New Civilization News: HOW TO BE BRILLIANT    
18 May 2004 @ 13:37, by sharie


Why would you want to be brilliant?

Because everyday life requires you to make choices, and by embracing your brilliance, you make the best choices and create the best life possible.

Having the best of friends, work that’s enjoyable, meaningful and satisfying, and feeling great about every aspect of your life is a demonstration of your brilliance.

Your brilliance is a multi-facted radiance of your spiritual, emotional, intellectual, psychological, social, physical, and sexual bliss.

Knowing and experiencing the fullness of your joy in every aspect of your being is to know the deepest depths of who you are. To live and breathe the full expanse of your freedom, to think and feel the magnificence of your presence, and to radiate the eternal brilliance of your immortal soul is life itself.

Who are you?

With out the air?

Without the water?

Without the iron, magnesium, and other minerals of the rocks?

You are the water, rocks, and air. You cannot be separate from them. Nor can you be separate from the sun, for without the sun, our Earth would not exist.

So the fullness of your being expands beyond your human body, and even beyond your spirit as you know it.

You *are* the rocks, water, air, and sun, and you *are* the earth. You cannot exist without them, so you cannot be considered separate from them. You are the universe. You are the brilliant intelligence of all life forms. Your brilliance is infinite and eternal.

Your brilliance is of God, and all that exists manifests the infinite spirit of intelligent brilliance (though the children of God may choose to be blinded by fears and darkness) but you are nevertheless the same brilliance of eternal life.

Be Brilliant.

Be Alive.


Kinship With All Life

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The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe

Reconnecting with Nature [link]

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