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 NCN-mission - creation of New Civilization! And why also is not present?4 comments
19 Jul 2006 @ 09:24, by Sergey Chujko

In the millenia people dreamed of a new society, more fair, more free, more reasonable. They dreamed not simply of a material prosperity and safety - they dreamed, speaking language of my concept, about freedom of self-accomplishment (self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization), about freedom of performance of the Supreme Mission, about freedom of construction of Paradise on the Earth. At last, this time, time of realization of high dream of mankind, has come...

In the millenia people dreamed of a new society, more fair, more free, more reasonable. They dreamed not simply of a material prosperity and safety - they dreamed, speaking language of my concept, about freedom of self-accomplishment (self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization), about freedom of performance of the Supreme Mission, about freedom of construction of Paradise on the Earth. At last, this time, time of realization of high dream of mankind, has come. Has come due to powerful development of the Internet and other telecommunication technologies. Has come due to obvious inability of bureaucracy and business to cope with increasing global and local problems. Has come due to occurrence NSN, LETS-Complex, powerful ecological, civil, social and other movements. Has come, as the mankind because of own inefficiency has resulted itself on a side of destruction which can cause both ecological accidents, and fatal infections, and wars between people. Has come, at last, because the mankind leaves from its Supreme Mission, Mission of an eminence up to Uniform Supermankind as GodMankind to which task Spiritualization of the universe is assigned more and more

My personal mission, Mission - 2015, consists in that to 2015 to create the bases of the New Civilization. It is confident, as or approximately so Mission of many members NCN is formulated. And also tens and hundreds thousand people which yet do not know about existence NCN.

I consistently go to performance of the Mission already more than 35 years. I well know, that such bureaucratic totalitarianism which top became socialism. I have understood that actually represents itself market fundamentalism (this more than the successful term was entered by George Soros), laying in the basis of a capitalist society. I have come to firm belief, it is possible to tell, to a scientific conclusion about that, as the market fundamentalism, and bureaucratic totalitarianism should go on a dump of a history. By virtue of the inefficiency, backwardness and rudimentness. As they are inverted only to animal human nature, killing his/her Soul and his/her Spirit. In result we have that we have - destruction of our environment, social degradation, spiritual decomposition. An exit unique. And it will consist in purposeful construction of the New Civilization on principles which I have defined as Humanistic Absolutizm. These principles set a direction of the coordinated change of all essential circumstances of our life - economic, administrative, political, social and spiritual. The change directed on creation of the best conditions for self-accomplishment of each person. For outside of the own self-accomplishment the person is dead. Even if it is very similar on alive and very actively moves. Such deadmen and deadwumen overflow our life. In fact almost each of us is engaged in not the business of his/her life. Not that business to which he/she is intended, and that business which gives him/her money and the status. Money gives, but takes away his/her soul and transforms into the deadman capable only automatically to perform the work. Our task - to recover those who has still kept in depth of the "Me" the Image and Similarity Divine. To return them by a life, by Their Own Life, free from grovelling before business and authority. Their Lives which will financially provide them much better, and will allow to become actually the Person, instead of a sick human animal, and will open to him/her the universe of his/her Spirit!

Certainly, this way is combined enough. But it is absolutely perspective and in terms of necessity (to avoid possible destruction of mankind about which Stephen Hoking has more recently warned us once again), and in terms of freedom. Freedom of escalating of the financial capital, the social capital and the spiritual capital. This freedom becomes probable by virtue of that the economic basis of the New Civilization will be the property of the consumer on means of production. I name this basis: Internet - economy "from the Consumer". Also I assert, that only business in interests of the consumer can be originally moral, truly spiritual and extremely economically effective. The business which is carried out in interests of the businessman or the official, is immoral by definition, is destructive and it is inefficient (certainly, from the universal point of view)

I shall be repeated: the way to the New Civilization is uneasy enough. But also is not insuperable. First, because its time has already come. Second, because comprehension of crisis of existing forms of a social system is shown everywhere. Thirdly, because by me and other enthusiasts of construction of the New Civilization the basic work on preparation for the beginning of construction is already executed. In my News Log I shall state the approach, gradually it detailing and leading up up to a level of usual everyday recognition. No doubt, members NCN and other interested persons have representations how it is necessary to build the New Civilization and as it should be arranged. We shall coordinate, we harmonize and we shall improve our general approach. Also we shall continue its practical performance. I and my colleagues on construction of the New Civilization recognize that construction of the New Civilization should occur on the following of the basic levels:

1. The world Civil Front for the New Civilization, uniting everyone to whom this idea is close and interesting, but not imposing on the participants of any obligations, including financiall.
2. Power of the Sunlight (or Sunlightpower, the name preliminary) which represents itself already more rigid form the supernation and superstat association which are carrying out purposeful search of the most effective mechanisms of public self-organizing, the New Civilization corresponding to ideals.
3. The strategic investment and Global innovative programs, financial tools of new generation representing by self, which efficiency multiply, occasionally on the order, are surpassed with efficiency of traditional market tools.

The central program with which we have begun the practical work, the program of creation of Global Anti-Infection Protection System is. This program possesses all qualities necessary that it became a point of a support during creation of the New Civilization: a potential of globalization, an actuality, availability, manufacturability, financial validity.

As a whole it is necessary to tell, that all will depend not only on quality of the concept of creation of the New Civilization, but also from quality of management of process of its creation. It is represented to me, that the control centre could be created on base NCN. Including - managements of the finance. More precisely, managements of process of creation of essentially new financial system, some kind of the future World Bank and its infrastructure. I develop the program of replacement of existing financial tools as a result of application of tools of considerably more effective. And to realize it it would be possible, I repeat, on base NCN, for example, on base NCF (New Civilization Foundation), entering as far as I understand, in system NCN. But all this - themes of the future discussions, offers and ideas, a statement and which analysis will be the basic content of my News Log

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19 Jul 2006 @ 19:27 by b : Welcome Armos
to NCN. It is good to hear from Russia. We need many visions of a new civilization.  

20 Jul 2006 @ 06:36 by freo7 : Consider this basis please
Clearing the genetic codes inherent in the mid-east crisis:  

20 Jul 2006 @ 10:22 by jazzolog : It Is A Pleasure
to welcome armos and recommend both this Log entry and his homepage . I look forward to knowing him better.  

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