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5 May 2007 @ 00:35, by Sunimal Alles

Everybody can be happy. Everyone needs to value others and not hurt their feelings. If someone needs assistance -provide it - you will be rewarded with a friend forever. Allow your child to identify his/her talents and promote their development, children will love you forever. If a person you supervise is weak, coach him/her to be better - he/she will be eternally grateful. Never fire an employee-assist him/her to select a position aligned to his/her talents - the world will become a better place.

Happiness from childhood – By Sunimal Alles

A human being has three basic aspects that define happiness: The spiritual, value for others, occupation and personal.

My studies and research since 1986 in around 16 countries indicate that between 90 to 95% of people are unhappy. Unhappiness starts at a very early age when children are prevented from doing what they really like to do by parents and teachers. The suppression of natural talents and definition of “what is best for children” at an early age prevents children from being creative at a later stage. They are generally oriented towards learning and practicing a profession or trade, which is alien to their natural talents. Once children are forced to study in domains selected by someone else, they are trapped and have to continue until they graduate. This makes them become employed in a profession where they are not creative and have to invariably continue until retirement. In their spiritual life they are forced to believe in dogmas which do not suit their thinking and are again trapped unless they decide to be free thinkers, break away and select the spiritual guidance most suited for their own spirit. One must keep in mind that every human being is different and is born with his/her own thinking pattern based on the level of evolution of the mind. If they are blocked or prevented from evolving further, it results in unhappiness.

When a human being does not value another, he/she will not be able to live peacefully and also not find the market to sell his/her products or services.

However, the manner in which they select their partners accounts for most dilemmas related to unhappiness. Most young adults when they are economically sound go about seeking partners to share their lives in an unrefined, illogical and unscientific manner. They base their selection on mainly what they feel either at the point of first encounter, astrological readings, obligations (ethnic, religious, family, childhood lovers, school mates etc) or possessiveness and rarely examine each other’s future aspirations/goals and mind evolution speed. This spells disaster after a few months or years of living together and ends up in divorce or separation. Therefore, either succumbing to circumstances, adhering to cultural and family norms and pressures or possessiveness and allowing external influences take over their lives, brings about the unhappiness or discontentment of human beings.

It is better to obtain guidance at an early age if one plans to live happily on earth. When I found out this problem, I started setting up Advisory Centers for Better Living. Contact the TIDY center at 54 Anura Mawatha, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka to analyze and obtain guidance to correct issues related to unhappiness and become free, decide on the level of happiness you would like and live meaningfully on earth. Email: Tel: 00-94-112763539

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22 May 2007 @ 15:55 by jazzolog : Thank You
for this message. Hopefully others will find it too.  

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