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picture 1 Apr 2010 @ 09:27, by Scotty

I was reading something recently where it gave some pointers to how one can become a wee bit more 'mindful' ..

"Take a few minutes, either at home or on your way to work, to notice something enjoyable about the morning: perhaps the sunlight or the rain or the face of a child or a flower or the sounds of birds or the wind"...

actually I do this all the time - but it somehow develops itself into what I can only call
utter mindlessness heheheh !

But seriously though .. I think that mindfulness is something vital !

It isn't just a question of being aware of the water when ones washing ones hands
(yes I love washing my hands and feeling the water coursing over my skin)
and it isn't just about being aware of each footstep one takes ... it's all of that and more !
Being mindful opens so many doors to us .. we can learn to be aware of and grateful for each moment - each action .. we can walk on the earth in mindfulness and realise that everything that exists is some kind of miracle !

Sure easy for me to do - I'm retired - don't have to work hard to earn my daily bread .. don't have kids to look after or someone ill to nurse ..
but one can be mindful and still be 'focalised' on what they're doing ..

Being mindful can help us to be more alert more aware .. this can mean that 'things' don't get in the way of what we're doing .. we can stay calm and not have impatience or anger interfere ...
I kind of think that surgeons for example can do this - even if they're not conscious of doing it deliberately !
They're busy getting on with an operation .. they're highly concentrated on what they're doing - which is often quite complex .. and yet they can stay relaxed and even relate to the people around them !

There's something about mindfulness which helps me to be sort of aware of everything all at the same time ... it's so GRAND !

I feel so grateful ... even if I have a stone in my shoe when I'm walking .. at least I've got legs to walk with - and shoes to wear ... taking the stone out of my shoe just gives me another reason to be aware of something - to be grateful for so much !
Actually when I think about it - isn't it amazing how the body works - a tiny wee stone in a shoe presses into our skin and this sends out signals and responses all over our body ! Incredible !
And everything but EVERYTHING lives in awareness and interaction with it's environment !!

Even recently when I was stuck in bed with my blocked back it gave me lots of opportunites to understand and enjoy the realisation that what was happening to my ol bod wasn't actually happening to 'me' .. I was simply experiencing it !
Don't quite know how to explain it - but like .. most people (myself included) are just so busy getting on with their everyday living that somehow they forget that they're here ! So busy that we forget that we're 'in' whatever it is that we're in ... that wherever you go there you are thing !
I began to understand that this is all I have to 'work' with !
Having to deal with my back allowed me to somehow join with the me inside of my mind ..the me inside of my body .. the me in my surroundings - and then there was always this other me - the watcher me ... almost amused at it all heheheh

And the progress of getting better every day was like a kind of bonus LOL

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