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17 Nov 2005 @ 18:49, by Gavin Bellis

For some time I've been fiddling around with the idea of string theory, or Unified Physics. These are some of my conclusions.

In my recent years I have been thinking more and more about the Unified Field theory. The common flaw brought up about it is that there's just no way to prove it yet.
Or, is there???
Who has heard of Lifters?
A Lifter the coined nickname for an electric antigravity module. They basically work by having a non-conductive frame, a capacitor sheeting (usually aluminum) and a conductive wiring around poles situated vertically above the capacitors. Under very high voltages and low resistances, these things lift off the ground, creating no sound and no visible thrust. It 'levitates' for inexplicable reasons.
The thought has been tried that this may just be another form of Ionic antigravity, already tried true in decades past...although these lifters worked in a Vacuum, and I have SEEN this. I actually built one which worked, though I never put mine in a vacuum, though i saw one which did.
This confirms that lifters are not working as ionic antigrav. Simply antigravity.... How?
Where Unified Field Theory comes in is here:
Deep within the subatomic particle that make up the nucleus of an atom, are 'strings' or 'rings' which fluctuate at certain frequencies, these frequencies creating the four fundamental forces: Gravity, the weakest but furthest-effective; Electromagnetic force, stronger but shorter-ranged; weak nuclear, stronger and shorter still; finally, Strong Nuclear, the strongest and shortest ranged.
Now, referring to sound: A low frequency sound wave travels further, because its path is more straight than that of a higher-frequency wave.
Applying this to Unified Physics, I believe these strings are being energized by the capacitor which is the aluminum. Within these strings, under this great amount of eletricity building and building, they speed up, increase in frequency...and are no longer representative of gravity, thus having no effect from gravity, and, reacting to the high electronic fields, pushing right off the ground.

Unified physics needed Proof. Lifters Needed Proof.

I think these two prove each other. And they make perfect sense in concert.

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17 Nov 2005 @ 22:03 by bushman : Ya
works sort of like that, but its the pulsed curent not so much the voltage that locks into a lifting sequence, you can test that on a large speaker, by lightly resting your finger on the large cone sides, certine tones will push your finger to the outside edges and others will pull your finger to the center. Also you can feel this inertial force if you hold tight your positive cable and have someone crank the engine, the cable will tense up due to the high curent flow, Faraday found out by accident that a stacked capacitor will do the same thing, thusly we now have what is called a thrust capacitor, by appling pulsed DC curent at a balanced frequency it could hover in one place, the lifters seem to just be on, like a cascade effect, a cascading field is very hard to control. Where if you built a thrust capacitor, then all you need is DC curent that you control mechanicly with solenoids and relays, once you got all that then its simple to use digital to control the mechanical. Theres a company in northern CA, they make high curent relays that operate off of simple 12 volt sprinkler solenoids.
How to build a thrust capacitor. Although they say no ones ever got it to work other than to shoot thru the roof once, and thats unconfermed as well, but in theroy it would work the same as a lifter if the current is properly pulsed:

18 Nov 2005 @ 01:53 by oasiian : Problem with Lifters as it stands
is that Lifters don't lift much more than their own weight. They cannot even lift their own power source, and so are always hooked up. They would perform better still if they were self-powered, if we could somehow harness a powerful enough battery, or maybe work on making lifters lift more for their area.
I think the biggest recorded lifter, 100 grams, was able to lift 180 extra lifted a mouse with it, but still relied on an exterior powersource.
It's not yet impressive, but anyone who can get the power source, at least 27kV, can have a lifter.
What the problem is, is that the mainstream science community really isn't looking enough at this. This is potentially as big as the Airplane and it is being ignored. Something so wonderful, must not be ignored. It must br brought to spotlight, it must be refined and it must be implemented.

18 Nov 2005 @ 03:21 by bushman : Hmm
Well I could agree about the weight issue, but, so many people including myself have seen huge triangular aircraft, my view is the lifter tech is perfected, and what we are seeing is the recrutment, for new blood, most those area 51 tech people are old now. So why not introduce the concept in a simple model to us kids? Im thinking this is the case, tesla and farady had it figured out a long time ago.  

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