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 Annular solar eclipse on October 3rd17 comments
picture 30 Sep 2005 @ 10:00, by Silvia M.S

Next Monday we will be watching how the Sun and the Moon turn off the light down here, look at each other direcly into the eyes and dance together for a few minutes. Isn't it lovely? :-) Everytime there is an astronomic event I realize how small we are in this huge Universe.
[Picture of Earth taken from the NASA website.]

It will be an annular solar eclipse. The annularity will be seen in a 182km band area crossing Spain, starting from Galicia (on the Northwest coast) and leaving the peninsula through Valencia and Alicante (on the East coast). It will be observed as an annular eclipse also in North Portugal and some African countries). In other places of Europe, Africa and Asia it will be only visible as a partial eclipse.

Centuries ago, science looked at these astronomic phenomena with great interest because the darkness let to obtain a lot of information about the sun and the space. But nowadays it is possible to artificially generate eclipses to analyze the sun without waiting for a natural one to occur, so less attention is paid. Anyway, I'm excited waiting to watch it, as the last similar one crossing the Iberian Peninsula was 241 years ago!!

A solar eclipse only can occur at New Moon, when the Moon passes between Earth and Sun and her shadow is projected on the Earth. The scheme below is simplified, as there are really two different parts in the shadow of the Moon. Here you can read more information about this eclipse, and also there are links to live web coverage of the event: Link

In Oviedo, my city, the eclipse will be seen with 88% of the Sun's surface being obscured by the Moon around 11am (local time). I'll be at work, watching the spectacle with my labmates, I guess that it's not going to be a typical working morning hehe.

UPDATE October 3rd:

Some pics taken this morning in the lab, the first one is the device that we built up to watch the eclipse, the second one a view of the eclipse in the device, and the third one the eclipse from a webcam in Madrid:

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30 Sep 2005 @ 10:24 by jstarrs : There's a very touching & funny...
..independant US film (by Eric Mendelsohn) called either "Babylon, USA" or "Judy Berlin", which tells the story of events in a Long Island community on the day of an eclipse.
Maybe they'll be some fun & magic in Oviedo, too?  

30 Sep 2005 @ 11:05 by silviamar : here there has been
almost no information at all about this eclipse, many people still don't know about it. But in Madrid and some other cities they are organizing meetings outside the city to watch the eclipse, setting up projection screens, offering free glasses to avoid eye damage, explaining what an eclipse is and other activities. For example in Denia: {link:|Link} (check the activities section)  

30 Sep 2005 @ 11:18 by swanny : Mornin
Mornin Silvia....
thanks for the heads up
I hadn't heard about this...
I'm just wonderin what the "effect" of an eclipse may be
I've heard stories of birds thinkin it is night and going into
trees to roost and I think some ancient socities attributed much
to these events. I think if people are solar and geo "sensitive"
this may have some sort of "quality". Maybe like a natural
power "black out" of sorts. I myself have never noticed much of
an effect asides from sort of the "mysterious" quality of this event.
I wonder if the new agers have done a reading on this for the day.
They always seem to be talkin about portals and ascribe much to seemingly
little (sorry I just get tired of the endless hype sometimes with not much dif).
Anyway thanks.
I was just designing a new stereo selving.
I think I've come up a good strong economical design using
only 8 "1 x 4"
Oh by the way ....
Have you heard of Acrosanti
oh and hows your car doin?  

30 Sep 2005 @ 14:32 by silviamar : I haven't felt anything
strange during an eclipse, well, so far I haven't lived many... Maybe next Monday I'll levitate or transmute into a strange creature hehehe. Animals are very sensitive, so probably eclipses disconcert them a bit.
I've heard about Arcosanti, the City of the bells in Arizona, but don't know much about that project. Why?
A stereo selving??
My car hasn't still been repaired :-(, it was dismounted this week and the workshop is going to give the estimate to the insurance company for the reparation. They said it was really a big crash, amazing that I was almost unharmed.  

30 Sep 2005 @ 19:16 by swan : I am a person who is very
sensitive to earth changes and happenings in the cosmos. I have been impacted by both solar and lunar eclipses. I don't consider myself a "new ager" but I very much believe that what happens in the sky impacts us on earth.

Here is what I found about the eclipse coming up I am not sure of the source because it was sent to me by a friend:

“A Solar Eclipse opens an evolutionary doorway: it also offers an opportunity to hit the reset button—to remember and realign with the original intention encoded in our birth chart.” -Stephanie Austin

Libra Solar eclipses focus our attention on partnership and the ongoing balancing act between independence and cooperation. Eclipses are not solitary events they connect cycles within cycles; Oct 3, 1986 was the last ten-degree Libra Eclipse. What were you doing 19 years ago? Who were you with? What were you doing for work? Where were you on your Spiritual path? Your life is a series of connections and each pivotal point in time is linked. You are now ready to complete what was happening then or take it to the next level.

Wherever Libra falls in your natal birth chart (the houses) are the areas of your life that will be most activated. Libra rules relationships; you grow now most through partnerships rather than through flying solo. In astrology we are always asking, who, what, where: “Who (Sun), what (Libra), where (Seventh house)?” There are twelve constellations and twelve houses in your natal chart. These twelve areas of life show where your energy will be focused for the next six months. Our birth chart, is a road map revealing where our initiations, and opportunities for advancement will be, astrology is a Cosmic Clock. Timing is everything! The harvest season has commenced now is the cycle to share, collaborate, and strengthen your Self through partnering with others (Libra). United we stand and we are here in life together. What would you like to harvest this season? Is this your cycle for advancing, maintaining or changing everything? What if the very best of you, has yet to be fully expressed?

Venus the ruling planet of Libra is in Scorpio at the time of the eclipse pulling us into our deepest desires and fears and Venus is in direct opposition with her male counterpart Mars the god of war. This dynamic duo will ignite passion, sexual attraction, libido sizzles, love intensifies, and attractions to others are like cupid on steroids. The more we try to suppress our desires the greater our infatuations and revelations will be experienced. Stay conscious of your ego (dark side) and your light (Higher Self).

Mars in Taurus is retrograde from October 1, 2005 until December 10, 2005. We are in a two-month cycle of re-evaluation of our desires and the strategies we have used to achieve them. Mars usually moves through a sign in a two-month cycle. Yet, because of his retrograde phase, he will be in Taurus for six months July 27, 2005 – February 17, 2006. This is an excellent cycle to work on our money, security, and prosperity consciousness. The need to re-examine career and relationship objectives is heightened now. What we want and how we pursue it may be very different by February 2006. “Your possibilities are endless. Remain open to all that comes your way, especially that which is not anticipated. Great gifts are offered in this manner.” –Ivo/Lisa Dorr  

30 Sep 2005 @ 20:10 by silviamar : thank you for the
detailed info, Swan! My ascendant is Libra, and Libra falls in my entire first house. I'll check if I feel any kind of effect this Monday. Also this weekend I'm attending an intensive course of Reiki (level 1), and some people told me that the days after the course you can feel yourself a bit 'different'. Maybe the eclipse would intensify this feeling...  

30 Sep 2005 @ 20:45 by swan : I have Neptune in Libra and my
midheaven ( tenth house, house of work). This explains why I have been questioning my career/life purpose so much in the last couple of weeks. Balance has been a life goal as I move from Aries toward Libra.  

30 Sep 2005 @ 20:49 by silviamar : I've checked again my natal chart,
I'm a Virgo with Pluto in Libra conjugated with my ascendant, and also Uranus in Libra, but I don't know what it means.  

1 Oct 2005 @ 01:02 by jerryvest : Did you say that your are a Virgin
with Pluto and Libra? I had my chart done many years ago and about all I know is that I'm a Pices--born the first day of Spring. Swan is so knowledgable that it's a real treat to learn about the influences of the energies of the planets. I am wondering, Swan, are we in a time period where Mars has some influence on the wars around the world and beyond?  

3 Oct 2005 @ 08:29 by silviamar : it has started
We've built up a device to watch the eclipse, and everybody here is coming to see it :-). We're like children right now hahaha. It's around 50% right now (10.30am local time).  

3 Oct 2005 @ 12:33 by silviamar : some pics
I've updated the article adding some pics taking this morning in the lab :-)  

3 Oct 2005 @ 13:03 by swanny : Nice
A real "professor"....

3 Oct 2005 @ 18:54 by silviamar : I really spent
a wonderful morning with so many people watching the eclipse excited like children, including myself :-)  

7 Oct 2005 @ 08:42 by jazzolog : Look Look!
at this marvelous progression of the eclipse...from Madrid~~~


7 Oct 2005 @ 12:02 by silviamar : jazz, how cool!!
Our 'device' couldn't do that! :-)  

23 Oct 2005 @ 14:05 by jerryvest : I viewed this solar eclipse photo
today on photonet and thought you and others interested in this phenomena would appreciate the artist's work. I think it is remarkable what some people can do with their cameras and creativity. You too do exceptional work here, Silvia. {link:}  

23 Oct 2005 @ 21:36 by silviamar : wow, Jerry!
what an amazing pic! Thank you for the link ;-)  

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