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 Know Your Self
21 Oct 2002 @ 16:31, by sharie

Getting to know your self deep down in the depths of your soul means clearing away all the gunk you were programmed with by the institutions of government, religion, multi-media programming, the unhealthy patterns learned from parents, grandparents, older siblings, and other damaging relationships.

There's a fun way to do this emotional housekeeping:

Look back on your life, and review your favorite music, your favorite movies, and your favorite ways of spending your money over the years. What were the song lyrics you sung over and over, what were the albums and CD's you bought, and why? What were the themes of your favorite movies?

Take a long hard look at what you spent most of your money on? Did you really need to spend that much on housing, your car? What did you invest in? What did you blow your money on?

Take a look at these keys to your inner self, and you'll see things about yourself that you'd never quite looked at before.

Then take a long hard look at the people you spent your time with, and the things you spent your time doing. Were you happy hanging out with your friends, or did you do it just because you felt comfortable with them, or because you all complained about the same things?

What were you guided by? Joy? Complaints? Resentments?

Be willing to open up yourself and look at your motives in life.

And then if you want to create better motives, healthier motives, happier motives, go ahead.

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