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9 Oct 2007 @ 15:32, by Craig Lang

Another entry transferred over from my Yahoo 360 diary. This one is on a recent dream I think is symbolically important to the life path of myself and others. Read on and let me know what you think...


I awoke this morning in the middle of an interesting dream. In it, I had begun to take a short walk in the evening. I remember walking around my childhood neighborhood in Madison, WI. Suddenly, I found a trail near a park that was a bit beyond my normal childhood stomping grounds. I started to walk this trail and found that it went further than I thought. I continued on the trail and found that it kept going further and furhter.

I recall that in spots, the path looked challenging. It was late (this was only supposed to be a short, after-dinner walk), and I was concerned that I would run out of daylight pretty soon. In spots the way looked treacherous, and I did not want to be on this trail after dark (though visually, it looked pretty wide and smooth). Still, the idea of exploring was irresistable so I continued walking.

Eventually the trail led to another park, and then another. I realized that there was a whole series of parks I had known nothing about, even though this had been my childhood home. Finally, I ended up in a major park with a commons area and a shelter house were people were gathered. I apparently joined the people and got to know them pretty well. I fit into the group nicely, feeling right at home.

Fast forward a bit and we get to a moment where I was in the group, but now it was time to head home. It was alot later than I had thought. I asked one of the people there, the leader figure, exactly where we were. He confirmed my thoughts that the main road (Midvale Blvd., the "busy street" that runs several blocks from my house, and right behind my grade school) was just a few blocks away. I thought to myself that I could either take the trail back home, or walk along the boulevard (I remember again thinking that I did not want to be on the trail after dark). The next thing, I was saying goodbye to my new friends and setting out for home. I'm still not sure whether I took the trail or the road, but I know I was now on my way.

Dream interpretation is always an interesting thing. It was one of the first times in a while that I have clearly remembered a dream. I have not done that in quite some time, and this one was extraordinarily clear. Over the weekend, I had just read Cal Banyon's booklet on "the 7th Path," a relatively recently developed methodology of self-hypnosis and meditation. One of the things he says is that, as a side effect, one might begin to remember dreams after doing some of the suggested work. In addition, I have had extrememly deep meditations in the last few days. This usually happens at critical times in my life-path. So my thought is that there is most probably a big change afoot. This is probably both for myself individually, and for others in the bigger picture - as within, so without.

My own interpretation of this dream is that I-am/we-are going in a new direction, something I never knew existed but that is directly linked to that which has always been familiar. The trail looks scarey, yet is actually pretty smooth. I remember being concerned about being in this unknown place without guidance (i.e. after dark). However, the trail leads to something that is far better - a joining with a group (a purpose?) that is welcoming and confirms/affirms where I am and what my own purpose is.

I ask where I am, and one of the members of this new group, a leader figure, tells me that I am actually not very far from the conventional (Midvale Blvd.). Ultimately, as I need to return home, it is not clear to me whether this should be via the same trail (the new), or via the main boulevard (the old, straight and well-understood).

I still don't know which route I chose. Since we are approaching a RIF (layoff) at the day job, and I don't know whether I will get "liberated," this is a very valid question. I don't know whether I will be taking the familiar boulevard (keeping the day job), or the trail traveling through the wilderness, in the dark (going independent).

Yet, even on the trail, I realize that I am never actually very far from the boulevard; safety and conventionality are not as far away as they might seem at times. Even in the roughest of times, I'm probably safer than I think. In addition, both routes connect the new with the old. They join my new discovery of purpose and path with my life as it already exists.

Still, I wish I could have seen the end of the dream - which route I actually took. It would be nice to have a look ahead. Maybe I should bring a flashlight, just in case...

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