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 The Utter Uselessness of Sports and the Purpose of Life15 comments
picture1 Jul 2010 @ 22:02, by jhs. Recreation, Fun
Someone gave our little Anthony (3 yrs 2 months by now) a Vuvuzuela. BIIIIIIG MISTAKE!!!! Knowing already how to squeeze out sounds out of didgeridoos and everything that looks like a pipe, it took a mere 0 point five seconds to figure out how to drone along. For the full range, he needs some more physical strength, fortunately, but this will be only a matter of time. Meanwhile, at the most innocent moments, the sacred tranquillity of the Sandorian Grove is threatened by the mark-shattering call of the Vuvuzuela.

At the wedding of a neigbour of the Grove the other night, we forced him to let go of the develish thing. if I would have known that the bride showed up on a super-bike, a trike to be precise, I would have thought twice about it. A trike is one of the oddest solutions to the transportation problem. Considering where we live, I would have expected a lot of horses in front of the chapel. which would have made much more sense to me.

But, as we discussed already more than once on this BLOG, deep down in the religions of mankind the purpose of this Universe, life, and Everything can be summarized ultimately as sheer VANITY. Vanity in caps, to be clear. Only this bitter-sweet truth can also justify the current crazyness about some balls being kicked around on grass spots in South Africa.

Soccer, like any sport, is utterly useless, a waste in time and resources for everyone except for  More >

 A game has 90 minutes, ehh, or 120, plus overtime...10 comments
picture26 Jun 2010 @ 20:45, by jhs. Recreation, Fun
but why wait so long to shoot some goals????

Now the soccer fever finally swapped over to the States. Even Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger are discussing the game in the VIP section of the South African soccer stadium.

More than time, overtime so to speak, to explain why such a simple game is able to move so many emotions all over the world. Too late of course, oh well...

Worldcup for Dummies (from [link] )
(An archetypal analysis of ad-hoc teams for novices, experts, and fans alike)

This year the entire world entered into the soccer fever for an entire month. Worldwide? Well, the average North-American is clueless how 22 adult men can run after a ball for 90 minutes without shooting a single goal and still talk of a fascinating game. For someone who was not raised with this sport, who never played even a little bit at the beach, the fascination with this game is certainly an enigma. And those who know the game usually don't think much about its ṕsychology, its unwritten implicate rules - they simply enjoy the drama as it unfolds.

And a drama it is, a spectacle with well-defined characters, with its good guys and its bad boys, its fouls, fools, and everyone under the sun is an expert. While its actors are fighting to the last second with self-less dedication, the adrenaline level is building up significantly every minute. All the losses and misses, nearly-goals, lost chances, shots onto the goal being saved heroically, all of these increase the tension of actors and spectactors to seemingly unsupportable heights. Only then the final climax of  a ball entering a goal can become an orgastic experience or a traumatic shock, depending which side one is supporting in the game. Without becoming a fan for one of the sides, the game is a pointless waste of time indeed. But if one does, for 90 minutes life has another meaning. And only so it can happen that the whistle of the referree after a match without a single goal can cause a huge sigh of relief, make ordinary people dance in the street in cold rain and create new symbols in today's life and culture.  More >

6 Jan 2009 @ 06:58, by vaxen. Recreation, Fun
I just ran across this article at Merlyn Silks' place that he had written ages ago and posted here at NCN. He has since moved on. I was researching the Edenic Myth and the Flandrian Transgression and... voila!

There was this little gem hiding. I'm really storing it here for my own perusal but the comments that were profferred are a lot of fun for those who are into such things. Have fun kiddos if you choose to wade through the waters.

Thanks Gezi. Miss you.


Afraid of God

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l might have mentioned it before that I started to read the “Disappearance of the Universe”. This is a book describing and leading to the book “A Course in Miracles” which I now started. The ideas are great and feel really true but I keep having this problem with the words God, Holy Spirit, Christ and in particular all this upper-cased Him and His.

What is that - am I afraid of something?

I was in my mid to late teens that I started to reject all the Christian up-bringing, partially because there were really cute girls in the communistic basis group at school but also because in long discussions with my father as the contra-point I found out that there is no possible proof that there is something like a god. I did not have a god-experience and I did not see what it was good for so why have it.

This was a rather short phase (maybe because nothing worked out with these basis-group chicks) and my path to spiritual development started for real. I had no problem accepting Jesus as a cool guy who understood the workings of the world pretty well, but the idea of him being a son of god was right out.

And so was god himself too. God as an idea, as that what was good in man, was acceptable, but in no way could and would I speak of him or even Him - it was an it.

Scientology came along and made that very easy. There was theta, and that was certainly an it. So no problem here. The only trouble I had was with the worship of Mr. Hubbard but I managed to look around that in order to get the rest.

The fact that Mr. Hubbard said that Scientology does not deal with the 8th dynamic - which is defined as ones existence as the higher being - never really sank in - because I did not want to let that sink in - the world was perfect as it was.

But somehow suppressing the whole idea does not seem to work because now it’s back in form of the Course in Miracles (The Course) and this book is not very shy talking about all my NO words. So I better face that now and forever.

The big question for me is what side am I working for. It could be the dark side of the force telling me that the idea of this god being in heaven is something for grannies and nannies but don’t make yourself ridiculous as a well educated man, or this whole concept of a holy creator is really complete humbug - or is it just some fear in me that tries to hide behind rejecting that which is feared?

It is getting clearer and clearer that there really does not seem to be any stable datum outside of me that would help me to decide, which then by pure logic makes the third possibility the most likely: There is nothing really there outside of me, so all of the possibilities are equally valid, meaning that what The Course advocates - the whole universe as an illusion that we ourselves create - is very likely.

One of the concepts in The Course is that this (ungrounded) fear of god stems from the initial separation from him (it?). A separation in form of a fleeting moment that is already over before it really began - but this moment is our so-called universe.

In other words, if I can’t find anything outside of me to refer to as a stable datum, then it looks as if this whole thing is really my illusion. Which gives the testimony of The Course more credibility, and which, in turn, makes it more credible when it describes the origin of fear and the rejection of god.

I like to find out things for myself - that’s why I joined Scientology - and so I will do this in this case too - I’m now on day 4 of the workbook of The Course, 365 lessons - one per day - to find out where this leads me.

I know, the dark side of the force will tell me that I let myself brainwash and there is no validity in what I will find out - so be it.

PS: tried some high-tech on this article: grabbed my wacom tablet, fired up the handwriting recognition in M$ Office and started to write this article by hand - but have now witched back to the keyboard. It would have taken me five times as long with the tablet - that should convince me that I don’t really need a tablet PC - - - even though I really would like to have one ;-))  More >

 Divinity Rising: My (bra) cup runneth over...
11 Dec 2008 @ 06:48, by divinityr. Recreation, Fun
Yesterday, I suffered a very traumatic experience disguised as a blessing. My son's grandmother took me out clothes shopping. I was ecstatic! It's been years since I've really gone clothes shopping for myself. What a blessing! I didn't even know where to start. Well, turns out we started with the basics, and by basics I mean TORTURE DEVICES. We headed to the mall for bra shopping. That's right fella's. Bras, Boobie Slings, breast resters, tittie transports, bosom bindery, mammary manacles. God, I hate bras. Or, maybe I should say Bras hate me. I just bought new bras last spring and they're near useless. Upon suggestion, I visited a new store. I was told they have nice durable bras, even pretty ones, for the blessed . How's that for a slogan? Bare-able Bras for the Blessed! Read the rest here  More >

 Strong with the force, that one is...12 comments
picture11 Dec 2008 @ 01:14, by Unknown. Recreation, Fun

Not such a long time ago, in a political campaign not so far, far away:  More >

 An Open Letter to Enlil and Enki ("Sermon of the Holy Rock")15 comments
picture7 Dec 2008 @ 16:23, by jhs. Recreation, Fun
Dear Blog Readers,

my mailbox is overflowing after my recent public delcaration and I see myself unable to respond to all of you.

Sorry, truly sorry.

But amongst the many messages, some encouraging, others quite hostile, here is one that impressed me very much and I'd like to share it with you even though it looks like one of those brainless chain letters.

---------------------------------- SNIP HERE WITH SCISSORS ---------------------------------------

An Open Letter to Enlil and Enki
(also known as the "Sermon of the Holy Rock")

by Rev. Herbert Zeta-Czandor

Dear Enlil and Enki and All you Supergods!

The word is spreading quickly that you're about to come back and quite possibly stage yet another Sodom & Gomorrah or a Flood or both or more.

Before you give your orders, please take a sec and consider the following:

Observation 1:
OK, OK, humans made quite a bloody mess around here. But they were created in your image, mind you, and perhaps it is time to confront this fact in all honesty.

Observation 2:
This current civilization is full of corrupt governments and secret and not-so-secret but equally corrupt institutions. It is said that they are following your orders. This would indeed fit into the picture. If so. please go to Observation 1 again.

Observation 3:
It may come as a surprise to your Highnesses that in the few societies of Lulu (humans) that your corrupt followers have NOT (yet) perverted, the Lulu ALWAYS managed to live in perfect harmony.

Observation 4:
Furthermore, it can be observed that WHENEVER your followers on Earth are CEASING to corrupt and pervert the Lulu, social and environmental order are being restored very quickly and righteousness and dignity return to the Lulu and all the beings on Earth.

Dear Enlil and Enki and All you Supergods! It is YOU who is the problem and not the Lulu you created!

If I should ever find out WHO created YOU, I will personally report your demeanors and demand your immediate removal from this world. Your lies and deceptions are a disgrace to the Creation! And whoever created that lousy script for your miserable performance should forever be barred from the Universal Writers Guild.

1. You should seriously consider getting some genuine education on the true values of life, dignity, responsibility, and righteousness, and all the values that your actions betray.

2. If the Sumerian tablets are any reflection of your social life, you should further consult a good psychological consultant or life coach to fix your general behavorial problems (I can give you some phone numbers if you want to!)

3. You should cease and desist going ahead with any plans of mass destructions except for those for Nibiru and yourselves.

3. If you are unable to do the above, please never come, go away, get lost, and, very importantly, never return.

PS: Don't forget to take the soulless zombies with you which you installed here on Earth as your shady agents.

That's it.

Rev. Herbert Zeta-Czandor
January 1st, 2009, Holy Rock City
(This is the end of the "Sermon of the Holy Rock")
---------------------------------- SNIP HERE WITH SCISSORS ---------------------------------------  More >

 What Are You Like? 5 comments
16 Jan 2008 @ 11:00, by vector8. Recreation, Fun
So I was having a conversation with my mother.

"Do you realise you use the word "like" when you speak?" she said

"Do I? I wasn't, like, aware I was doing it," I said.

"You've done it again!"

"Sorry, mum. At least, like, now I can be more aware when I speak."  More >

 The purpose of the white rabbit...75 comments
picture22 Nov 2007 @ 19:01, by jhs. Recreation, Fun
While I was trying to convince Young Anthony that he should stick with mummy's milk for now and let the beer be beer (see photo), a chicken escaped into the jungle.

On my way through the dark forest, I stumbled once again over the white rabbit.

"Where did the chicken go?" I asked the rabbit.

"Since there are no roads in the jungle, it couldn't have crossed the road..." the rabbit giggled and giggled and giggled.

"Hmm.. very funny," I said, "Why don't you evolve in some higher life form?"

"Silly human," the rabbit answered. "Don't you realize that I represent the highest life form on this planet?"

"You crack me up, rabbit! But, let's say you do... then tell me... what's the purpose of all of this? And what makes you think that you and your fellow white rabbits are ahead in the game?"

"Slowly, human, one thing at a time... tell me, and think well before you answer: do you think you ever thought of something that was never thought before?"

I sat down on a liana of a giant, strange, wild vine and started thinking...  More >

 The REAL purpose for the creation of pets0 comments
30 Jul 2007 @ 14:52, by vector8. Recreation, Fun
I read this on a forum and I loved it.

Now I know why I love cats.


***************************  More >

  Git ve gör! Çok geç olmadan9 comments
picture25 Apr 2007 @ 18:05, by Unknown. Recreation, Fun

 More >

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