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picture 20 Apr 2004 @ 05:49, by Flemming Funch

Paul Hughes makes a compelling case for free will as an unavoidable constant, tying into and going beyond neuroscience, quantum mechanics, and many other subjects. Article "Super Free Will: Metaprogramming & Quantum Uncertainty" at FutureHi.

Neuroscientists and behavioral scientists and cognitive researchers can show how most of our behaviors and thoughts can be shaped or controlled by chemistry and by the inputs we are provided. By finding the right place to put electrodes on someone's brain, or by setting up an environment that influences them in a particular way, one can shape people's reality, and the throughts and feelings they have, to a remarkable extent.

The funny thing is that eastern mystics and yogis and meditators might say similar things, from another angle. Most of what you do is just robotic, arbitrary behavior patterns that you do completely automatically, based on what has been imprinted and conditioned into you. You walk around, half-asleep, in an arbitrary world that is projected for you, having thoughts and feelings that mostly aren't your own.
Ok, so where does free-will come in? So far it seems like I’ve decimated every last shred of free-will and human dignity. Yes, and for good reason! Unless we understand the full extent of just how brainwashed and programmed we are, we will never have anything close to a free-will. To be free it first helps to intimately understand just how imprisoned we are by our own nervous system. Freedom comes from knowledge, not ignorance. To know thyself is the pathway to liberation and freedom, as I will now explain.
No matter what we do, we're mostly dealing with a world that comes in through our perceptions and our nervous systems, and before we even get around to having a thought about something, we're already many levels of abstraction removed from the real event. And when we form ideas and concepts and try to share them with each other, they're all subject to the same limitations. Even scientists are thoroughly conditioned into logical fallacies developing from layers upon layers of fuzzy abstractions and semantic and neurological limitations.

The answer is that the only thing that leads out of the trap is consciousness that includes knowledge of all these limitations and that strives to transcend them.

Quantum mechanics entails that any measurement includes uncertainty. Even if you check it with another measurement, it just involves more uncertainty. Ad infinitum. The only thing that breaks the chain is when a conscious observer decides what it means.

Likewise, no matter how mired we are in uncertainty and subsconscious conditioning from our environment, we can always move a step up. We can encompass all the uncertainty, including our own imperfect perceptions and memories, and aim at getting what the meta-program is. We can increase our freedom and free will and awareness by understanding better how things work, and by transcending the previous limits we experienced. If we don't add in our own consciousness, we'd keep going in circles. But by becoming conscious of a new understanding, which provides more choices and more freedom, we can actually move up in the spiral. And we can repeat that any number of times. Finding how our previous beliefs and behavior patterns limited us, and moving on to a meta-understanding of them, which gives us more flexibility. But which, of course, again becomes a limitation sooner or later, which we need to transcend. All of this includes, of course, not just how we think, but how capable we are at working with our environment.
So here we are altering our own molecular DNA, and soon the entire physical world down to the atomic level. Another way of looking at this, is DNA having evolved out of the slime, is now becoming recursive enough to begin altering itself with internationality and purpose towards something stronger, smarter and more versatile. Going further, the atomic world is now becoming aware of itself, and as it becomes aware of these limits, just like we becoming aware of our own programming, will begin to re-program this matter to become more expressive to this internationality, to the logos, the memeplex that is our noosphere. Will this self-recursion ever end? Probably not. Do we have free will? As I have shown, free-will is a matter of degree. It is easily demonstrated that we can increase the levels and degrees of freedom as we become aware of our own limits. I would say, not only is there free-will, but eventually everything in the universe, including the very essence of ourselves will become re-defined by it. In the end, everything will change, but one thing will remain and increase, the level of our free will, our consciousness, the fundamental that is and comprises everything.
As Paul says, free will not only exists, but ultimately it is all that remains in an ever changing uncertain universe. And I agree. For that matter, it seems abundantly logical to me that the universe and our existence in it makes no sense without the perpetual existence of consciousness. I.e. being aware of something and being able to make a choice about it. That can happen at very low levels, automatically and imperfectly, or it we can strive towards doing it better, gaining more all-encompassing wholistic knowledge, understanding ourselves and the universe better, and doing more interesting things with that new awareness.

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20 Apr 2004 @ 13:13 by sharie : DNA altering itself?
Is DNA altering itself?

Or is the invisible intelligence of the universe of life altering the DNA?

My bet is on the unified field of invisible universal intelligence.

And this cosmic consciousness of free intelligent thought is, to my thinking, the ONLY free will there is.

Everything else is ignorance.  

21 Apr 2004 @ 07:29 by Jon Husband @ : Just Checking In
Hi, Ming. Just to let you know - I´m currently in Berlin (just arrived), will go to Amsterdam on Saturday and spend several days there, and then train back to Paris, probably on May 1. I have yet to check and see whther or not here are any of thos ridiculously inexpensive Ryanair or Easyjet, etc. plane flights to Toulouse, but will check in the next couple of days - trying to figure out the best way to connect f2f with you before returning to Canada.  

21 Apr 2004 @ 09:29 by ming : Jon/Toulouse
Hi Jon. You're getting around alright! Yes, I hope it can work out. There's also from Amsterdam, although not to Toulouse, and they're not all that cheap. From Paris Easyjet tends to be the cheapest. 40 euro one way around that time. Ryan Air flies from London to Carcassonne, which is close to here, but that's still a bit of a detour. Otherwise, let me know where else you plan on being, and how long you'll be in Paris. I was thinking of going to London around the 12th.  

21 Apr 2004 @ 17:31 by Natalie @ : visit to London
Hi Ming. It would be very nice to meet up with you when you're in London. Will you send me an e-mail when you know the dates you'll be here? I'll reply with details.  

21 Apr 2004 @ 18:18 by ming : London
Oh, are you in London? I think I need to use my blog better for networking when I go somewhere. I was actually just there last weekend. Anyway, one thought of going around that time is that there's a {link:|Blogger Dinner} on May 12th. But usually I'd want to combine several different reasons for going. Would be great to meet you.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 19:03 by maxtobin : Getting Back to 'Free Will'
A lot of this is very similar to the writing of John Liley from his 'Programming and Meta Programming in the Human Biocomputer' (perhaps an extension of that “universal experience”)

The one constant is change, the pattern is continuously rearranging in the duality dance. We are, through consciousness able to transcend those limitations and align our will with that of the Divine (or as Sharie puts it * the unified field of invisible universal intelligence* I would call it unconditional LOVE) and through this process we come to find the full expression of the divine ‘I AM’ and to identify with it. In this process we transcend all limitations and “know” that which is ‘all and nothing’, then we choose (free will) to play the human adventure in its completeness, forgetting that we are ‘one with it all’ in an ongoing divine relationship, or having that as a constant (or intermittent!!!) awareness and incarnating and manifesting the Divine creators full intent through our constant expression of heart centred response. It is, in my view, all a dance where we are at choice to grow our light body through this process or to continue in the unconscious duality dance. (Vibrating with the patterns of insecurity manifested by the choice of seperation)  

25 Apr 2004 @ 05:46 by Natalie @ : meeting in London
Ming, I hadn't seen your reply comment until now. Yes I live in London and yes it would be good to meet. My e-mail is above but you have to remove the REMOVE- (spammer protection). I'll look up the info on the Bloggers Dinner and hope to be able to be there but in any case please get in touch by email.  

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