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16 Sep 2007 @ 03:50, by Gavin Bellis

I have returned to this community, and over the last two years and at the completion of my adolescence, I have learned.....

At the age of eighteen, I was just rooting in to my spiritual self, and that of those surrounding. I have learned much, and I have learned this.
That it will never be us who change the world. It will always be the world that changes us.
Generally speaking, of course. I speak of mankind as a whole, as, is obvious from spending any time at all on this very site among others, there are quite a number of exceptions.
But think about it. Nothing has been done about global warming. Hybrid cars? Great, but it doesn't solve the cars that are already there, it doesn't solve the traffic, and it doesn't solve the many forms of grid power.
Legalized personal powering via solar power etc. Great! But once again, the grid.
Recycling. Great! That we don't recycle everything we go through, and that inadequate waste is biodegradeable. not so great.
And then we have this: The Kyoto Accord. Not everyone follows it, you know. It's a fact that China doesn't. And they're the most populated country in the world, so think about the amount of oil they go through! The rest of the world can stop polluting right now, and China would still get us all killed...nevermind the damage we'll have done twenty years from now as is, from the pollutants we've already consumed.
More and more, there are talks of the gravitude of the situation. Al Gore is one of many who believe in changing our ways. Bono of U2, another. I, myself, contribute how I can, as I'm sure many of us here do.
Unfortunately, most people would rather ride it while it lasts, and worry about the price later, and hope the ticketmaster forgets to charge them.
But he won't. Didn't last time. I mean, what do you think the Plague was about?
If you're a scientist before a spiritualist, then you know that as the planet heats up, diseases are going to exponentially multiply beyond our control. It will pick and choose who lives and dies, until the planet cools down, or until the immune are all that's left, whichever comes first.
And nevermind the Plague. There's also energy crisis. If we don't slow down our consumption rate, or at least find an alternative source of energy (the Moon, for example), soon? Then we'll have a bloody war *and* a plague. The war will be for resources and for vaccines, likely, since the "richer" nations have more access to medicine. The rest of the world will have to go by herbalism, the many less-known forms of healing, or by faith alone in a deity or in our survival.
Will we live or die? Both, as always. But see? How the world changes us? if the planet wasn't heating up, would we have slowed down gas consumption at all before gassing ourselves out?
Not likely.
Earth itself isn't suffering, trust me. It didn't take long to patch itself up 65 million ears ago, a few relative minutes of the Earth's lengthy life. If we end up incinerating everything on the planet including ourselves? It'll just sort itself out and keep on going without us, some other being will come to sentience and pick up where we left off, and maybe get it right next time.
The world is giving us warnings, though, not because it's suffering, but because we will. If a massive hurricane ripping through a city, and an icecap rapidly vanishing, isn't a sign enough, then we're just too blind and clingy to tradition to heed the warning, and will suffer the fullest penalties of the monstrosity we have created for ourselves. But that's our own fault.
If the world ices over? We'll change. If the world is torched to cinders, we'll change. If the magnetic field of the planet shut down, we'll change.
If the world keeps on doing what it's kept on doing, so will we.
So who's gonna make the first move? The mother or its children? Because something's got to give, and I give it...hmm...5 years. Isn't that what the Mayans predicted, anyway?

On a lighter note, I'm glad to be back to this community. I have gotten back in touch with things, and have becomre more, founded on enough opinions that I could actually share them and say years later that that's stil what I think, until the day comes I am shown otherwise.

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16 Sep 2007 @ 04:55 by bushman : Yet,
what makes you think that the Earth is the only planet heating up at this very moment? When clearly the entier solar system is warming, even our Sun is warming. There is far mre to the situation than just mans follies, rocks fall from space whether man is here or not, and Suns explode daily, or get eaten by black holes.
Nice to see you back in town. :}  

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