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picture30 Aug 2008 @ 22:45, by Max Sandor

Well. we all know what is coming up tomorrow, who could forget the unforgettable (?):

the day EE "Doc" Smith passed away (48 yrs ago). Yup,in case you forgot it, tzzz, E. E. Smith, also Edward Elmer Smith, Ph.D., E.E. "Doc" Smith, Doc Smith, "Skylark" Smith, and (to family) Ted, see [link], he did die that day...

Will all members of the Galactic Patrol please stand up and shout thrice "hurray"!

(I shall light a candle at the shrine).

The father of all Space Operas, the ones known broadly, and the ones shrouded in secrecy unless you pay a little, that is, and work your way up the levels.

How did a chemist (Ph.D.) who specialized in doughnut mixes come up with the greatest saga ever written?

What was his connection other space opera writers like Hubbard (which Wikipedia blissfully ignores in this context) and AE Vogts, another Hubbard-buddy? And why exactly did EE retire in Clearwater, Florida, of all places?

Many, many questions, I know..

What I always wanted to know: Why do Galactic Patrol members sign contracts of ONLY one billion years when in fact the final battle against the Eddorians is still some billions of years away? And not to speak of the NEXT threat, already looming the depths of the ALL?

Never mind, don't forget to apply here for receiving the LENS:

(hope the link still works! It seemed to fade in and out of this time line and JD Flora couldn't fix that yet.)

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31 Aug 2008 @ 02:27 by Ed Dawson @ : Doc Smith
He certainly recalled the military uniforms of the old Galactic Empire, a color scheme that became so restimulative and haunting that it got copied everywhere, whether consciously remembered or not. It's known on this planet as the colors of the Waffen SS and the Oakland Raiders, among others.

He was a hugely entertaining writer, grandiose and using a giant scope. But the greatest entertainment does not come from reading Doc. It comes from reading one of the most brilliant parodies ever penned:

Buy, beg, borrow, steal, somehow obtain a copy of Backstage Lensman by Randall Garrett, and be prepared to laugh on your hands and knees...  

1 Sep 2008 @ 08:08 by Everlight @ : LRH Audited E. E. Doc Smith (excerpts)

[...]"Oh, don't ask me questions like that," he says. "You make me think I'm imagining things, or something." You say, "Well, have you ever been in a space ship?" "Well, gee! I get nervous."

"Well, how about hands? Uh...well, how about trying to about blow-ups in space?" I mean, anything like this, and so on. "Were you ever there? What was the year? What year were you a member of the Galactic Police Force Espionage Corps" - something or other. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

And you say, "What story did you write about this?"

He'll tell you, "Skylark". I'm...I'm...that's all...I don't know anything about HIS past history, E. E. Smiths. Uh...he'll say, "Well, it's such-and-such a year. Yeah." You get a needle reaction.

"Now," you say, "how about the stories you've written about that?" Tiny little needle reaction - keying out.

"Now, let's take the SKYLARK and let's go over it a little bit further and a little bit more on this." Oh, boy! We're starting to get the big action on the actuality and no action on the story. And then you just turn it up and...not by slanting the questions or anything, you just turn it up, just try and get some kind of a charge on the stories.

But you'll get charge right straight across the boards on it was biographical or autobiographical. And all of a sudden this guy will start to reel and he'll start to cough and he'll say, "You know, I feel a helmet. I'm sure it must be a helmet. My ears are ringing like mad. I can't understand it. My ears often ring when I'm writing. Come to think of it, they only ring when I'm writing about space stories, and I get that feeling right now. It's like a goldfish bowl or something closing down over my...yeah, you keep your chin down in order to keep the earphones open. Oh, no!" And you say, "Well, now let go of it." "Oh, I can't!" [...]
Excerpts from Philadelphia Course Lectures, PDC-37 (1952)

Everlight :)  

26 Aug 2012 @ 04:03 by Stan Blumenthal @ : Death of E.E. Smitlh
He might have retired to Clearwater, FL...but he died in Seaside, question is...where is he buried?  

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