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 Transformation on the Path to Fulfillment
picture2 Aug 2007 @ 20:14, by Zen Benefiel

I've quested for connection since early childhood and have constantly been reminded that intention brings us both deliberate and non-deliberate manifestation. Our thoughts and feelings can bring us together in a sublime experience or rip us apart through anger and depression... chaos in our internal experience. I was drawn to this web of life-giving support by that sublime experience we tend to call love. I'd like to offer an acronym that perfectly submits this understanding to our available cognition - Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energy.

LOVE permeates our lives and our planetary consciousness that is shifting toward harmony now. Our tendency is to want to remain in some kind of perception of duality. To unite mind and heart, male and female, yin and yang into a global or universal consciousness is quite the challenge. Where do we begin? Can we not only find but live a balanced life in the face of all our external perturbations? I would love to say yes with unequivocal surety. Alas, I am a silly human being still reeling from moments of blissful celestial rides in a compassionate embrace of unconditional love. For those who've experienced NDEs or invitations into the light of the void, you can related on an empathic level from your own experience. As I've learned to manage my own experience better, I've longed to share at least some of the key components so that others may gain access through practicing simple yet profound methods of self-examination and transcendence. The resistance to change, like fear, is a doorway to freedom when I let go of the emotional attachments I discover deep within the constructs of my reality. I sense millions are addressing these same feelings now. Maybe you are one, too. In the contemplation of oneness, I am another you. We all are individuations of the same Source by whatever name we call it or them. The same paradoxical feeling of total connection and separation exists at our core whether in the light or in the void. It brings a new sense of understanding of the Tao. I cried as I watched the movie Contact because of the familiarity of the trip throught the tube, the awe of the view and the realization that I am not alone yet again. Strange that the human race finishes with mixed results still, yet all roads return us to oneness - an absense of duality. One of the scenes in Contact also led me to contemplate our 2-dimensional symbols in another way, looking for a primer of sorts. I found it in the symbol of yin and yang, as simple as turning the light on and off... our DNA helix. How? Well, imagine that our heartbeat is like a gate for turning the energy in our body on and off, a top-down or bottom-up view of the helix has one side lit and the other in darkness with the expansion and contraction of our spark, our life force. Those who've witnessed the pulse, the spin of the rainbow sparkled particles and the trip into inner space may have a point of recognition. :) I have found some practices that may help. It has taken much time and effort to compile, so I do ask for some exchange, however minimal. I have a couple of master's degrees in business and an intimidating vocabulary, but our emotional processes and the path to freeing our entanglements can be put into simple, somewhat, order. Chaos is the beginning of order as we well know by now. So, I ask you to consider an exchange and I invite you to explore and investigate yourself. The link to this work is: Namaste, Zen

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