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 What is the difference between Old Civilization and New Civilization?26 comments
8 Nov 2005 @ 17:48, by Shreepal Singh

We are lacking the very thing that is ESSENTIAL in our whole enterprize aimed at New Civilization. And that essential thing is to ascertain the DEFINING attributes of New Civilization. And, then we may compare these atrributes with the ones of Old Civilization to understand the difference between the two. Let us look at this issue.

The New Civilization cannot be founded on the ‘CLASSICAL MODEL’ (the term has been borrowed from the terminology of modern physics – and which very aptly applies to the subject we are discussing here) of today’s human thinking. We are accustomed to view and evaluate things in our world from our ‘RIGID’ POSITIONS. We have no inkling at all of the ‘RELATIVE’ character of our rigid positions that we human beings take on all the things we encounter in this world. There are almost always aberrations and unexpected outcomes in our interactions and of which we are unable to account for when we reckon them from our rigid positions of our ‘CLASSICAL’ way of thinking. We are very much ‘EARTH-CENTRIC’ in dealing with the universal scheme of things. We are very much ‘SELF-CENTRIC’ when reckoning things that are connected with faith and religion. We are very much ‘HUMAN-CENTRIC’ when we judge our place and position in the span of Universal Time. We are very much ‘PRESENT-CENTRIC’ when we judge of ourselves. We have no inkling even of the very obvious that we are judging of ourselves by ourselves. Our seemingly illogical aberrations in reckoning our relations are accounted for by giving a margin for the errors of others in adjusting and correcting the aberrations. We are totally incapable to visualize the ‘RELATIVE NATURE’ of our place, position and knowledge. We are conditioned to think in the ‘OLD CLASSICAL WAY’. We do not visualize that what we know today was not known to us yesterday and advance this historical experience logically to future to arrive at the conclusion that all our position, place and knowledge are ‘RELATIVE’ in worth.

The New Civilization cannot be made to rest on the old classical model of human thinking. All our aberrations and irreconcilable positions, which are the corner-stone of our Old Civilization, are resolved and put in their logical place once we apply the ‘RELATIVISTIC MODEL’ of human thinking. Our rigid positions become our respective ‘FRAMES OF REFERENCE’ and all our stands become true only relative to our frame of reference. With the help of this model we human beings are put in their relative place of Universal Time and Space.
Then, we get rid of human-centric frame of reference in evaluating the worth of our knowledge and logically accept that it is not 'ABSOLUTELY TRUE'. And, paradoxically, but which is day-like clear under the Relativistic concepts, it is true that all conceivable frames of reference are equally good and all judgments (of course,if the individual making the judgment is not committing a mistake or is not of insane mind) qua a particular frame of reference are 'ABSOLUTELY TRUE'. With the help of this relativistic Model, we are rid of earth-centric view of Universal scheme of things. Then, we are rid of man-centric view of life and its evolutionary destiny.

Let us apply these two models to the problems of our world. Our present civilization – Old Civilization – is plagued with the problems of faiths, cultures and political states.

Let us take the example of faith-anarchy gripping our earth. We shall not take other examples – of cultures and political states etc, here for dealing with them according to the two respective models. The example in hand may equally apply to other human problems of antagonistic nature that have defied mankind’s MIND - until Einstein uncovered the deep secret of nature – that is, the universal principle of Relativity. The Classical Model is founded on the premises that what you observe, if observed correctly, would be ABSOLUTELY TRUE. But Relativity has demolished the very basis of the foundation of this model. The universal principle of Relativity holds that all observations conducted while stationed on different FRAMES OF REFERENCE that are in motion relative to one another (in the case of human beings, individuals living life at different planes of consciousness) would not agree in their judgments and all would be TRUE. But they would be true with respect to that particular FRAME OF REFERENCE only and not universally. There is no way to find a universal stationary FRAME OF REFERENCE with respect to which all observations would be correct, except universal constant, that is the speed of light. With regard to consciousness we do not know what is that constant. After all MIND is merely a FRAME OF REFERENCE and it is not the ONLY frame of reference in the domain of Consciousness that is constantly evolving.

With the end of this article, I intend to cease for now serious and philosophical articles (unless the occasion warrants otherwise at appropriate intervals). All these articles are merely my opinion - but judgments drived from the observation made from my FRAME OF REFERENCE of Consciousness. I would be TRUE in my judgment and you would be TRUE in your judgment, though we both may CONTRADICT each other on the point in issue because we both are making oservations from different FRAMES OF REFERENCE of Consciousness. Such are the dictates of Relativity. Perhaps my opinion may be read fruitfully as background material for New Civilization Global Movement.

Now we must get down to the job of preparing Earth Summit.

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9 Nov 2005 @ 21:38 by Adi @ : UNIVERSAL CIVILIZATION
This planet and everyone and everything on Her is now ascending very quickly into Perfection, and we are beginning to create the new Ascending Universal Civilization of Perfection ~


9 Nov 2005 @ 21:51 by scotty : Perfection !
with respect Adi I hope not !
Once we become perfect there will be no more desire for something better - nothing to look forward to - nothing to live for !
We are eternal beings - an endless tomorrow bereft of desire !! : (  

10 Nov 2005 @ 01:07 by jobrown : I guess it depends on
"how" one interprets the word "Perfection"!... ; ). One way to understand "Perfection" is to NOT see it as an in advance set up rigid Image (of anything ) but rather to understand that Universe has ALWAYS worked PErfect: Garbage In; Garbage Out!!!... the Output ALWAYS equals the Input, hence Perfect!... Could also be said as follows: The Means give an accurate/true Outcome.
The Old Paradigm Believers ( and they are many... not least here on ncn ) think that they can outsmart Life and Its Cosmic Immutable Laws and have The End justifying their means all destruction -oriented! This totally; % -ad infinitum- ERROUNEOUS Understanding is now being seen through by more and more people and as people start to understand that a given Input gives agiven outcome, or discernment is healing back to its original perfect...heheh- condition and we now know that what we put in, we will get out!...
We just have know to what extend something we have chosen is tapping right into the cess pool, called the Collective Mind, and thus affected by IT! This is why -among- other reasons healing of Oneself is so important!
I think Adi is reffereing to the fact that more and more people are seeing these Things clearer and clearer and thus able to take stand and step on Life's side, support Life with ever more of their personal choises etc. Just my guess. Adi might, himself, want to respond / clarifyi what(Universal Civilization of) Perfection means to him. : )  

10 Nov 2005 @ 04:38 by shreepal : Reply to comments.
I saw the comment of Adi about the ascent of every existence on Earth and of Earth Herself very quickly towards ferfection and scotty's comment on the same that every thing is moving towards eternal tomorrow - perhaps that always remains less than perfect. Blueboy responds by saying it all depends on the interpretation we put on PERFECTION. My opinion is there is movement always and every where in the universe and this movement has a direction. Towards what? Perhaps towards perfection. But what is perfection? We can only guess by our mind and Mind is NOT PERFECT and competent to understand such questions. Still it has to search for the answers and move ahead on the evolutionary path. The only point of contention is whether we can one day reach the point of perfection or not. Let's wait, we humans! Let's wait. Let's not be impatient. The path of evolution is really long.  

10 Nov 2005 @ 07:24 by silviamar : 'possession-centric' and society values
We are also POSSESSION-CENTRIC. Some examples:
- we think we OWN the land where we live, our mother Earth, but in reality we only inhabit it, we are not her owners. We even don't care about using violence to own more land, killing many lives along the path. We want to own more and more.
- We get knowledge and don't want to share it with others, we patent it to be the owners and we use it to gain more power.

The society VALUES should be also considered. Which people are the most valued in our society? Who are the highest-paid for their work? Which people do we see more often in the media? Power, posessions, fame, money, money, money, money, money...  

10 Nov 2005 @ 15:03 by vaxen var @ : difference?
the ONLY difference between the old and new is that WE are alive and you are dead, dead, dead! enough of this high sanctimonious gloppenshlurp! your language is very ''old civ.'' but then i do suppose that that comes from your being very homo sap? make way for homo novis who needs NO rules, no ''definitions,'' no pity parties wherein ''belief'' is dissected by wo/men in white, oh so clean and oh so very 'un-touchable,' wearing 'white gowns,' smelling oh so sweet, stinking to high heavens of...hypo-crisy and deceit...mainly their own. stop telling ME what new and old are and start living by giving it all up and simply being you! be, do, have...a faction of CCH (ARC on a lower level). TaTa

Boing mane padme zing!


10 Nov 2005 @ 20:49 by vibrani : Yes
Who is saying NOT to be one's self? But no man is an island, as the saying goes, you are not alone on this planet. If all people were truly being themselves as integrated with their soul and Higher Self, whatever you want to call it, there would still be the need for consensus in some areas.  

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