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3 Nov 2002 @ 02:19, by Douglas Barrett


War is an opportunistic disease that can only exist in the absence of specific healthy activities between ordinary citizens over prolonged periods of time. The very utterance that war is thinkable is always a telltale symptom of a cataclysmic decline in self-evident helpfulness between members of the mainstream in private. Imaginary helplessness and selective unawareness is raw unhelpfulness times-two.

War is sometimes an impolite result of one's awareness that one's plight is not only known but meticulously maintained by the party most easily positioned to render the substance of mercy. And sometimes it is an impolite result of the belief that getting away with being impolite is an exhillerating proof that one is cooler than other kids. The survivors and refugees are left to discuss which motivation caused it while they pry apart the stuff that holds down the remains of the people they spent a lifetime seeking for company.

By the time war ceases to be an obviously gross mismatch with one's sense of life's purposefulness, civil and domestic unhelpfulness has definitely grown common, acceptable, and deep.

When ordinary citizens are stripped of their ability to believe they can expect sufficient help and advocacy from others nearby to whom they would ordinarily draw close, a giant gap of unfulfilled need, such as the need for relief of ordinary tension for instance, creates a massively profitable opening of opportunity for profiteers who can jump in to sell a substitute product, a numbing distraction, or a phony structural solution that just keeps people forever dependent on the manufacturers' wares.

The consumers always block out their own knowledge that the manufacturers are unable and unwilling to solve the original problem of social and sexual detachment from the start. Product moves. Abusive "leaders" capitalize on the poor quality of life that gradually but irrevocably results from sexual unhelpfulness especially. Such manipulators of the sentiments of deep displacement offer war as a far-fetched solution for the problems left unattended after the disappearance of private parties' belief in each other's desire to render meaningful help in any facet of life's experience, no matter how simple and essential.

To anyone starved of anything essential to personal peace and vigor, a far-fetched solution like violent control of others sounds much, much better than a perpetually wounding certainty of stalemate: A) because it "might" work, B) because it offers a tangible channel for cumulative rage and disbelief at any rate, and C) because if it doesn't work it will bring death, which constitutes some form of relief from the ongoing experience of socially permitted deprivation of a basic element of bioenergetic peace.

Some say the American civilization is in the process of committing suicide collectively. Considering that in terms of likelihood, I am in a nearby position to report that such an influence is, in fact, evidently becoming common practice; my peers are consistently choosing behaviors inconsistent with the loving custody of life in human bodies.

Those choices are dressed up rhetorically as "commitments elsewhere," but their inconsistency with loving, non-invasively protective instincts remains the only enduring element present in those places inside my peers where integrity would have ignited if sparked by the intent to know love and apply it. As people, they are already dis-integrated, first with the truth inside themselves, and secondarily with facts they are capable of causing outside themselves.

They have chosen against the pleasures of integrating beyond the shallowest pretense so they stay on "high ground" where they can point an invasive, self-exempting finger at mythically responsible parties for their self-instigated pain and thus gain permission to steal from them as "compensation." That is the programmed code that constitutes fundamentalism as a human activity, in a nutshell. There is no sense in any pot calling any kettle black, and no improvement results from a paint job of red, white and blue. Pink fuzzy sweaters won't make Martha Stewart whole again, either.

Deprivation drives markets, and deprivation is a fundamentalist's best friend when searching for an inroad to "compensation." Fundamentalists and robber barons rely on each other like identical twins. They are, in fact, incapable of justifying their zombie-like excesses without each other.

Greed, history's number-one killer, is always the result of one's emotionally constipated starvation of one's own true self, the self that cares about others and shares one's all whenever truthfully opportune. In the final analysis, sex, strictly for its own sake as a generous, purposely shared experience, counts. Every person has the full capacity of choice to either help generate faith in human flesh nearby, or degenerate it. In that respect, a peasant packs equal power with a president, in terms of ongoing impact. That's all I have to say. Now I will live or die as myself, come what may. But let's make a difference in what comes next. Good people are waiting for signs of life to join with.

--Groover, 11/02/2002

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3 Nov 2002 @ 04:35 by jazzolog : Grooving
Something isn't linking with that least this morning. Did you write this? Nice piece!  

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