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picture4 Jul 2004 @ 09:55, by Paul Quintanilla

For you students of human nature who may be attempting to reasonably comprehend the madness in Iraq here’s a thought provoking piece by David Mamet, the playwright.

Here’s the piece: Bring It On
Violent Movies - And War Movies - Give us the Thrill of Victory. But What Happens When War Becomes a Reality?
by David Mamet

Hunger, a study for the Love Peace Hate War murals by Luis Quintanilla

And here, if you’re interested, are some comments:

1) I have never known anyone whose manner was as gentle as some of the professional boxers I have known. They exude gentleness from their bodies and the breath around them. It is something palpable in their presence.

Though one, I once knew, who was a top three welterweight, was also high-strung and unstable. And in a late night barroom fight took more than thirty deep knife slashes on his right forearm as he continued to go at some lowlife who had made the mistake of provoking him. And then ran into the kitchen to retrieve the butcher knife he defended himself with.

The sense of gentleness pro boxers can give off does indeed seem odd considering the violence of their profession. Though as Mamet explains it, this is probably due to their getting it all out of their systems in the ring.

2) Mamet makes sense of the O.J. Sympson verdict in this piece. And as a white man I have always felt uncomfortable believing O.J. is guilty since the issue has always been so racially charged, following racial lines. But no more. Mamet lays out what may be the reasons for this divide beautifully.

3) He nicely defines a “just” war. Or, rather, how no such thing as a “just war” actually exists. And reminds us that even if entering a war should become necessary (World War Two) war is always a terrible stain on the character and nature of the human race. That there is no such thing as a “good” war.

4) Mamet discusses war as television, Hollywood, imaginative fantasy, entertainment. Our culture here in the US is very much tied up to the electronic media. And that we have seen numerous wars as portrayed by Hollywood in which at least one or two Americans figure as the good guys may condition us to going off to war.

But long before TV and Hollywood men joyously went to war believing they would soon return (by Christmas?) heaped in glory and valor. World War One, our own Civil War, the Crimean War come to mind. As well as many others. And let’s not forget the war in Iraq, we were told, would be a “cakewalk.”

Mamet asks if there is a basic, fundamental human need to go to war. He also lays blame on those who have never engaged in it for starting the current war. Has the mass media defined the way Americans see the world? Does the electronic media define and unify our mass culture?

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4 Jul 2004 @ 12:31 by martha : It is the choice of every American
to support Hollywood or NOT, paying to see violent movies. I no longer watch or support them. If we are going to create a new higher consciousness in this country then we need to back our beliefs with our money.
I don't believe that war is a natural human trait. I believe it is a perverted male trait that both sexes need to be conscious of and stop. If there is not respect for humanity then war will continue to manifest.  

5 Jul 2004 @ 04:46 by jazzolog : Apocalypse
I don't seek out war or action flicks, but I have seen some truly great cinema in both genres. My wife always flinches when I start one up here at home (I don't remember us ever going to see one together in a theater) which may support Martha's thesis about testosterone involvement---a thesis I don't think is defensible (ask any local Amazon).

I prolonged the lives of 2 birds with one kiss yesterday by watching Apolcalypse Now Redux. I hadn't seen the added footage of this 30-year-old(!) movie and I wanted to do something to honor Marlon. And the Fourth of July in the States was particularly war-like this year. The film is very much about war, but most specifically about US war. I loved the Frenchman's remark about American policy pursuing "the biggest nothing in history"!

But the greatest moment of the movie---and one certainly in all cinema---is Brando's speech about the Horror...and the inoculation of the little children against polio. You don't have to go to a war movie to see heart-and-mind-stopping acting like this, but the scene tells us something about human nature (male & female) in a way we don't seem able to grasp without war and violence. "You must make friends with Horror, or it becomes an enemy to be feared." ---Col. Kurtz  

5 Jul 2004 @ 04:53 by ashanti : Enablers
If women around the world collectively withdrew their support for anything war-related, it wouldn't happen. Men are mostly the overt carriers out of war, women covertly support it. If they didn't, it wouldn't happen. Also, women conduct their wars in more covert ways - they attack on the non-physical plane. So women are no better than men when it comes to war. They enable it. As a *species* we need to revive the Divine Feminine - in both men and women.  

5 Jul 2004 @ 09:45 by istvan : Ashanti, I fully agree.
Well as apecies we are a pretty sorry imitations of God ( as we perceive).
Throughout history the warriors have always been and still are idealized by woman. The archetype of the great warior, the protector of the nest is almost worshipped in societies. Man will do anything foe sex. So they fight, conqer,get wounded, die to be looked upon and preferred by th opposite sex.
No matter how subtle the blame for wiolence might be expressed as a fault of either sex is just a denial of one's lack of examining the subject in toto.
Violence is a deeply embedded function within the universe and is part and parcel of cration itself. From the subatomic levels to cosmic sceenes, its observable functions are apparent. From whole galxies gobbling each other up, to the phenomena of living creatures feeding upon one another it seems to be everywhere.
Violence can not be eliminated, et least not in 3 dimensional realities. Instead I think it can be eventually transcended and transmuted as a viable tool for higher dimensional process of creation.
To try to find solutions for healing violent behaviors is delusional if looked upon as the function only of any particular property of species or gender.
I have no answers now for the elimination of, just feel that some future generation of beings will not be just a New Man/New Woman, but perhaps a synergys of integrated/healed entities who will be the New Civilisation.  

5 Jul 2004 @ 12:05 by Quinty @ : Power
Powerful men do attract women. And, as the old saying goes, power acts as an aphrodisiac. In both women and "type A" men. And what about the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher? Have any of you ever worked with a truly ambitious woman? The desire for power may express itself through whatever openings appear. Personal or societal. If women are forced into the background, like Lady Macbeth, they may exert themselves through whatever opportunities arise. The Lady had her husband to work through. But men have always been dominent, with some notable exceptions. Like Christ. Who preached peace and gentleness. Look at what happened to him. Look at how most of his followers throughout history have behaved. Women, though, I think are more inclined toward the peaceful. There's something true, I believe, about the maternal tending toward the gentle. Society more likely sanctions this behavior in women than in men. Though I would't want to debate this with a shrieking patriot waving her flag in my face.  

21 Mar 2005 @ 18:08 by Anastasia Lou Boille @ : WANTED
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anastasia lou boille  

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