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 African academics connect online
picture12 Dec 2003 @ 01:49, by ashanti

"Students and teachers at a French-speaking digital campus in the Senegalese capital Dakar follow courses on-line, download text books which would cost too much to buy and enjoy access to a wealth of internet data. Their experience will be important input at the World Summit on the Information Society, which opened in Geneva on Wednesday with the aim of reducing the digital gap between rich and poor".
Wonder what the Copyright Police would say to that? It is common practice over here for students to copy textbooks which are obscenely priced way out of their pockets, but these are usually paper copies. Putting books online - I presume clearance was obtained? If so, this could be the start of the removal of a major barrier for Africans to access information, namely, the cost of books and journals. Will be interesting to hear from the Senegalese if they put books online with or without Copyright permissions.

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