New Civilization News: To think or not to think, that is the question.    
 To think or not to think, that is the question.
9 Apr 2003 @ 15:20, by sharie

I copied the following from my comment on Ming's newslog post about "thinking", I commented:

After working with kids for years, I wrote a book called, "Teaching your Pre-teen to Think" where I addressed this very topic because people just don't seem to know how to think. A few do, but most don't. When I was four years old, I decided my parents didn't know what they were doing... This has been a concern of mine for most of my life. Not that I claim to be an expert on the subject because... I consider myself a novice, but when I can't find the answers I'm looking for in life, I often make up my mind to write a book about it, and ask the universe to answer my questions... and then I write it down, and claim that I wrote the book. I have to admit I am the universe (everyone is) so it is an honest claim. I've studied neuro-psychology, neuro-linguistics, NLP, the brain and it's many functions... and still... this topic of *thinking* has yet to be mastered. I experience myself first and foremost as a spiritual being, but I'm also intellectual, emotional, physical, and social, along with some other aspects.

To *think* I must embrace all I am and use the full power of all of my being... not just my brain, not just my neurology, not just my nervous system, not just the intelligent cells of my body, not just the life-force in the oxygen I breathe, not just the intelligence in the water I drink, not just the world I see, not just the sounds I hear, not just the sensations I feel, not just the emotions that propel me, not just the spirit that guides me, not just the light that shines upon me... and not just the fairy-tale dreams of romantic living or the beckoning of the mountain forests with its uplifting waterfalls... I am all of this... I am the earth and the stars, the oceans and the skies... to *think* I embrace all I am... and just love all of me... that's the best thinking I can do at this point.

Suggestions anyone?

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