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1 Dec 2007 @ 16:36, by Ronald Bunston

January 1975, a 2AM brain flush
A long slow response to a chance encounter in Sydney Australia in 1972 with a "critical path systems analyst" who introduced me to the global systems dynamics programs of Dr.s Forrester, Meadows et al of MIT and the Club of Rome sponsored Limits to Growth Studies.
The ensuing decades have been shelves full of books, 4 years of consultant work in the 1980's with international efforts to resolve increasingly desperate third world housing issues..a lot of frustrating discussions with governments and business circles and facing the undermining realities of layers of conspiracies and international piracies.
The scale of the self evident unfolding events forces reconsideration of personal responsibility and most importantly, personal capacity.

My "job" as an systems analyst for others had not prepared me for the scope of the global sysems dynamics studies of particularly Donnella Meadows.. these studies drew me in like a moth to a flame. In retrospect, there was some some purpose in the flame. So January, 1975, the truth hit me like a bullet to the brain.
It seemed increasingly self evident that the singular path for the survival of any civilization was in the development of modules.. food and energy self sufficient communities in the context of a global awareness.
The issue of community food and energy systems has been a persistant troubling gordian knot.
My biggest difficulty has been understanding the finer tuning, the requirement for the evolution of community based farming equity systems that would include a multi-generational profile of objectives protected from the inherent risks of cultural introversion or what I've come to call a sort of cultural autism..fundamentalism in all it's various aspects is always a risk..therefore understanding issues of metaphysical neutrality, internal equity, corporate or community democracies, financing, land trusts,are all crucially important to the success of the practical simplicities of growing food and building simple passive and active energy systems for an extended family or small community in the urban and near urban environment

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1 Dec 2007 @ 18:09 by bushman : Hmm
Ya a mixed bag, But, welcome to the news logs. :}  

10 May 2008 @ 10:14 by anandavala : A global systems perspective
That's quite an experience that you relate here - you must have an interesting perspective on the nature and state of the global system. I'd love to hear about what that system looks like from your perspective. If you have the inclination I'm sure many would be interested in articles on that subject :)

Best wishes :)

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