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2 Dec 2005 @ 04:18, by Shreepal Singh

New Civilization seeks to accomplish four objectives and one of them is Enlightenment. (Please refer to the draft Charter of New Civilization).

We want to know more. We want to learn what we do not know. The history of all civilizations is the history of the urge of their people to learn more.

We want to learn more about something, say, a motor car. A motor car is an abstract idea that is too general and we cannot study a general and abstract idea. We shall have to take a ‘real’ motor car to study it in a scientific manner. One has to remember in this context what Albert Einstein had said about the necessity of performing ‘real’ experiment while setting his famous model of a running train with one observer on the train and the other on the railway track. Therefore, if we want to study a motor car, then we shall have to study a ‘real’ motor car, say, the motor car of certain John Smith.

Again, we cannot study the motor car of John Smith in general. One has to choose a concrete ‘realty’, an event. So, we choose to study the motor car of John Smith on a particular day at a given moment.

And, thus we choose a particular moment and concentrate on a ‘part’ of car, say, its ‘front wheels’ to study their ‘truth’. Now the wheels are connected to an integrated whole of the system of this car. The movement of the wheels are dependent on and controlled by ‘many’ factors. Apart from the aspects of motor engineering, which every body knows, the movements of these wheels are dependent on the ‘whims’ of John Smith that he may happen to enjoy at a particular moment. Things are getting too complicated. But it is realty. We cannot escape it. This Smith may fancy an idea and the fate of these wheels will depend on it. He may choose to turn, jump or destroy them and so would be the fate of these wheels. And this Smith is not an entity that is un-connected with and immune from very many factors in making his decision. He may happen to enjoy his elevated mood or be undergoing severe stress, who knows. It is realty. We are studying things as they are and not in a simple manner as we routinely think they are. The universe is an integrated whole, which is complex in its detail but simple in its fundamentals. We human beings are not an isolated and separate entity as a ‘Closed Box’ destined to be permanently cut off from the universal whole and without any connecting bridge. On the contrary, we are part and parcel of the whole that may envelop any conceived ‘Closed Box’.

We do not know many things. We are ignorant in many respects. And, on top of it we are arrogant by habits. It is fundamentalism. And, there are many kinds of fundamentalism that are thriving on our planet. We belong to Old Civilization. Fundamentalism has no place in the culture of New Civilization.

To learn more, one must be humble. It is a virtue. It is the corner stone of the culture of New Civilization. New Civilization seeks to accomplish enlightenment. It can be accomplished by encouraging people to imbibe the knowledge of science and to always remain opened to change one’s long held and cherished positions.

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2 Dec 2005 @ 06:04 by vaxen : But...
'other determinism' is lower than 'self determinism.' And before you start 'yapping' about a new civilization and how we all belong to the old, and are ignorant, maybe you should find out a little bit about Captain Bill Roberts, the Marcab Handling, El Ron El Ray, true Scientology, what we, as Scientologists, are doing towards creating a ''new game,'' what the third and fourth dynamic engrams are, why we are ''running'' them out, who the ''global enslavers and the ''implanter orgs'' are, what my OMNI mission is, and just what a thetan is, and what are the rights of a thetan...

That's just for starters. ;)

Luv ya...

I've posted lots of stuff concerning these issues and have a lot more coming down the pike, just TR-0 done ''the hard way,'' please.

Now go spot an acceptable energy source and get VAST, return to your Native State (we can help you there), realize your Sovereignty, and "Never Give Up!"---Winnie.

Vaxen Var ICS OS  

2 Dec 2005 @ 22:01 by Adi @ : The New Earth
The 12:12:13 Portal

As the radiant Cosmic energies from the Great Central Sun flood the Earth, the consciousness of the Collective rises. You, the first wave of Ascension workers, will move, as a group, into the Ninth Dimension of Consciousness. Here you will anchor your awareness at the level of the Christ Consciousness. What a Gift! The first large group of transitoning adults now meets with the blessed Crystal Children who are already holding the Christ light - and together you open the portals of the Christ Consciousness for the Collective.

In the next two years, many will follow you to this level. Here, you will embrace your work as stewards of the Planetr, keepers of the ecology of the New Earth. As you make this shift, you will feel within you a desire to hold and balance nature. To take all humanity with you into an Earth of radiant beauty and radiant health. This is the New Earth that waits to manifest as humanity raises its Collective Consciousness to the place where this radiant Earth exists.

And so, dearest Lightworkers, at this time there are three words or concepts that we offer for your consideration.....Completion, Mystery and the Child.

By Celia Fenn
Starchild Ascension

© 2004-5 Celia Fenn

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.  

2 Dec 2005 @ 22:03 by Adi @ : The Cosmic Sunrise
Dearest Lightworkers, what a grand month December will be! Waves of Cosmic Light and Radiance from the Great Central Sun will flood the Earth's new Crystalline grids. Pluto, the engine of transformation, moves into close conjunction with the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center, providing the powerful surge of transformative energy that will initiate the "Great Awakening" of the next two years. Yes, indeed, dearest Lightworkers, the Earth is now poised for a great leap in consciousness. Daily the light and radiance on the planet increases.

We will call it a "Cosmic Sunrise", for the brilliant light from the Great Central Sun rises to illuminate the planet, which is now poised for the great awakening that will be the beginning of the New Earth or the "Golden Age". In 2006 and 2007, dearest Lightworkers, you will be the Rainbow Bridge that will facilitate many millions of people shifting their consciousness into the Higher Dimensions as they prepare to ground themselves in the Crystalline Grids of the New Earth. You, as the First Wave and pioneers of Ascension, have prepared the way and you are holding the Light Bridge so that others may follow.  

3 Dec 2005 @ 03:39 by shreepal : Cosmic Sunrise
Adi, Vaxen and all others, hello. We all are participating in a drama, an event that would outlast us all. I do't know. I always have a feeling, lurking in the subconscious, that we are being used as an intrument in all these endeavours. Who knows? Let's see. Let's do our job. We can only do that much.  

3 Dec 2005 @ 11:50 by jazzolog : Motor Cars And Other Vehicles
First Shreepal, I love what you're doing. In my few years here, I've not seen someone take on this whole New Civilization Network deal with such vigor and scope. A couple years back another "old-timer" and I, having butted our heads against the Great Slab Of Infinite And Chaotic Openness for exactly the right amount of time, nicknamed this site New Sieve (rather than New Civ) in honor of all those lapsed members who have slipped through the holes of dream fulfillment here and vanished.

I've never thought of a motor car as an abstract idea. I suppose that's because the things exist, carry me to and fro (for a price) and sometimes try to kill me. The American Civilization depends entirely upon them. Undoubtedly the idea for them was in the air before one man set up a site and actually started building the things. That man's vision of a Ford of course now is scorned by all who own Chevies, and he did like to have the whole world at his fingertips I understand. A tour of The Ford Plant in Detroit that I took as a boy concentrated on the self-sustained, self-contained quality of the enterprise. They started from scratch, made their own steel, and were certain they had control too of all elements of those 4 wheels you talk about. As you indicate, the nature of the motor car involves total control and the manifestation of the one in control.

The trouble with the motor car is the trouble with New Sieve. It's about control. The only control almost everyone has here is to toss one's dream out into the arena...and hope not too many savage munchers chew it to bits. Mr. Smith and his motor car however are limited by laws of the road...fortunately. The most vocal old-timers here always will tell you there is no law at New Sieve, no way to make one; they like it that way; and if you don't, it's their way or the highway. Safe driving!  

3 Dec 2005 @ 15:39 by shreepal : Motor car of Mr. Smith
jazzolog, hi. Sincere thanks for the comment forewarning me of the residue, or better survivors, of the New Cieve, that the NCN is and of the savage munchers on the prowl here. My only concern in the article is to point out how Mr. Smith and his motor car are merely a chain in the complex whole - that the Realty is -, while Mr. Ruthar Ford (No, Henry Ford. Rutherford was connected with more potent event -splitting of atom. I stand corrected) had taken his car as a mere car and nothing more than that. And, perhaps, he succeeded in his venture because he took that 'junky thing' that way only and did not bother to know, or did not know, that he himself was merely a part of the chain of an historical event, which we now know as 'Indutrial Revolution'. I would love to write up an entire article on this aspect, of course at the opportune time. Thanks again.  

8 Jun 2016 @ 09:10 by Best Source @ : Spot on
Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this website needs much more consideration. I’ll probably be again to read much more, thanks for that info.  

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