New Civilization News: Tribute to the NCN    
 Tribute to the NCN
4 Nov 2004 @ 14:15, by redstar

I am writing this to express my appreciation to all the members and participants
of the New Civilization Network.

To anyone who visits this log, thank you for coming. Sharing experiences, thoughts,
feelings through this medium has become a form of healing, focus and direction to me in this
volatile time and being able to put some of my innersense into writing and having people
who share, identify with, disagree with or even criticise what I have posted is turning out
to be a valuable, educational and sometimes enlightening process.

The processes that we are all mutually trying to advance, understand or elevate are
crucially important not only to us but to the entire planet.

It is difficult to uphold a whole new paradigm of reality by oneself, or to even
conceive of what it is, without the support of an aligned group. We need to start coming
together to uphold a new reality.

Learning to come into the present moment oneself is very important. But learning to
come into the present moment in relationship with other people, in a small aligned group,
is even more powerful. And doing that in a way that taps into living Divine energy is the
most powerful, as it guides our transformation and evolution into a new and continuously
evolving paradigm, beyond the influence of dysfunctional consciousness. And so we need to
look at a radical change of survival systems, which is what this work is all about.

If, it seems that sometimes, my responses to any comments or postings etc are a bit
delayed, I apologise. The reasons for this is that our phone services ( not to mention
electricity & water supply) out here in Southcentral Africa tend to be erratic at the best
of times. I will endeavour to do my best to keep things up to date and hope that you can
bear with me.

So once again I express my heartfelt appreciation to all the members and visitors to
NCN. a raised glass in toast to all of you who are attempting to navigate the higher realms
and levels of consciousness.

"Increasingly, there are those who are appearing from the ranks of the old-world
order, with a fresh vision of life. Individuals are spontaneously arising, (as well as
those inspired by organized means) with revolutionary, yet ancient knowledge. These
individuals are acting as the Guides for higher consciousness, within the currently
materialistic world society. They are creating a world movement based upon an embrace of
universal spirituality, instead of specific governments, philosophies or religions.
This world movement will progressively recognize the deeper qualities of life and Truth
for their own inherent value.

The founding of a community is in part like the founding of a society, or even an
entire world. It is no small matter. As with all great inventions, the form is always
followed by inspired conception. If an idea has great merit and real quality, then so too
will the device or community. Like a seed, good ideas must be planted upon fertile ground
where they can grow and bloom. Lacking this, all objectives will either fail or simply never
grow beyond a certain point. Everyone knows that to grow a plant requires knowledge of soil
, climate, moisture and sunlight. To grow a strong community from the seed of even the
greatest planning, requires knowledge of resources, social circumstance, wisdom and
spiritual focus. "
Excerpts from the World Mind Society Library [link]

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