It isn't over till the fat lady sings. Didn't you know that, Ashanti san? I haven't heard her sing yet so it must not be over. On the other hand this GUM is on an Overrun by something like 365! So....time to end cycle on it don't ya think? ;) I already have so I guess that makes me free.

The freezone declaration is quite nice but the Grand Council? Well...I have a real surprise for them. Hope your new year is better than the old one even with global conflagration on the drawing boards of some.

I'm declaring them all SP! So there...

Love ya and chin up. Ever hear of PROMIS? (Hint:It is the real 'Al Qaeda/ The list.') Here's to black holes and subquantum messenger services. Hip, Hip!

Take courage, sister, and read the below and get involved. The gloves come off in '09...

SOLD, Not Hiring, Yes on Bidding

OSS is now a subsidiary of a much larger endeavor, the world's first $100M Commercial Intelligence company. We are indebted to George Tenet, Jamie Misik, and Cofer Black. Despite their complete lack of knowledge and decades of refusing to take open sources (open sores") seriously, their getting jobs is what closed our own deal. Thank you.

FAQ #1: No, we are not hiring. We've spent 15 years building a global network of indigenous runners, observers, experts, translators, and analysts that is vastly superior to anything the USG or the beltway bandits have, and that is what got us acquired.

FAQ #2: Yes, we are still in business, and yes you can still deal with Robert directly, if that is your wish.

FAQ #3: No, we do not have time to help people win contracts, but yes, OSS.Net, Inc. can be bid by anyone, non-exclusively, as their one-stop shop for 183 languages on demand, indigenous and international experts on demand, Russian and other geospatial, and all that other good stuff that CIA and FBIS still have not figured out is not online. If invited to do so, we will provide written answers addressing the Statement of Work, and comment on the planned submission. We will not be able to attend meetings.

FAQ #4: Lou Dobbs, Patrick Buchanan, Barak Obama, and Ron Paul are change agents. Reuniting America, Blessed Unrest, and the Cultural Creatives are change agents. The clearests sign this week regarding the future of the IC is the announcement by Barak Obama that he is committed to an open government. See Steele's Gnomedex keynote on "Open everything." To understand how government is going to be very very different in the future, at all levels, read the book COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace. We have since 1992 championed Open Everything, and been called lunatic for our troubles. Welcome to the real world, a world in which corruption and fraud will be outed, in which the recession (if not depression) will be used to migrate the entire Nation away from consummerism and back toward communal values.

May God Bless Dick Cheney, who, like Hitler, cannot lose God's love, but who, like Hitler, mobilized a world of good against his evil.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert Steele

27 Dec 2007 @ 00:23 by vaxen : PS:
Ashanti here is an interesting Power Point Presntation by General Yekelo I thought might be of interest to you...

2006-01-19 African Early Warning by General Yekelo,
Download file: 19 South Africa.ppt {}

From this page if the above d/l doesn't work for some obscurer than obscure reason:

27 Dec 2007 @ 15:22 by ashanti : Thanks for the links, Vax!
Appreciate. luv ya  

27 Dec 2007 @ 15:28 by ashanti : Astrid!
Honey, I'm sorry, I missed your post have just read it now - sorry to hear you're in "that boat". Many people around the world do not understand yet, but word is spreading, and soon everyone will wake up (when its too late....).

re explanation about christmas - I wander the streets on Christmas day and see the suffering and pain of all the people on the streets, homeless, and their pain is made worse by knowing there are all these self-satisfied people having a "merry christmas with your families". God I cant tell you what I see in their eyes. I try to go around and give small parcels of food, money - useless, can't ease their suffering, wont solve their long term problem, but I just want them to know that SOMEONE cares, dammit, that someone does NOT think its OK to have a "merry christmas" right in the middle of their suffering. Its obscene.

Hope that explains? Love to you, Astrid.  

27 Dec 2007 @ 15:32 by ashanti : PS - Vax
Well, Christmas stopped being about a religious event decades - centuries ago. It stopped being about the birth of Jesus, a savior to the people a long time ago. It has not been about that. It is about Santa, and over-indulgence, and the urge to outdo everyone else in having "the BEST Christmas, my dear", and it is about programming children to be selfish little sh**s, who don't give a damn about anyone else as long as they get, GET, GET. I puke on Christmas. There. Think I'm done with the subject now. :)  

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