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20 Jun 2004 @ 16:38, by Flemming Leer Jakobsen

This weekend a new european constitition was finalised. Problem for the european politicians is that the voters don´t want it. 12 years ago Denmark voted surprisingly No to the Maastrich treaty, but with a combination of threats, lies by the media and manipulation it was adopted in a referendum a year later in Denmark.

EU is an elite project that has somehow had it own selfspinning spiral of a closer and even deeper integration. Last year the Danish parliament, the Folketing adopted 208 laws. At same time EU put 1256 laws into effect ! And most EU laws are not necessary needed to be adopted by the different parliaments. They have judicial effect immediately.

Nobody, not even the most brilliant lawyer or politician actually honestly can say that he or she has a full overview of what is going on in the EU. Several secret commitees exists in the EU. One estimate is that 1500 of such commitees exists dealing with everything from how big the standard of bolts should be to who knows what. Because these commitees are secret, nobody can actually control what is going on. But to the governments that is not a serious issue. More serious issues are on the agenda. And that is how to make sure that the voters adopt and appraises the EU.

Last weekend the total turnout of voters for the parliament election was below 50% in the EU. In one state it was some mere 17%.

The politician don´t seem the get the message from the voters. So here it is:

- We don´t want a European superstate, god damnit !

- We don´t want a Econonmic superpower with high tarif walls to keep 3rd world countries agriculture products being higher priced in the EU. Sugar is actually 3 times more expensive in the EU than the price on the world market.

- We don´t need a super power that is more interested in putting laws in to effect that will make it easier to electronically track every move that we make on the internet or track the mobil phone position to be stored for several years than protecting our civil liberties. The threat of terrorism is just an excuse for introducing this.

I said before the EU is an elite project. And it is. One of the myths to make it more acceptable is that the EEC (forerunner of EU) actually was the prime reason for peace in europe for over 50 years.

HELLO, anybody remember the cold war ?


But I think one that the elite politician and industry will remember within the next year is when all the countries that have a referendum will hopefully vote No.

Because from here in Denmark, EU more and more looks like the big countries socialite club. The structure always make sure that the big countries keep their bigger share of influence in the council of ministers.

Actually EU is not even a real democracy. The commission is made up of political civil serveants administrating the EU laws. They are also the only one that can put forth bills. (Talk about mixing the administrative and legislative bodies by way of Montesquieu). The EUropean parliament cannot introduce bills like the commission. The can only alter them if some 2/3 to my recollection can agree upon it. There are 732 members of parliament from 25 different countries. The council of ministers are the only ones that can put a law in to effect. (Also a mix of the administrative and legislative bodies).

It´s a fake democratic construction that is the playground of the companies. EU is actually the largest liberal market in the world. Even more liberal than the US.

In the EU, you are actually allowed to sell products that harm people. Veet is one example. Veet is a chemical compound the remove body hair and also in some cases damage tissue. Hair dyes with serious allergic reactions are also sold and in one case from the UK with a tragic outcome. Narinder Devi, 38 year old died within 20 minutes of dyeing her hair! I think the company was L'Oréal. But also household names like Schwartzkopf & Henkel here in EU are among the culprits.

There will definitely be more of this in the year to come.

This has gotten way out of hands.

But it will be a long haul before this can be corrected. But a no to the new constitution is a step in the right direction.

Link: Cosmetics unmasked more indepth about Narinder Devi

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