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13 Jul 2006 @ 18:10, by swanny

July 13, 2006

I am wondering why it seems there is something about
the subconscious involved here. Somewhat that aspects of
the subconscious have evolved or been made manifest in
conscious reality or that the subconscious is different
than it was. Not sure what would be a example though???
Sort of a merger of conscious and subconscious to yield
a synergistic consciousness or noetic consciousness.
and that "this" or "this reality" is the "effect" of the merger.


Well take this incongruency...
the landing on the moon and the woodstock 69 art festival...
What kind of conscious or subconscious can mitigate that

Well anyway

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14 Jul 2006 @ 16:16 by swanny : China
Yes I would agree then that the subconscious
or "global subconscious" has "shifted" or changed.
I was wondering for instance to the change in
"China" the shift in conscious and their society is
paramount do to their enormous physical population.
There as been a shift though in Chinese philosophy or
policy. Is it spiritual ? well I'm not sure
It seem the realignment of the soviet/russian situation
to capitalism seems to have effected the chinese as well.
Now its hard from this distance to say whats different...
yet I sense the earthian nature of the traditional chinese
life to a more urban one is the result or example of some
change whether conscious or subconscious and this change by such a large mass may be effecting the global subconscious.  

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