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picture 31 Dec 2003 @ 12:44, by Flemming Funch

Another year is walking by. I guess it was a pretty eventful year. We moved and live in another country now. Different circumstances, different stuff, different people. But some engineered external change just makes it easier to notice the stuff that is more permanent. Consciousness, exploration, learning, sharing, warmth, laughter, love. The things that one cares about in life, no matter the circumstances. The continuous finding and re-finding of that which makes life worth living. For me there's a red thread going through all of it. Often a rather elusive thread. I know it is always there somewhere, but I might lose it or forget it for a while. Which is easy to do because it always changes. It is never a thing or a place or an idea or a label or a system. Never something you can just grasp and hold on to. Maybe it is a quality. I notice the thread as a feeling. A sense of being in the flow, where something both new and familiar is happening. Where you have a sense of recognition, despite being on an adventure you've never seen before. Where you wake up a little, and realize how life is really simple and mostly joyful, while at the same time vast and mysterious. It is an amazing thing. To life!

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31 Dec 2003 @ 14:09 by swanny : Thanks Ming
And heres to satisfaction

sir swan  

1 Jan 2004 @ 02:45 by shawa : Health, Joy, Integrity!
A Happy New Year, Ming! :-)  

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20 Jun 2016 @ 08:26 by Rennifer @ : vZbrPqjHGwHJScYI
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