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5 Feb 2004 @ 16:07, by Bruce Kodish

Thomas Friedman shows his typical fixed ideas, disregard for facts, and preference for loony conspiracy theories regarding Israel in his New York Times column today.

Friedman believes that there exists a significant group of Palestinian Arab moderates with whom the Palestinian Jews, i.e., Israelis, can negotiate.

Therefore Israeli's hesitancy to abandon Judea, Samaria and Gaza indicate to him 'fanaticism' and the major block to peace with Palestinian Arabs.


Calling Mahmoud Abas, Achmed Qurei, or Mohammad Dahlan moderates, is confusing what they say with what they do. Each has long-time association with Arafat, Fatah and the P.L.O. movement which retains the goal of destroying Israel and replacing it with a Palestinian Arab state. This remains the desire of every Arab country as well.

The number of Arabs who accept the legitimacy of the state of Israel and accept Jews as equals remain insignificantly small and powerless, if they even exist.

Meanwhile P.L.O. and other Arab leadership know that talking the talk of 'peace' will be enough to satisfy a significant number of dumb Westerners like Friedman.

But it is not moderation when a cannibal wears a three-piece suit and consumes his meal with a knife and fork.

Israpundit provides a trenchant analysis of Friedman's column Here

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6 Feb 2004 @ 11:25 by jmarc : thanks for the article bruce
...and please don't even think of "moving your discussions and observations to some other network where you might find more kindred spirits, who would be more inclined to support you for fulfilling communications". In fact, i'd say a need for a doubling of your efforts here is indicated by such above remarks,no?  

6 Feb 2004 @ 11:38 by Bruce Kodish @ : Istvan's disinvitation
Istvan is not in any position to enforce his disinvitation, as far as I know.
If he doesn't like what he reads on my blog, then he can make his comments (as long as they remain somewhat civil, I won't delete them).
Or he can choose not to read my stuff.
What is necessary for civilization to advance is a question that is up for grabs.

Thanks for your encouragement, Joseph.  

6 Feb 2004 @ 12:05 by jazzolog : Nin Is The Turning Point
Please reply with scriptural context.  

6 Feb 2004 @ 15:39 by istvan : Frankly i am not dis-appointed, nor appo
inted, and thanks for all your advice which I heed by not participating in the forseeable future.  

6 Feb 2004 @ 18:16 by scotty : Crikey !
If any more comments dissapear from this thread then it'll have to have a minus instead of a number !!!!

Who's stealing the comments ?????????????  

6 Feb 2004 @ 18:57 by Bruce @ : Don't Look At Me
I didn't do it.  

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