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 The Utter Uselessness of Sports and the Purpose of Life30 comments
picture1 Jul 2010 @ 22:02, by Max Sandor

Someone gave our little Anthony (3 yrs 2 months by now) a Vuvuzuela. BIIIIIIG MISTAKE!!!! Knowing already how to squeeze out sounds out of didgeridoos and everything that looks like a pipe, it took a mere 0 point five seconds to figure out how to drone along. For the full range, he needs some more physical strength, fortunately, but this will be only a matter of time. Meanwhile, at the most innocent moments, the sacred tranquillity of the Sandorian Grove is threatened by the mark-shattering call of the Vuvuzuela.

At the wedding of a neigbour of the Grove the other night, we forced him to let go of the develish thing. if I would have known that the bride showed up on a super-bike, a trike to be precise, I would have thought twice about it. A trike is one of the oddest solutions to the transportation problem. Considering where we live, I would have expected a lot of horses in front of the chapel. which would have made much more sense to me.

But, as we discussed already more than once on this BLOG, deep down in the religions of mankind the purpose of this Universe, life, and Everything can be summarized ultimately as sheer VANITY. Vanity in caps, to be clear. Only this bitter-sweet truth can also justify the current crazyness about some balls being kicked around on grass spots in South Africa.

Soccer, like any sport, is utterly useless, a waste in time and resources for everyone except for

...those who make money with it and one could argue that even those millions would have been earned more honestly and productively in paying someone to clean up the on-going oil spills around the world, not just in the Gulf of Mexico but also in Egypt these days.

Pythagoras stated, or was said to have said: (see more at [link] )
"There are three kinds of men and three sorts of people that attend the Olympic Games. The lowest class is made up of those who come to buy and sell, the next above them are those who compete. Best of all, however, are those who come simply to look on. The greatest purification of all is, therefore, disinterested science, and it is the man who devotes himself to that, the true philosopher, who has most effectually released himself from the 'wheel of birth.'"

How he made the jump from 'simply looking on' to 'disinterested science' and from there to 'release oneself from the wheel of birth' not only escapes mememe - I find it completely illogical and nonsensical. [feedback, please!]

And 'looking on' is quite understated considering the modern technology with replays of super-slow camera shots during the world cup of 2010, presenting veritable character studies, surreal stunts, and super-enlarged emotional expressions, casted on giant lcd screen in HD resolutions. "Bigger than life" is the only phrase that comes to mind, the Meme of 'vanity' is too shallow to encompass what is happening here and now.

No matter what, if spectators are the best of all men, we're having a lot of good people around these days. The international soccer association FIFA estimated 2.2 billion people watching the 2006 worldcup, and 3 (three!) billion the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 cup, just for starters.

Now the 204 countries originally competing countries have been filtered down to 8 it's getting back to business. We've had a well deserved 2 day break from the soccermania, tomorrow we will continue to watch, this round without the sniding remarks of my mother-in-law. Our grandkid Anthony will be blowing the Vuvuzuela and be thinking hard about growing up fast so that he himself can walk into the stadium with a team in 2014 here in the country of the Grove. Which reminds me, only four years left, a lot of work ahead of us and lot of dough to make. If I could find only some more justifications to let soccer appear more an intelligent enterprise and less of a waste of time!

But, alas, if the Universe is really all about vanity, why not watch soccer?

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2 Jul 2010 @ 03:20 by Merlin Silk @ : Definitely not a spectator
This post has cost me quite some time again - but time well spent, I have to admit - writing a blog post.
All this soccer stuff reminded me of my last encounter with soccer 4 years ago and I more or less wanted to report how I, the total non-sucker - -- soccer - got sucked into soccer. I was sure that I had reported on that event on one blog or another but for the world of me could not find it. Guess I told the story often, but, as I could not find it written down, I just had to do it to preserve it for all posterity. Here is {link:|How soccer sucked me in}.  

2 Jul 2010 @ 18:42 by mortimer : Can soccer heal the world
Transportation problem? Careful what you say! My 1976 Green Machine big-wheeler was the bees knees, man.

Although my 1978 soapbox had 4 lawnmower tires and it went so fast down the mountains that I had to put air spoilers on it. hm-mm I was on the front page of newspapers when that happened so there got to be some pics still around.

"Nelson Mandela used Rugby to unite the once bitterly divided people of South Africa. When Mandela was released from prison in 1990, it's under the apartheid rulership of former Pres. Fredrick W. Declerk. He became the first black majority and democratic president of South Africa. Mandela was faced with lots of challenges.

One of the greatest challenges was the deeply divided white and black population. In the movie "Invectus" which means never give up; not conquered or defeated in Latin, Mandela declared, those who were Africanas and have oppressed us are no longer our enemies. They're now our friends. He inherited a country he fought for and gave his all, but without economic, military and police control. These were still in the hands of whites according to Invectus, which Freeman Morgan played as Mandela.

Unity was therefore Mandela's pressing objective. How to achieve that wasn't quite easy. In his wisdom, spirit of humility and humanity, he found answer to the problem. Forgiveness for all previous wrongs by whites was the first key. Then he used Rugby, which was mostly a white sports to bring all South Africans together as one people.

Before this time, while whites were cheering white Rugby players of South Africa, blacks were cheering and supporting England or other visiting teams to the country. Mandela wasn't satisfied so he asked, "How do we inspire ourselves to greatness while nothing else we do?" And, he also asked, how do we inspire everyone around us to do the impossible? He then answered the questions by calling the captain of Springboks (the Rugby team), Francois Pienaar to his office. He made him understand that he'd a great task for the country. This task was to work hard with him and his government to unite all the citizens behind the Rugby team." ~ {}

If I could meet Nelson Mandela I have a few questions ready. I want to know if he was aware of president Roosevelt using football to unite the American people. And I want to know how he justified using these psychological techniques to undermine the peoples emotions.  

3 Jul 2010 @ 11:23 by Terrence Brannon @ : +20 games
purposelessness is +40 (serenity of being). +20 games is where the fun is at :)  

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