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picture14 Feb 2002 @ 10:12, by Barry Carter

Most members of New Civilization Network know that we today are creating a new civilization. We have spent years laying the knowledge foundation for the new civilization. Now real tangible action has begun. Patrick Pinson founder of Cedar Mountain Drums ([link]) as of January 1, 2002 officially began implementing real tangible wealth creation and social order tools and systems for the new civilization.

Thirteen years prior Patrick had started a business, Cedar Mountain Drums, with the intent of bringing the many fragments of his life into one undivided whole—work, spirituality, play, family, business, etc.

Patrick had used the Industrial Age structure of bureaucracy to attempt to do create a more coherent new civilization life and had some degree of success. However, something major was missing. In late 2001 he decided to convert his business to a tribal community structure using the mass privatization teamnet concept ([link]). He offered all of his employees the opportunity to work as interdependent partners in the community instead of subservient employees. Now a month and a half into the transition things are booming.

1. An operational gifting network is beginning to form within the community with structure being added.

2. Synchronicity abounds with new potential tribal members intuitively showing up daily drawn to the magic of what is occurring.

3. Teams and networks are forming into real functioning teamnets offering their genius gifts to the world.

4. A win/win wealth creation infrastructure is being created where all partners win when wealth is created by one partner.

5. The community is organizing as interdependent holons where each individual is the first and last of their nation and where individual liberty is a primary virtue. The tribal community structure allows for the organization to grow infinite in size through teams and teamnets while maintaining liberty and sovereignty of the individual.

6. An internal barter system is arising.

7. Deep levels of trust and bonding are being developed as people learn to work interdependently and learn to work through spirit. Old relationships of co-dependence are falling away as partners deal with deep emotions regarding their feeling of worthiness and infinite abundance.

8. Wealth is flowing in many forms, including money, and people are beginning to be able to sustain themselves and families through their win/win work.

9. A physical Cedar Mountain Drums facility already exist, a virtual network is developing via New Civilization Network and the Cedar Mountain Drums web site and a network of intentional communities is in the preliminary planning stages. Cedar Mountain Drums is using New Civilization Network as a foundational base of operations for its community in the groups section ([link]) of NCN.

For decades now there have been hundreds of books defining bits and pieces of the new civilization and billions of emails and millions of forums entries and billions of ideas and hours spent thinks and laying the ground work for the new civilization. It feels great that the new institutions for the new the new civilization are finally beginning to operate and sustain people.

As more and more people are able to meet their living needs through their new civilization work we are operating more and more in and building the new synergistic civilization and reducing the use of our destructive Industrial Age social institutions. We invite other New Civilization Network members to join our effort in the groups section, meet their familyÂ’s living needs, copy the tools and systems, improve them, add to them and spread them to other parts of New Civilization Network so that the new civilization can explode with growth.

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