New Civilization News: What is evil?    
 What is evil?
23 Nov 2002 @ 10:48, by sharie

What is evil?

Lies are evil.
Deception is evil.
Murder is evil.
Exploitation is evil.
Theft is evil.
(restoring rightful ownership is not theft)
Investing in weapons is evil.
(profiting from the slaughter of our brothers and sisters is evil)

Look deep into your heart to see if you have lied, or deceived, murdered (in your heart or in your mind), exploited others for your own benefit, exploited the earth without regard for her well-being, stolen that which does not belong to you...

Are any of us innocent?

The global crisis is a reflection of our own hearts and minds.

Clean up our own hearts and then we shall have the world we desire.

Our Father Who Art in Heaven
Sacred and Holy is Your Name
Your Kingdom comes
Your Will is done
on earth is it is in heaven (earth becomes a heavenly realm)
Give to us this day
the fulfillment of our needs
as they may be
and forgive us our debts
to the same degree as we
forgive those indebted to us
and lead us free
to live in peace
for Your Kingdom is the Kingdom
of glory and power for ever


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