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picture12 Feb 2004 @ 10:00, by Christopher Puccini

“Go as far as you can see and you will see further”

On a number of occasions, the author’s of the US constitution expressed grave concern over the potential for economic interests to gain political control. Today it is apparent that they were men of exceptional vision. Since that time, cultural evolution has kept pace with the more obvious evolution from horse & buggy to the Internet, but our attention has been distracted from the advances in social engineering.

It is common for organizations to formulate a mission statement that clarifies their “vision” (the objective of the organization). This vision is meant to be the guiding principle by which the members of the group interact. As individuals, we seldom give adequate consideration to the utility of having a vision of our own. We often go no further than to consider the ways our most obvious drives may be satisfied by the smorgasbord of available options society offers. Unbeknownst to most of us, this is by design. How can one be totally devoted to the vision of another while remaining true to one’s own personal vision?

The viable options, concerning vision, are bounded by the limiting assumptions inherent in the model of reality one embraces. Our view of reality is “menu driven”. The perspective of hindsight obscures the possibilities of the paths not taken as we proceed down the bifurcating path of life’s choices, resulting in the illusion that the world offered us fewer options than are, in fact, available.

The scientific advances of the last century have broadened our consensual perspective of reality in a way that corroborates the descriptions offered by mystics throughout the ages; enabling us to see a world of energy patterns, rather than discrete objects. This vision has profound implications as a unifying principle where diversity is recognized as an empowering dynamic.

The correlation between form and function is apparent in the observation that consciousness is role-related (i.e. one’s awareness is invariably focused on one’s interactions). A vision that reflects a commitment to understand and cooperate with natural systems, results in a synergy that facilitates the evolution of both the consciousness and the potential role to be played.

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