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1 Jul 2006 @ 16:19, by Craig Lang

Today I am having one of those skeptical days... Several times, over the years that I've been doing UFO investigation, I have reached a wall. At times like this I wonder, is there anything at all to this? Or are we just chasing rainbows?

Usually, this happens when I am confronted by a large amount of BS. For example, one time I was interviewing a sighting witness about a very simple sighting - one that I suspect (from checking the star/planet maps on "The Sky for Windows") was actually the planet Venus. The witness subsequently started telling me what planet the UFO was from, etc... At times like that, I begin to wonder - is there anything to this?

To the best of my knowledge, I have never personally seen a UFO (at least unambiguously, etc...). Many of the cases I have worked on have come to nought, while many others have been ambiguous at best. Thus, especially in the last few weeks, I have felt a tremendous sense of discouragement.

Sometimes the disillusionment comes just from administrative stuff. The most recent of these is the comment in a response to my submission of "The Cosmic Bridge" to a publisher. The comment was from the CEO and editor. In it, she stated that (she believes) UFO nonfiction wouldn't sell because it is too speculative. To paraphrase her words, believable evidence or proof is not available. In effect, this is the same argument I hear from Seth Shostak, et. al.

This surprised me, as I didn't expect the "no proof" argument from that person - especially considering that her company publishes works like Robert Salla's book, Exopolitics, on the political implications of the E.T. presence.

Yet the response got me to wondering. Are the skeptics right? Are we simply chasing rainbows? Is trying to nail down UFO reality just like trying to grab the pot of gold at rainbow's end? I often wonder.

In the last 10 years, what have my studies found? In the last 50 years, what have serious UFO studies achieved? In the end, I find very little concrete result from the study of UFOs. We have a lot of data, a vast plethora of sighting reports, and a handful of physical evidence. Yet how much do we really undrestand about the phenomenon? I believe that it is not much more now than it was 50 years ago.

Yet now more than ever, I get the sense that the mystery is present and it is real. There is a deep and legitimate puzzle here, of which we have only scratched the surface. I often think back to some of the true unexplained cases I have worked on over the years, and it gives me a sense of hope - that there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...

For me, the foremost of these is the abduction and ground trace case in northwestern Wisconsin - probably the most profound case I've ever worked. In my mind, it and several others like it, still give the phenomenon its core of credibility.

Specifically, I recall the ground trace that was part of the northwestern WI experiencer case. This was one of the first major cases I investigated and one of my first major abduction cases. In this case, the experiencer (whom in my book, I refer to as 'Evelyn') had a hair-raising abduction experience in which she was "pulled out of bed" by "Them". She had a complete mental block of everything past a certain point. Thus, I became interested in both hypnosis and abduction research.

The clincher in this case was the ground trace, itself. This was a large burned spot in her back yard, a classic UFO "landing" trace. What was it? We don't know, but the family swore that it had not been there before the event, and was there afterwards. So, while it doesn't solve the mystery, this case does bring to it a tangible reality.

Thus, this case offers something that few UFO cases do, tangible evidence that something extraordinary happened in our physical reality. And that, in itself, keeps me going.

Sometimes continued inspiration just requires a patch of bare earth...

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1 Jul 2006 @ 16:27 by bushman : Hmm
Time for a new kind of science, maybe when more people are on the verge of another way to look at it, because they have seen it in the light of what they know and like you a wall has been reached, that will take new and specilized tools to bust thru it, then we get to see whats on the other side.  

1 Jul 2006 @ 20:28 by enora : Craig
I can understand you questioning this, especially since you have not seen a UFO, yourself. I have seen UFOs and ETs, and I know many people who have (including scientists), and people who were abducted. We have no doubts about what we've seen.

Like you, I am a CH.T. and also helped people who were abducted. I accept all of these as part of life. It interests me, but it's not something that takes up a good portion of my time and energy. Maybe for you it's about believability and faith? Do you believe what you don't see? Where does it place your own beliefs, and what does all of this mean for humanity...ideas like that, for instance. Discernment is absolutely necessary, but so is trusting your intuition and instinct along with being discerning. If the area still excites you, I think that would indicate your desire to be part of it and keep researching. If not, maybe it's time to shift?

08 July, 2006 CL Note:

Hi Nora,

Thanks for the comment.
I go through periods where I question everything. I think that its a normal part of the lifecycle of any research endeavor - especially one as on the edge as CE4 research.

I agree that intuition is vital in any such endeavor, and that's what has led me to where I am now. CE4 research certainly does not follow an analytical path... :-)

Note that the last lines in the article are where I turn the corner - the patch of bare earth. If nothing else does it, this gives me the glimmer - the grapes of Tantalus - that keeps me going.
Also, see my next posting for more on the topic...

Thanx again for the comment,
- Craig


Thanks, Craig. I will. I also posted a couple of my own articles on aliens and changing the extraterrestrial contact/abduction experience. Hope you'll give them a read, as well.

4 Jul 2006 @ 14:38 by ming : Proof
It is a good thing to be skeptical, and question one's assumptions once in a while. Otherwise one might just be fooling oneself, of course.

So, hm, yeah, that's a bit of a problem if there's really no proof. I wouldn't have thought so, but then again, I haven't endeavored to try to assemble it.

It is possible that, by design, or as a fundamental principle, there's no proof. But that would also point to that the phenomena really are something else than what the hypothesis is: i.e. physical vehicles from other planets. If it really is just that there might be people visiting in spaceships once in a while, yes, then there ought to be some physical proof left behind. Some fairly irrefutable stuff, like manufactured materials that would be beyond us to manufacture.

But if we're talking about something very much more advanced, involving beings living in more dimensions than ourselves, it might more turn into a virtual reality kind of game, where they easily, if they wanted, might make deliberately make sure that everything remains mysterious and unproven. I.e. that they're detected, but that there's always something missing from the proof. A sufficiently advanced group might not have any need for accidentally leaving clues behind, and might well be able to doctor the whole environment, including past events, to paint a certain picture. And they'd have plenty of alarms in place, in case you get close, and they'd doctor up reality a little more.

I think it is maybe a little of each. There's got to be somebody, quite physical like us, who has left clues. And the US behind-the-scenes government can't have been so damned effective as to have carried away and hidden all of them, without anybody ever talking. And at the same time, probably several of the agencies involved are quite likely to have advanced techonology that adds us to being able to doctor reality.

But all of that is just (wild) speculation. And what would move things forward would really been some nice hard evidence.

I've had experiences too. And I've met lots of people with experiences, and also worked with them as clients, in hypnosic regression. But still nothing I can prove, and nothing I can even prove to myself is concrete. So, it still ends up being, more or less, speculation.  

7 Jul 2006 @ 00:10 by Jodell @ : Nothing but the Poof!

I am a professional skeptic, I think and feel. The ultimate skeptic is the one that tests his or her own perceptions. I am one of those people who has had astral experiences all of my life. While I was in college, I kept meeting "soulmates" who had various issues with aliens and space technologies. I thought of the world as a reflection of my dreams so I thought that they were being silly or ignorant of their own dream worlds.

Yet, wierd things do happen that are not explainable or repeatable. I grew up as a child understanding deja vu. That was normal. Leaving my body and watching the other kids' bodies sleep was also natural for me. Walking through walls and leviting through the ceiling was also a given. I did not know that my friends would think I was wierd when I began discussing those things in college.

It's funny how I thought that the Aliens and Space Craft were wierd?

However, in the mid-nineties, I starting having the experiences of being taken aboard space crafts, meeting beings who seemed to know me since childhood, and ones who were very interested in my psychic development. I was recenlty on the UFO Panel at the New Living Expo in San Francisco this year.

I agree with you that there is a lot to be skeptical about. The skeptical you are religiously, the closer you will get to the truth. It is out there, or in here as some say. You are only beating your head against the walls of your own imagination. Once you "break on through to the other side" you will notice that nothing in the universe is true or false at any given momentum.  

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