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picture28 Mar 2005 @ 20:27, by Brenda McCann

Personal & Spiritual INTRODUCTION 4
Brenda McCann,aka Freo'7 [link]

My name is Brenda - I live in Idaho/EE DA HO (Light Shining in These Mountains) USA and I have never had a prayer that was not answered nor dream not come true WHEN ITS TIME HAD COME.

Since I was 12 years old this saying is TRUE 4 me: "WE are NOT subject to time & space" - but - here and now through our physical emotional mental & causal bodies of Earth as adults, I guess maybe we are subject a tad bit if you consider HOW WE GENERATE our individualized vibrational frequencies as That Time & That Space. LOL

20 years ago I had just ONE prayer of longing in my heart and it went like this: "Dear God The ONE whom we all are, please bring me into contact and co-creative association with JUST ONE OTHER person *who is paralleling perfectly with me now* on this path and is as wildly passionate about it as I am."

Not to much to ask of the whole population of Earth and this universe, right? LOL

Well, I focused and focused on the above prayer request and although I watched with eager anticipation.... no one seemed to come along that really clicked in my spiritual work area so by and by I just forgot about the prayer while telling myself, "OK OK it wasn't time yet."

A long long time went by and I FORGOT that it wasn't time yet. LOL

Then Lo and Behold ~ right out of the INDIGO BLUE, another person responded with KNOWING to a little ditty I posted to a yahoo group and *Allah Be Praised* the Earth Mouse and the Cosmic Adventurer connected on this line: "We don't have to die to experience heaven right here & right now."

Instantly we formed a unit; a buddy-hood, and our new relationship began supporting each other's (process and direction =) missions! WHY?

*Because we could* be THAT mission TOGETHER!!

We have both come from the LONG HOT DESERTS of forgetfulness and longing. We got to Be "Where 2 or more are gathered together agreeing!" We got to AWAKEN together almost immediately after our first exchange and have been pushing our consciousness envelopes - pulling each other through - balancing and stabilizing together - facilitating releases instantaneously and thrilling to the breakthroughs with one an other ever since.

*What we have discovered as our mutually supported experience of this GLOBAL HEART TRANSFORMATION is what we hope to share with all others we can possibly link up with & thereby facilitate a HEART CENTER BUDDY system with whom we can in turn coach and support IN THEIR Heart Center Transformations also...

*May The God Self of each & every ONE OF US PLEASE MAKE CONTACT NOW* => click here: [link] by placing your pin on our *Global Guest-Map* just click the LOUNGE TAB on the upper left nav-button menu then click the "pin the map" link in the left frame that follows. Just delete the 'about blank' page that will pop up 4 behind it is the Global Map awaiting your pin.

Oh yes, and my most favorite in all eternity quote is:

"To have THE LOVE OF GOD (THE ONE whom we all are already) you must first give it away", by Jeshua, also known as Jesus The Christed ONE and as Sananda to others on this planet but who simply calls himself BROTHER...with us.

For me this above quote be the true meaning of "giving for" or "being in" service to others... and I have accepted, am learning to BE, and have dedicated the rest of my time to this very service here on Earth throughout all her dimensions of US.

Mah Gii Kah Oui, "Our R E L A T I O N S H I P speaks"

Brenda McCann...

Spirit Name: Ahanda KAH Sii AHA ~ meaning in English: "We are ALL ONE BEING throughout ALL Cosmos (consciousness) INCLUDING this Earth Gaia of course!!" [link]

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28 Mar 2005 @ 21:57 by sprtskr : I'm pinned
Hello Brenda I think the map pinning is a good idea in seeing who around the world is reading what you wrote and what you believe in. Your a lovely lady keep up the good work,may love prevail.  

29 Mar 2005 @ 02:13 by astrid : Now.....
...that You've got my attention!.... I'm waitin' fo' more, Brenda! : )  

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