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2 Jun 2005 @ 10:06, by Salama Shaquana

The war in both Afghanistan and Iraq has drawn the attention of the world to the conspiracy that surrounds the control and take over of the world’s oil resources. Take over by oil conglomerates aided by government administrations such as the Bush administration. The thrust of the powerful to increase their wealth as the expense of the poor!!!

It was therefore with some fascination that I watched a story on Foreign Correspondent ABC Australia this week covering the little publicised Oil War in Nigeria. There were three aspects to this story that were of note. First and foremost we have a despotic local government in cohorts with the US Government and US and European owned companies exploiting the resources of 3rd world countries. Secondly is the impact left on the landscape as a result of the rape of the environment? The pollution of the waterways is breath taking, to say the least. Pipes regularly explode setting off fires. They showed tracks of forest razed to the ground. The land will never recover when this happens. This has a significant impact on
agriculture and therefore the ability of people to feed themselves.

The practices of companies such as Shell, Exxon to name but two would never be tolerated in developed countries. The most damming of all is what is happening to the people. The story showed dozers demolishing the only shelter (shanties at that) that thousands of locals had. They left children, women and men with nothing and why? For more oil wells!!
The people of Nigeria get nothing – foreign companies and government officials both local and as mentioned US take the lot. This is world we live in.

The saving grace is the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force. See link for story. I think when you read this story you will see why the American Govt. is so interested in gaining control.

I watch with interest at the developments.


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1 comment

16 Jun 2005 @ 00:28 by astrid : Dear Nemue,
This topic has been in the Foucus lately here on ncn in many blogs, have you noticed? I take that as a sign from Above as it were that The Ttimes are RIGHT to sow some Cosmic Awareness Seeds!...of which one of the most important right now, seems to be that : The QUALITY of the Energy we use in greatest quantity to run our Daliy Life, tells exactly "where" we are in consciousness = co-creativity! Not an easy Truth to face!...
OIL being the symbol of the densest, hence also most Life Denying Human consciousness; Life-Attitude and it is NOT to be coveted by people with more Life SUPPORTIVE feelings/Ideas/Desires.

OIL is the Energy that moves and keeps the DYING DINASOUR still going for a while!.... Every person, who realizes that there's an ENDLESS Source of Cosmic Energy to be harnessed just from the Sun and the Wind alone, are the ones who will move with the changing -the New INCOMING- TIDE of Life on Earth!
Did you look at the Willie Nelson link, I gave a few days back? Well, here it is again: .Here is a guy, who has understood the Truth and is running with it!

If you have connections in Nigeria, tell ALL your friends there about this Truth/awareness and sow the Cosmic Seeds of Truth and New Life, by making as many people as possible to grasp it.

Thanks for all your concerned and thoughtful / thought-provoking articles! You are very Dear to me! Such a FreedomSis! : )  

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