New Civilization News: An Open Letter to Enlil and Enki ("Sermon of the Holy Rock")    
 An Open Letter to Enlil and Enki ("Sermon of the Holy Rock")15 comments
picture7 Dec 2008 @ 16:23, by Max Sandor

Dear Blog Readers,

my mailbox is overflowing after my recent public delcaration and I see myself unable to respond to all of you.

Sorry, truly sorry.

But amongst the many messages, some encouraging, others quite hostile, here is one that impressed me very much and I'd like to share it with you even though it looks like one of those brainless chain letters.

---------------------------------- SNIP HERE WITH SCISSORS ---------------------------------------

An Open Letter to Enlil and Enki
(also known as the "Sermon of the Holy Rock")

by Rev. Herbert Zeta-Czandor

Dear Enlil and Enki and All you Supergods!

The word is spreading quickly that you're about to come back and quite possibly stage yet another Sodom & Gomorrah or a Flood or both or more.

Before you give your orders, please take a sec and consider the following:

Observation 1:
OK, OK, humans made quite a bloody mess around here. But they were created in your image, mind you, and perhaps it is time to confront this fact in all honesty.

Observation 2:
This current civilization is full of corrupt governments and secret and not-so-secret but equally corrupt institutions. It is said that they are following your orders. This would indeed fit into the picture. If so. please go to Observation 1 again.

Observation 3:
It may come as a surprise to your Highnesses that in the few societies of Lulu (humans) that your corrupt followers have NOT (yet) perverted, the Lulu ALWAYS managed to live in perfect harmony.

Observation 4:
Furthermore, it can be observed that WHENEVER your followers on Earth are CEASING to corrupt and pervert the Lulu, social and environmental order are being restored very quickly and righteousness and dignity return to the Lulu and all the beings on Earth.

Dear Enlil and Enki and All you Supergods! It is YOU who is the problem and not the Lulu you created!

If I should ever find out WHO created YOU, I will personally report your demeanors and demand your immediate removal from this world. Your lies and deceptions are a disgrace to the Creation! And whoever created that lousy script for your miserable performance should forever be barred from the Universal Writers Guild.

1. You should seriously consider getting some genuine education on the true values of life, dignity, responsibility, and righteousness, and all the values that your actions betray.

2. If the Sumerian tablets are any reflection of your social life, you should further consult a good psychological consultant or life coach to fix your general behavorial problems (I can give you some phone numbers if you want to!)

3. You should cease and desist going ahead with any plans of mass destructions except for those for Nibiru and yourselves.

3. If you are unable to do the above, please never come, go away, get lost, and, very importantly, never return.

PS: Don't forget to take the soulless zombies with you which you installed here on Earth as your shady agents.

That's it.

Rev. Herbert Zeta-Czandor
January 1st, 2009, Holy Rock City
(This is the end of the "Sermon of the Holy Rock")
---------------------------------- SNIP HERE WITH SCISSORS ---------------------------------------

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7 Dec 2008 @ 17:00 by Maximillien d.L. @ : parfait !
Enfin La Verité !!!!!!!


7 Dec 2008 @ 18:23 by ashanti : Hahahahahaha!!!!!
Thanks for that! :)  

8 Dec 2008 @ 00:38 by Everlight @ : ("Sermon of the Holy Rock")
ha ha ha ha Indeed, well said and proclaimed. Oh Noble One!  

25 Feb 2009 @ 20:33 by orangutan @ : sermon of Holy Rock
reminds me of the references to "GOD" in the holey bible where HE gets up to all kinds of satanic mischief and kills thousands coz HE cant control his base emotions, being a Supreme Egotist.  

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