New Civilization News: It's Human Nature    
 It's Human Nature
3 Feb 2003 @ 18:44, by sharie

What's human nature? To be greedy? Selfish? Homicidal?

What if none of this is human nature at all?

What if it's not human nature to be insane?

What if their sickness is a symptom of the sick culture, the sick values, the sick beliefs, the sick prejudices, and the sick goals which were created out of the sickness that came before it?

What if this sickness has been growing year after year, decade after decade?

What if we stopped feeding the sickness by withholding our life energy from the sick culture?

What if we stopped buying that processed, manufactured, factory-produced garbage they call *food*?

What if we stopped eating dead cows and dead pigs?

What if we stopped relying on deadheads to heal us?

What if we stopped depending on the insane to save us?

Stop buying their gas and oil. Stop buying their chemicals. Stop buying their pharmaceuticals. Stop buying dead cows and dead pigs. Stop buying poisoned tobacco. Stop buying processed *foods* (it's body pollution). Stop buying their *stuff*. Stop feeding the self-destructing culture. Stop paying for the slaughter of babies and children. Stop it now.

Change your life. Be smart. Choose Life.

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