New Civilization News: Creating the Best of all Possible Worlds - Part I    
 Creating the Best of all Possible Worlds - Part I
18 Feb 2003 @ 11:23, by sharie

Part I

Our human nature, human drives, human values, along with our natural environment, which is our life-support system, must be considered as our priorities in order to create a new sustainable, viable culture.

I stress these four factors listed above - rather than economic theories or scientific theories or political theories - because without our humanity and our natural environments, we will not survive.

The social architecture naturally extends from our natural state into the healthiest, happiest supportive structure we can create. And therefore depends upon 1) our humanity and 2) our natural world. Neither of which are as mysterious or as complicated as we are taught to believe.

The following summary comes from the research for my Master's Degree and my subsequent Doctoral research:

Humans have Seven Primary Drives. Each of us have various intensities of these seven drives, and we all have some degree of drive in each of the following:


Factors which influence and regulate the intensity of each of our individual drives are genetic, life experience, and personal choice. To create a new civilization that will sustain us, we might begin by first considering, and then incorporating, our personal awareness of these seven natural drives in order to understand what structure is necesarry in our social architecture in order to nurture us individually and collectively.

Let us consider our human nature, and incorporate the truth of who we are, rather than allowing the false *economy* to drive our choices. As we equip ourselves with self-awareness to confront, and then assess, our own individual qualities, we become empowered to create a social architecture that will assist us with our personal goals.

The important issue is that we gain insights into who we are, what drives us, what we want, what we want to offer, and the kind of world we want to be a part of.

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