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22 Apr 2004 @ 21:50, by Salama Shaquana

This Sunday we celebrate ANZAC Day in Australia and I am feeling somewhat reflective. ANZAC stands or the Australian & New Zealand Army Corp and the original ANZAC’s were the brave men who represented their countries on the battle fields during the 1st world war.

This is the first ANZAC Day without my Dad who passed away last year so this year has special meaning for me. My Dad was also a returned soldier from the Second World War, although in the all the years since then my Dad has never attended an ANZAC march or ceremony. This was always a period of his life, which he had no desire to dwell on.

This year more than any other (given my circumstances) I have been a little more considered in focusing on this time of reflection which is what the day is all about. Many who have fought for their countries didn’t do so because they chose this as their path. Many had no choice in reality. Many others fought to protect ideals that they held close to their hearts and they fought for freedom. Although it is difficult to define exactly what freedom is in our context – freedom from what? I also accept that choosing your path has different meanings dependant on your viewpoint.

We all acknowledge that war is a terrible thing and I am sure whilst many of us have probably experienced this in past lives we have no desire to go through similar experiences in this life. This is why we have taken the path of light. For all the sadness there are many wonderful things that transpire.

On Sunday many wonderful people will march together not in celebration of events they would rather forget but in friendship and harmony and love. They will think of those who laid down their lives, those who didn’t return. Their experiences taught them values such as trust, support, caring, love and survival. They sacrificed much, so that we can lead the life we do today. They did this because they loved their country, their families and their future families.

We cannot forget what happened but I hope people will take the time to think about the legacy and that in reflecting on events of the past we can build for the future and truly achieve a world of peace, harmony and love. A world where everyone is treated as an equal, a world devoid of hate and greed.

Most of all, I would like to say thank you for the gift you gave me. The gift of understanding and acceptance.

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1 comment

23 Apr 2004 @ 23:22 by vaxen : Hats off...
and heartfelt thanks to you all. A wonderful group of people. Blessed be.  

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