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picture 12 Nov 2007 @ 13:08, by Alana Tobin

Relationship Report for November 2007:

The Key Phrase for this month: RECONNECT and RE-MEMBER!

Hello Everyone,

We have lots to share with you in this issue. Just a quick acknowledgement because it was always a favourite holiday of Alana's. In North America, Thanksgiving is soon to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November on the 22nd. There are historical stories tied to this holiday which are based on lies; however many create their own personal meaning for this holiday as they continue to celebrate by sharing a specially prepared banquet as a way of acknowledging what each is most grateful for in their lives. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate the holiday, (Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving in October), and to those who don't, its a wonderful celebration ritual one can choose to create anytime of the year.

We invite you to read about the upcoming Mayan Prophecy Elders meeting
and the Fifth Hoop by Larry Merculieff.

You may like to view these 2 presentations Awaken and Side with Travis. Turn your speakers up and ENJOY!

Photo Details:

Witnessed in Waterbury, CT, USA
May 26, 1987

Report Summary:

Randy Etting, a resident of Newtown, was taking a walk outside his home. A commercial airline pilot with over 30 years experience, he always looked at the sky, He saw a number of orange and red lights approaching from the west. He got his binoculars and called his neighbors to come outside. The object by this time was a great deal closer and seemed to be over I-84, just east of Etting's home. The lights were shimmering like distortion from engine heat, but he could hear no sound.

As the UFO passed over I-84, cars in both the east and west bound lanes began pulling over and stopping. The UFO displayed a semi-circular pattern of very bright multicolored lights. Five motorists reported that, as the object became visible, a number of cars lost power and had to pull off the highway. A State Police officer [who wishes to remain anonymous] sent to investigate photographed the object.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee... [analysed the photo]. His findings indicate the object was huge, perhaps over a thousand feet across, and that the lights showed a definite pattern. He also indicated the lights seemed to have been flashing very quickly in some sort of sequence, giving the impression that some were out of focus while others were sharp. Photo from UFO Evidence Site

An overview of the energetic for the current cycle:

The energy right now is potently supportive of clearing up every type of issue as many of us continue to surrender to the deepening transformation of this time. Many have felt tired over the past week with some feeling of irritability and a sense of being stretched. There have also been mood and energy swings going back and forth. Many are doing their best to maintain stability even as energy and moods swing as we let go even more to what is non essential for the next leg of our journey. The body needs more grounding at this time so allow yourself to take it easy. Perhaps schedule in some mini breaks throughout the day - for example: take a 10 or 20 minute clearing walk, have a fresh fruit break for an immediate pick me up (or eat some nuts for more enduring energy), take a rejuvenating rest break, engage in a supportive conversation, put on some uplifting music to generate some groovy energy. You have so many options available to you to shift your energy as you make the best possible use of the abundant resources that are around you.

The two of us have been committed to our own deep process of cleansing and rejuvenation right now as we are just ending a 2 week juice fast within our third week of a 28 day health program. The first and last week of this plan have involved our eating a few targeted foods to heal our bodies. We had received guidance in meditation that we needed to make some changes with our diets that would allow that we can more effectively process and integrate the Light that is coming through at this time. Once we conclude the program, we are committed to a diet consisting of 80% living food and 20% whole cooked foods; which will include legumes and tubers or root vegetables.

Throughout this experience we have been opening to experience profound shifts whilst experiencing the usual intense aches and pains and feelings of being a bit fluffy as our body/beings detoxify. However we have been opening to gain significant spiritual direction and clarity about our path. We highly encourage you to consider exploring fasting for at least a week sometime during the year in support of giving your body a time to rest, rejuvenate and heal. Many people at this time are receiving ‘the message’, that its time to make a change with their relationship with food. Each of us requires a strong and stable energetic base and the physical stamina to anchor and assimilate the Living Light that is transmitting through us and to the Earth.

As we commit to increase our level of self care through eating whole living foods, the higher levels of light can transmit the Divine intelligence directly to our bodies. When we can provide our temple with all that it requires, we feel lighter, more joyful and Source delights to express through us with more ease and grace. You may like to start your day with a simple mantra: “I am committed to health and well being!” Alana was told by Source that saying this each morning will draw to her the resources, circumstances and people supportive to accomplish this. It sure is working folks!

Earth as Living Metaphor

Many see the Earth as being in a critical state of ecological decline; one which many fear will result in a total breakdown of all life systems. Even as we live within a paradisiacal Earth garden in the truest sense where we can see magnificent beauty expressed in nature throughout the world; however; the flip side is that we are also witnessing climate changes which are causing many species to become extinct. More people are discussing with increasing concern whether our environments will be stable enough to sustain life in years to come. The Earth is reflective just as all life is. She mirrors for us the state of our own relationship with life. The two of us choose to relate with the Earth as a conscious being as we support her to respond to her own evolutionary call to transform her body/being. We believe that the environmental crises of these times are cuing us into how out of balance we have become within and throughout our relationships with the web of life.

Exercise: If you are keen for an explore, take some time now to reflect upon an issue that most concerns you as it relates to the Earth environment. Here are a few conditions to jumpstart you: polluted seas, genetic manipulation, hole in the ozone, dying eco-systems, deforestation, extinction of species.

Next, to read more visit: November Report

(And read about Shirley Maclaine's story as told on the Larry King show, about Sai Baba and the miraculous, in addition to knowing about a sighting in India where thousands witnessed lights in the sky last month).

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