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24 Jul 2006 @ 17:46, by Craig Lang

This weekend, I finished up corrections to the final proof of my book, The Cosmic Bridge, Close Encounters and Human Destiny - about the evolving relationship between humanity and the Visitors. As I was busy writing, I found something weighing on my mind. It was a bit of a surprise, as I usually ignore such things - but in this case, it was a talk I attended at the MUFON conference last weekend.

I had a great time at the conference, in spite of the fact that I had been battling a sinus infection for the last week or so. I went to a large number of talks on various aspects of the UFO phenomenon. They covered topics such as sighting trends, UFO physics, the coverup and the alien agenda. But the talk that gave me the most pause for thought was the one on the Ethics of Contact and The Alien Agenda. This talk really got the gears turning in my mind...

This particular talk was presented on Saturday evening, by Marshall Vian Summers - author of the "Allies of Humanity" book series. In his talk - and in his books - he presents (channels, actually) an argument that the Visitor presence is a dark one. He states that contact is already underway and that humanity is in peril from it.

Summers cites examples from history, such as the Spanish conquistadores subduing native cultures realtively easily by exploiting native religious beliefs. He uses this as an example of the perils of contact. He says that viewing the Visitors as enlightened, gods/saviors, divine, etc. puts us in the same peril as the Native American civilizations 500 years ago.

In some ways, he is saying roughly the same thing as David Jacobs, a UFO researcher who takes a very dark view of the alien agenda (see Jacobs' book "The Threat"). Is Summers accurate? I don't know. I believe that we understand very little about the Visitor presence, much less their agenda. Yet it makes me wonder, is contact good or not-so-good?

Summers states that humanity is the native civilization of Earth and as such we have a responsibility to unite as stewards of our homeworld. If we do not unite, and if we do not recognize that Earth is just one world of many in a populated universe, we risk abdicating our soveriegnty over this world. If that happens, we could easily become subject to influences of ET agencies who place little value in freedom or free will. We could easily find ourselves becoming vassals of a civilization (empire?) from which we may never free ourselves.

He then goes on to state that at the core of freedom is spirituality, and most technological civilizations became so at the expense of their spiritual being. Thus, they abdicate their freedom in favor of imperial expansion. [Note: This would be consistent with what Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and other abduction researchers write about the "culture" of the Visitors - that there is little "flavor" to the alien realm. It is sterile and colorless. You get the picture...]

Any truly free species - some which form the "allies" which Summers claims to have contacted - have maintained their spirituality, rather than pursuing a technological course. They are powerful but solitary worlds - non-imperial in nature. Summers suggests that in order to remain free, a species must unite under such a spiritual banner.

In his talk, Summers argued that it is recognized in the cosmos that humanity is not ready for contact. We are divided and warlike. While we have accomplished some great feats of art, spirituality, music and engineering, we are essentially only a step or two above savagery (he suggests that any meditator will discover this as they begin to explore their own soul). Thus, he states, we are not yet ready to take our place in the cosmic community. Therefore, any species which does contact us is doing so for their own selfish reasons - resons not in the best interests of humanity.

Summers continued to warn about the presence of the Visitors, that they are in the process of aclimating humanity to their presence, installing themselves as saviors and assimilating themselves (hybrids) into human society. He warns that their agenda is not in the interests of humanity - that, in some way, they intend to make us vasals of their own civilization.

Are the Visitors here for purposes of economic (genetic?) exploitation? I believe that in truth, we do not know why they are here. They could be here for our benefit or theirs. In The Cosmic Bridge, I argue that the benefits of the Visitor presence are mutual. They are here to raise human consciousness to the point where humanity can join the cosmic community. However, they need to do so before humanity develops star travel or risk a barbaric humanity spilling out into the cosmos. It appears that I see a more positive universe than Summers does.

Who is right? I don't know. But in The Cosmic Bridge, I offer the material as a hypothesis, understanding that I might be wrong. On the other hand, Sumers claims that his material is channeled from the "allies" - a consortium of alien races with our interests in mind. Thus, he is certain of its correctness. Still, whether or not he is right, much of his message bears careful consideration.

I believe that humanity does have a responsibility to unite for our own good - a need that would exist even if there were no other civilizations in the cosmos. We need to rise above our warlike ways - to understand that we are all one. And we need to do so promptly. Venturing to the stars while we are in our current state of consciousness will, I believe, lead us to disaster.

Whether or not the Visitors are here as stealthy conquistadores, as scientists minding a nature preserve, or as teachers with a new way of living, we need to view them with caution. We do not know their agenda, and thus we do not know whether it is in our interests. When dealing with the Visitors, discernment is always vital.

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25 Jul 2006 @ 18:27 by freo7 : When dealing in the UNKNOWN
We humans have a great imagination that fills the blanks with our own....hallucinations. I know my mind fills in the blanks anyway. LOL Just to add to this stew take a look at this (also channeled message I posted here a few days ago:
TIME 2 WAKE UP: Clearing the genetic codes of middle eastern conflict
It has to do with how humanity became genocidally war like in the FIRST PLACE. Just add it to the stew and see how it simmers / smells to you.  

28 Jul 2006 @ 12:15 by magical_melody : Discernment YES...Indeed!
Good intent or about both Craig? They have long manipulated the frequencies my dear Watson...not gonna...Ah what motivation to wakeup and take charge...of one's sensibilities, ones frequencies! We'll see it all before the dense-city shifts to higher ground in this intense round.....Our hearts know how to discern intent, energy and agenda...the mind doesn't know squat.

{link:|Summer Article} he does point out the truth about the control that these ones have long had...sho enuff!

AND there is so much more as you know...however; be not surprised when there is a big show and 'THEY' that are seen to know....tell one whopper of a tale! Yep they be influencing you know who... again and again!! as do others too... in the unseen dance of Light and Dark...take heed...coming up to be directed which way to go... cuz Look out about needin to be in the attention to night dream...meditate and touch Earth...rather than be vulnerable to the memes - Brother Vaxen knows... the plan and what certain of them conspire to do...whilst more and more of us thankfully... are coming to.... What an adventure...let's love them all as our aspects within...and shift this dream!

Heart Blessings my friend...A.  

28 Jul 2006 @ 18:34 by craiglang : Thanks Alana
Your comments are always insightful. I have to read them through lots of times before I understand them fully. You have the gift of speaking at many levels.

Especially in the question of ET intentions, I'm sure the truth is greater than any of us see individually...

Thanx again,

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