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 Difficulties of practical realization of the civilization projects. Our actions11 comments
29 Jul 2006 @ 15:15, by Sergey Chujko

The following theme of our discussion - the certain passivity of members NCN and others potentially interested persons in relation to realization concrete of the civilization projects, and also a way of its overcoming. The ways supposing creation at NCN of a financial system of support of civilization innovations, first of all - of projects of members NCN

Any new idea never is accepted by people at once. Thus the immutable principle operates: the more scale idea, the more time it is necessary for its acceptance by people. But even such interesting and concrete enough idea as GoldNevada, passes not so simply by virtue of the natural reasons, it is possible, because people are not sure as management. What to speak about the ideas carrying civilization character! Here the waiting time of its support can already be stretched for decades, probably, and more. And very important factor is the degree of readiness of a society to recognition of those or other ideas. About many innovators speak: he has outstripped time. In translation into usual language it means, that he was dishonored, he was wiped by foots, he was re-educated in prison and applied other methods of public compulsion to that "was not put out". But he is remembering now, that creates for him all chances of Actual Immortality, and from their persecutors even to a dust did not remain. Therefore it is necessary on a problem of introduction civilization initiatives to look philosophically: to each vegetable the time.

Other business, that Time of our initiative has already approached. For this reason we declare the beginning of process of Creation of Power of the Sunlight as "patrimonial" place of the New Civilization, and about realization of the priority projects directed on the statement of institutes of the New Civilization. It, certainly, does not mean, that our ideas will be recognized literally all - it means that the critical weight of enthusiasts which already operate on global civilization the market already is! This both ingenious community NCN, and fantastic movement LETS, and Planet Esperanto tremendous with culture rushing in the future in which it is difficult to believe, and the institutes of a civil society which are making the way through asphalt of bureaucracy and business, not paying attention to a road-roller waiting them above, and hundred thousand enthusiasts which carry out the Supreme Mission of Creation of Paradise on the Earth. Therefore there is to whom we could speak, to whom could we address. And not a trouble, that members of NCN do not hasten to show activity in reaction on your, my other ideas. The major precept of management, especially civilization, it is possible to define as follows: it is necessary to find a good grain, to plant it in the prepared ground, to be collected of patience and to wait, understanding, that the main work is made when any shoots it is not yet visible, and to not give in on desires and requirements to pull a tree of an affair for top. As members of NCN come here not for participation in another's projects, but for realization of own projects. And it is quite fair, in fact NCN, in essence, cultivates MetaMe of the New Civilization, not its working body. If to speak about realization of projects, especially global here is much more pertinent, in my opinion, the appeal to LETS which more than successfully carry out the most fascinating civilization projects and can be effective partners in civilization undertakings of members of NCN. But also here it is necessary to understand, that without system of guarantees, without separated from initiators of projects including from me, and from you, financial management very few people will dare to invest serious money in any project. Therefore, as it seems to me, it is necessary to concentrate our efforts on the main thing, on creation of a financial system of new generation which would be more than competitive and in the traditional market, and pawned the bases of financial space of the New Civilization.

When we shall create such system which will operate most professionally effective, is international recognized and rushing in the future financial managers, and to operate through specially designed system of the financial institutions working on the most rigid world standards and using our technologies, risks of any investor reducing to zero - then both members NCN, and any other potential participants of civilization process will quicken. We also begin with it. We create Power of the Sunlight as the future MetaState, we begin work on formation of its financial MetaSystem and market MetaStructure, and also on the key program directed on protection of a life and health of citizens of our Power. It is confident, the similar approach will give fast and steady effect. As it strictly corresponds to two other principles of management, first of which sounds as follows: « At not the decision of the general problems it is impossible to solve particular problems as in this case the more energy we apply to the decision of particular problems, the more we confuse the general problems », and the second - « Think globally, operate locally ». To tell the truth, there is not enough who is using these theses in practice , but we should follow them strictly. Then also realization of project GoldNevada will not make any problems - with it, is confident, we can consult during close enough time. In general at the advanced system of the MetaFinance for the organization of financing of any worth project will be necessary month or two for information work and 10 minutes actually for consolidation of the finance. And to this we make a first step next week. And we can make it right now. Let's make the decision on the organization of internal NCN-community which mission would be the formation of global system of financing of civilization innovations and we will address to mr. Flemming with the offer to support our idea of creation of financial MetaSystem at NCN which will leave far behind by financial results of any of existing financial institutions. With attraction of professional management and the professional managing companies. I am preparing the appropriate appeal to members NCN

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29 Jul 2006 @ 16:11 by bushman : Hmm, cool :}
Deffinetly a huge undertakeing :} I'd stay away from managment companies, mostly because it would become overhead, a bill, moneies going out on a regular basis, an instant money leak. Personaly, I would hope that intrested members take the time to educate themselves as to how to manage our community. Again, as I mentioned on the projects main log, most of NCN dosn't make enough personal income to take the risk. I'd invest money in a hot second, if I had the income. All I can do right now is promote the project, and get people I meet to become intrested in what NCN is trying to do. As well, the project is fechered on the main splash page, so we already got Mings backing, as far as use of the NCN site. I don't feel the extra buracracy is going to expidite the project, we just need to come up with the initial investment, and then let Baron deal with that, and he can get people as we need them for implimentation of activities. Right now our focus should be on getting 35 like minded people to invest in the project. We might also think about affiliating with already established communities that have the same global ideas, and there is quite a few so called Eco villages around the globe. We shouldn't forget that NCN, in itself, is a network, a way to connect our global intrests. I also personaly think once the land is procured, youll see more intrest/particpation in the project, as a whole. :}  

30 Jul 2006 @ 06:38 by atunmenra : Practical Way to the New Civilization
Part of the challenge is that there is more than one thing that needs to be improved on the planet. So trying to lump it all together into one company is impossible. We need to build bridges of support, and more than just moral support or the support of ideas. We need to use our freedom of choice to empower and financially support companies that are doing this consciousness raising work. I would suggest some study of feminist networking ideas, that are different from the hierarchial business patterns of the past.

Dream on,
Frater Dragons Mane  

30 Jul 2006 @ 20:31 by jobrown : More on 'LETS' as well as other systems:
Thanks for your article/Thoughts!  

31 Jul 2006 @ 08:47 by Armos @ : The common and individual in global work
It is certainly right bushman when speaks about necessity of support of the project of Baron. It is absolutely right and atunmenra when speaks that one project will not help civilization undertaking. I hope, that I shall not be mistaken, if I shall tell, as the separate project, and the general system should be created simultaneously. As the question is support of thousand and thousand such projects worldwide. Only then it is possible to speak not simply about the New Civilization, and really to create it. And I shall tell about it in following article in more detail

By the way, very much it would be desirable to find out, where it is possible to get acquainted with feministic network concepts?  

31 Jul 2006 @ 09:33 by Armos @ : About LETS and money of the future
Thanks, dear Blueboy, for very interesting reference. I for a long time observe for LETS, I think, that they in practice form the base of a new civilization. I am familiar with their financial approaches, including the concept " Time Dollar ", I congratulate them on serious successes, but is confident, that all should be created not from the particular to the general, and from the general to the particular. And to create not on an old ideological basis, and on essentially new, for example, that I suggest. As today already it is necessary to talk not simply about LETS and their interaction, and about GETS (Global Exchange Trading System though would be more exact to speak about Global Exchange Tangible System, in terms of physical economy). And money should represent itself not simply exchange certificates, and products of the property of the consumer on means of production, author's development, and also self-accomplishment of each person. On this theme I just also am going to state my offers in following article  

31 Jul 2006 @ 18:46 by b : Well said, Sergey
You provide hope and perhaps material that this membership of NCN will come alive to creating a new and better civilization. I want to start a model community of the new civilization that is a test for the bigger project. Or maybe the creating of many smaller model communities all over the world. THe reason that I want to start this model community in the the state of Nevada in USA is becuase of its proximity to the gold mining area that I know so well. I am willing to exploit my knowledge of the gold industry and that location. Gold is still a standard of exchange for both barter and monies. It takes as you well realize funds to build out housing, energy sources, production facilities, agriculture, energy sources and yes the Sun to help us have the free energy that we all can use. We need good management to husband our resources.  

1 Aug 2006 @ 10:19 by jazzolog : Continue In Confidence
I prefer my civilization built upon community...if possible. Of course community involves the time and work it takes to get to know people and for them to see you distinctly. Those of us who stay around NCN for any length of time begin talking with each other at other Logs and in ChatRooms and Groups. I know that English is a challenge but I think people are getting to know you and I hope you will stay and flourish here. Bring in a friend or 2 too.  

1 Aug 2006 @ 13:42 by Armos @ : Need of civilization models of community
I am confident, that at creation of that financial system about which I speak, we the next year completely shall provide financing the model community project, NevadaGold. And not only it, and hundreds same projects worldwide. This project can quite cause interest and in Russia. It is necessary to understand only how to connect standard commercial investments with civilization effect, for example, for Russians. Whether it is possible to create there some kind of club with hotel and the educational center that investors could come, work, get acquainted with other participants NCN there? And in general, it would be quite good to develop full social model of this settlement. It could be useful and in Russia where also it is a lot of deposits of gold, other minerals  

1 Aug 2006 @ 14:08 by Armos @ : To a question on interaction
My English is a challenge not so much for me, how many for those who reads me or listens. But I hope quickly enough to cope with this situation and to come more clear for other members NCN. Certainly, I am glad to interaction with you and your group, Jazzolog, but I should understand, what I should make. I yet have no wide experience in electronic communications, therefore not always I understand, how I should operate. I hope for your help and the help from other skilled members NCN  

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