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 Life Forms
27 May 2003 @ 13:30, by sharie

God has given you everything
in order for you to create
you choose,
any experience,
any life,
any world,

Consider the billions of civilizations that have risen and fallen over the aeons of time, each one with their own beliefs, values, and goals, and each one just as seemingly valid and yet just as fragile as this great modern society we have now.

We can create any economic system we want. I recommend we ditch this one that's destroying our life-support system - our Earth, poisoning our water, and polluting our air... it's made the billionaires insane with greed and exploits the suffering of the masses. There are alternatives to this mental sickness. We can stop deluding one another into believing that the value of our possessions signifies the value of our personal life. To own and possess more, doesn't make your life more worthy than those who have less. Quite the contrary, there seems to be some response-ability on the part of those who own more.

We stop believing that by owning *more* we *are* more, we begin to value inner happiness, healthy lifestyles, helpful encouraging friendships, which is far more valuable. We can experience the satisfying feeling of growing spiritually and intellectually... we can value brilliance and radiance in one another, in our Mother Earth, and in our universe.

The universe is an intelligent life form.

Do you think the balancing act of the planets and stars is all done just by coincidence, just by the *forces* that happen to exist, just by the weight of the planets? Or does it occur to you that perhaps there is an intelligence that places *balance* at a priority?

Do you assume the universe is not a life form?

Do you assume the universe is not alive, while assuming you are?

How can you assume rocks are dead when you would be dead if it weren't for the iron, magnesium, and other minerals in the rock?

The universe is an intelligent life form.

And I'll tell you something else that is an intelligent life form... Earth... yes, of course, Earth, but there's something else...


You think love is a feeling?

Love is an intelligent being. Love is a kingdom and a realm. Love is a miracle that transcends all things...

(love deserves an article all its own... coming soon)

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