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 Life is abundant all around but we fail to detect it1 comment
21 May 2008 @ 06:34, by Shreepal Singh

If we apply this defining feature of life to our surrounding universe, we find, surprisingly, all bodies – which are nothing but the systems of component parts – take birth, grow and finally die. Is there life in them? If yes, how evolved are these living systems? Can we communicate with them? They all are so near to us, almost in our midst. A cell in human body is a living structure; it is an independently living thing, though enabled by and thus connected to its surroundings network; it is as well a part of the whole system, which is human being. Can a cell communicate with nearby other cells? Can it communicate with its host, that is, the human being concerned who is highly evolved with the sense of a ‘self’ and whose simple component part it is? There are several kinds of pathogens, which are housed in our body (and now found that they pass on to our next generations through our own mutated DNAs); they are sometime component parts of our own life, our own DNAs. Can these pathogens communicate with the human being whose body houses them? No. Why can’t they do so? We know human cells and whole kinds of its activities but this cell does not know our evolved self. This is the problem that we face in this approach in our search of ET life that may very well exist in our midst, with all its capabilities beyond our comprehension (like fabricating devices a la UFOs, maintaining vigil over human activities on earth, intervening in human affairs by bringing their occasional destructions, which may look to us like innocent natural disasters, because in their estimation humans have gone astray in their activities of the desired course); this kind of life and their community, if existing, must be able, at least theoretically, to contrive things what we call UFOs, keep a watch over our thoughts and activities, while living in our midst and without ever being detected by us with our narrow outlook of life.

Could it be that there is life all around us and in abundance? Are we simply one of many kinds of life existing in material form? And, are we and these other kinds of life merely parts of a mega life existing in material form all around us? If it is so, how can we detect them? How can we communicate with them? What kinds of scientific tools would be required to communicate with our neighborly life? Can we employ mathematical tools to decode their k\life code? In this endeavor our knowledge of coding computer software and genetic coding may be a great help. We have to take their fundamental principles and apply them to our surrounding world. Even we may apply them to many phenomena present on earth, which in essence may be systems in operations.

In this approach to search ET life around us we assume that in a given case a particular kind of life program coded with the aid of concerned media is being executed through instructions. These instructions would be mechanism of elements involved propelling the whole system. In the life we have on earth, there is an intake of energy that comes from food. This energy propels the whole system geared to bring the programmed outcome, namely, the above mentioned three common properties of life.

Today we know that all other systems of bodies around us in universe behave in a way that amounts to taking energy from outside surrounding source and this energy keeps the system going on at the path of its programmed birth, growth and death. Are the component parts of these systems merely like cells of human body, which are simply executing a coded program? Definitely, all systems are nothing but programs in execution dependant on very many variants, which are akin to instructions. A system in action is akin to a cell in our body. But, we take for granted; these systems made up of inert matter are not living beings like our cells. Why do we associate life with ‘exclusively’ our kind of life? Why we are so narrow minded? We have come a long way on our scientific path.

We associate life with movement (trees do not move), with basic instincts (earth and its rivers try to repair damage done to them by humans), with procreation (there is constant cycle of birth, growth and death of stars, galaxies etc. going on in the universe and the differing time scale involved here in these different systems is not material. A life may very well have a span of time ranging from micro seconds to billions of earth years), with emotions like love, anger etc. and thoughts of humans. Are emotions like love and anger and thoughts possible of generating or expressing in the human-way only? Human thoughts correspond to something else independently existing in Nature; thoughts are the human mind’s version of inter-relations of material objects that already exist independently in Nature. Human way of thinking is not the only way of expressing these independently existing inter-relations of things. There can be very many ways to express them, though we would not be able to comprehend those ways because they would belong to a different kind of life. All working systems are equivalent to complex human thoughts. Or, rather, all systems are thoughts in concrete form, in material form, in visible form. Emotions like love and anger are, likewise, expressions in human-way of something else that exist independently in Nature. There could be very many ways to express them, which would be beyond our comprehension since they would be in the domain of a different kind of life.

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1 comment

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