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picture11 May 2007 @ 04:16, by David Camara

Lukumi make a Ceremony to Know the Ruler Odu of every year.
This year come Chango talking in Obara Tonti with Olokun and Egun governing. The prediction is more Hot and a large amount of Deads because the bioavailability of oxygen on Atmos. This Deity is associate with Olodumare.
Odu also talk "the Spirit of Fire is inmortal".
Solutions? Ebo on all body levels.
Bioenergetic activation through Lukumi ritual techniques directed to propitiate the fullfilment of Destiny and bioenergetic activation through electronutrition --ask me about that-- providing oxygen with ions of nutrientes to the electrical level of the Cells and restoring the biochemical level of the ecologic body.

Obakinioba Obatesi

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18 May 2007 @ 04:38 by system21 : a kosmic body
In case that having this Knowledge will realize that the body is a kosmic being, Man is a cultural condition capable to enajenate of that Reality.
Man Doctrine is only sustaintable as a conscious level of this kosmic being.
To reach the goal every incarnation need to have conscience of the ancestral portion of the being as matter with Ocha vibrations under the Realm of Olodumare, at every state of Conscience since physical body,biochemical body,bioenergetic body, ecologic body,kosmic body.
Throughout Batu Ewe technologies from Kongo Lukumi traditions of Knowledge
we can use the ancestral energy of the body --come in the blood-- and the Ochas --kosmic energies that rule over the ecologic matter-- to reach the Goal of Crown your Guardian Angel on this incarnation and propitiate your evolution to the next level.
The Spiritual Body live into Signs and meanings: the Olochas have the propitiatory consecration to communicate the meanings of ALL REALITY throughout the Dilogun, the Oracle of Shells and translate it at every level of the conscience of Humans. No other technology can do it more afordable with only one life to do it.
Is possible to know the kosmic body but to live in it...

Obakinioba Obatesi  

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29 Jan 2015 @ 07:26 by Ricky @ : KItpbVLBNfzN
Hey Elliott. I liked the recording very much. Just like you and Dr. Glazer expalined, you had a holding back engrained muscular pattern. I feel the same way about myself. I've gone to the chiropractor and my spine, neck and back have many subluxations and i have chronic neck stiffness. Just like you said, we're afraid of what our bodies can truly express. And i feel that way, i have a problem truly expressing my deepest self. I'm sure it links back to when i was a child and i had to learn to hold things back in fear of how my angry father would react. I really want to work on this and be able to completely open myself for my own good, and the others i can offer myself to. I've done your daily bio-energizer warm-up and it's awesome. But, i feel that my mind and body has become so conditioned to holding my real emotions and feelings in, i couldn't do it to its full potential. And i feel like there is something very special that i've held down for so long that i need to release. I want to be strongest version of myself and offer my service to others. If there are any other tips or information you could share with me, i would appreciate it greatly. You're awesome Elliott!  

29 Jan 2015 @ 17:26 by Ahmedlaayuone @ : rAbSZRCzUZ
Things are coming toeeghtr and we're building a great series of events! In order to create a strong sense of symbolism and resonance throughout the city- we have a few different things going down, including:Workshops: these will be hosted in pairs by members of organizations involved in each issue/cause and a poet who will direct some writing in response or somehow tie their prompts into the topis. For ecample for a workshop on LGBT issues we may pair a member of Pride with a poet interested in those issues and people can attend each workshop as they like or feel drawn to. Demonstration: We will create a living game board which we will draw out in chalk in a public space, such as perhaps sthe Civic Plaza perhaps, and then we will place poets on the game board. Poets will respond to the cause or issue they want to discuss by reading poems and moving across the board to represent the way lawmakers and politicians manuever to effect us without our consent or knowledge. At the end of that reading we will stand toeeghtr in soloidarity and state that despite the different issues, we want change to begin now on all of these issues. And that change starts with us bringing them to people's attention.Readings: Primarily we will be holding one large reading in the evening to bring musicians and poets toeeghtr. Members of the organizations and social change groups present will speak very briefly throughout the evening, and poets will share their words and theiur hearts as we cry out toeeghtr in the darkness, for a light to burn with a promise of hope. Drum Circle: The heartbeat of the city. I am attempting to create a pool of drummers with hand drums who will be placed at the events and readings and will drum in shifts all day, creating a resonance, a heartbeat if you will, to represent the heart we bring and the heart we speak from.Candlelight Vigil: We will observe a moment of silence after the main event at the end of the evening, to honor omelessness here at home, we have lost many, many bright lights so we will remember them by generating and remember everyone we have lost to these tragedies. Whether it is the violence in Mexico, the women of Juarez, the war, genocide in the Sudan or homelessness, we have lost many, many bright lights so we want to take a minute to remember them.  

30 Jan 2015 @ 06:20 by Pamela @ : jNtFNWLSuVmiizu
OSHO ne jo kaha wo ekdam satya hai.aajkal ke netao ki rojana ki bnjaabayi dekhiye,koi bhi aasani se kah dega ki ye wakai mandbuddhi hai.aur inka star din prtidin girta hi ja raha hai .  

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