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 StereoTypes are debased Concepts8 comments
29 May 2010 @ 18:00, by John Grieve

False logic and Syllogism

Classical syllogism (Aristotle's) is a way of reasoning that is believed to yield truth and reason. However,this can be used correctly, in my opinion, only when certain conditions are met.
In classical logic we deal with concepts, about which I have written extensively recently. Howver, another form of concept exists, a Yang form which I term debased, which is known to us all as "Stereotype". The homophobe, the sexist, the racist do not think in pure concepts, if he thinks at all. But rather cogitates in a prejudiced and deformed manner, moving from one false idea to another, believing he is being logical and scientific.
The old saying "when the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything you see is a nail" is particularly relevant. To the prejudiced person, using debased concepts or stereotypes, everything is a self-fulfilling prophecy. To him every black person is a potential mugger and everything they're doing is supect; every gay person is perverted and a potential paedophile; while every woman to the sexist is sexually threatening and a slut, prostitute or nymphomaniac. Thus reason and truth, to the vast majority of people, are an illusion and the human mind is bound in chains of ignorance and predudice. In a future article I will analyze in greater detail the way in which a stereotype (Yang) differs from an ordinary (Yin) pure Concept.

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