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26 Jul 2005 @ 12:45, by John Oates

We might think that the opposite of diversity is sameness, but ideally we would conform to the true norm in all practical matters while indulging our divergent interests in the abstract.

Note NCN rule for members – Don’t Kill Diversity

It takes a long time and a lot of effort to discover moral truth. When you do discover it and put it all together youÂ’ll be lucky to get even just one person to take it all on board. Why? Because they already have their diverse approaches which form their beliefs and thinking.

The NCN rule says that this diversity is to be maintained on the grounds that ‘diversity is not a problem to be fixed, it is a strength that makes evolution possible’. Well, yes but evolution is only necessary when there really are problems to be fixed. In the human case the fix, or mutation, was a hugely increased brain capacity giving high intelligence, the gateway to moral truth. So the human species does not need diversity to fix its problems. It needs to agree one and the same humantruth. Certainly, diversity of interests and occupations can enrich the experience of life, but truth is paramount.

Right now London is reeling from the latest terrorist attack. The bombers felt their action to be justified by the WestÂ’s intolerable ill-treatment of the East, enough that they sacrificed their lives to their cause. Victims of the bombing regard it as a bloodthirsty, unwarranted, uncivilised outrage for which there can be no justification. This is diversity. Had everyone been guided by moral truth when the problem first arose, many years ago (centuries ago at its very root), tragic events like this would not be happening.

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