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picture11 May 2006 @ 05:13, by John Ashbaugh

"We've turned into this nation of overfed clowns, riding around in clown cars, eating clown food, watching clown shows,"
James Howard Kunstler

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Ask not for whom the bell tolls...

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11 May 2006 @ 09:46 by swanny : Wow...
"We've turned into this nation of overfed clowns, riding around in clown cars, eating clown food, watching clown shows,"
James Howard Kunstler

Wow ...That's heavy Pathos.... Is that the fruitation of the "American Dream"
To be a "Clown Nation".... hmmmmmm????? I wonder why?

We "LOVE" you America....

take care of yourself....


11 May 2006 @ 11:32 by jmarc : from the daily ablution
on Western self hate. Scott is talking particularly about the British form, but mentions the Americans too.

We are all shaped - are, to a large extent, created - by the cultures in which we were raised. We are defined by our culture. Those who detest the society that created them are in reality expressing their hatred of themselves, but do so in a way that's ostensibly born of the best of liberal intentions. (This is not to contend that (e.g.) English culture is perfect, or that one should not try to better society, but attempts to explain the psychology of those who seem to see only shame and evil in the culture that produced them).

What teenager has not moaned "I hate myself"? Thankfully, most of those moaners grow up. But the cultural cringers do not. Their behaviour is - along with the curious sort of "rebellion" that demands conformity to the fashionable (Che t-shirts, lockstep moonbattery, etc.) - another manifestation of the developmentally arrested adolescent mentality so often seen in the bastions of the left.

Which would be fine - at least tolerable, and possibly quite amusing - if the juvenile self-loathing were contained within the groups so affected. It's the evident desire to force an entire nation - indeed, all of Western civilisation - to share the shame, don the sackcloth and surrender that's so offensive and so dangerous; in fact, potentially fatal (self-loathing invites self-destruction, after all).

This self-destructive tendency must be exposed, mocked and otherwise resisted whenever it arises - admittedly, the task is akin to slaying a Hydra, but we must persevere.


While it's always troublesome to hear people referring negatively to the psychology of those who dis agree with them politically, (a very slippery slope), I think the point has some merit.

Incidently, I detest clowns, clown food, and clown shows, I stopped watching the clown tube long ago, and consider myself a wee bit better for stopping. I walked into a room with David Blaine on the box the other day, and couldnt stop laughing and mocking, so...mirror mirror to me I guess.

Swanny, we're all Americans in this hemisphere.  

11 May 2006 @ 11:45 by swanny : A New Paradigm
The foundation of a New Paradigm though would be the degree of the ability with which to pass "thru" ourself or selves. Beyond self reflection, hate, and such to ? the Gaiaville?  

11 May 2006 @ 15:50 by jazzolog : World Clown No. 1

Billings police officer Gary Crockett, left, and St. Vincent Hospital security guard Kevin Maddox haul a Ronald McDonald statue up a hill after he was found hanging from a tree in Pioneer Park Thursday morning. The statue was stolen yesterday from the Ronald McDonald House where it had been bolted to a bench in front of the house.  

11 May 2006 @ 17:06 by swan : You forgot the head clown, Richard
{} is it you post photos again...I can never remember  

13 May 2006 @ 04:51 by koravya : Our Culture
Tell me about the American culture, an endless river, from one side of the continent to another, twenty-four seven, of automobiles. A culture hooked on speed, the creators of fast food, so that its participants will gain time to catch-up with where they want to be. And since there is no tomorrow, it’s full throttle ahead. This facet of American culture – one wouldn’t want to over-simplify the complexity of what one might spend some time defining – provides all necessary impetus to our industrial endeavor, which is by no means confined to or unique to the peoples of the North American continent. The planetary urban milieu is driven by this machine, and it is heading, full speed ahead to the rim of a very high cliff and shall arc through the air, like Thelma and Louise, in its transitory flight into oblivion. I understand that China plans to build fifteen million new cars . . . next year. The global passion to own and operate an automobile and to participate in this global automobile culture is driving the industrial infrastructure. Everyone alive in the urban milieu was born into it, and coming to know an alternative way of being is a serious cross-cultural adjustment. For the most part, it means the establishment of communities and inter-community relationships of an entirely different order. One might say that I sound like an alarmist. Nah. No such thing. I’ve got my thirteen year old four-cylinder Ford that gets me 40 miles per gallon and I plan on keeping it running for as long as I can keep it running. It gets me out of the city where I’ve established my life, out to the countryside and the forests where I can breathe a little fresh air every once in a while. There are those who downplay the symptoms of global warming and the possible implications for all forms of life on this planet. I tend towards interpretations that take a more pessimistic view of forthcoming climatic developments. Humans are rather adaptable, and my surely undereducated guess is that we shall soon be getting a first taste of some alternative environmental conditions, soon, in my mind, looking into the two-decade window. The clowns in the political arena are playing with nuclear weapons, the juggling act. The North American military establishment is about to begin a series of non-nuclear, highly explosive tests in the Nevada desert, as if that is far enough away from . . . something. Sanity, perhaps. A series of a dozen or so explosions given the nomenclature “Divine”.
The clowns are playing God. Our cultural destiny is our creation. Within the heart of this strange being that is consuming the planet is the source of its own transformation. Our minds and Our hearts are at the heart of whatever shall become. Tomorrow will be different from today, and each of us is going to make some more choices, and gather a few more fragments of information, and process it through our individual psychoses, cultural and personal, and make some more choices.
Thanks for the comments, and contributions. Ronald looking like he is under arrest, and then lynched, is a good one. And yes, Richard, what is the trick to posting a photo in the comments section.?
The Nuclear Information Project
Press Release Newswire
“The Uto-Aztecan Crescent Moon Ceremony on May 13th and 14th will be held on Mt. Charleston just outside of Las Vegas. Healing the Mountain in sacred prayers and sacred sounds in with the sacred instruments of all Nations attending this gathering restoring nature’s forces into harmony. I feel this ceremonial gathering becomes so important with the messages that we are bringing in peace. Awareness is needed now interpreting the importance of protecting Mother Earth’s sacred sites and her forces in nature restoring balance and harmony upon Mother Earth. Rebirthing the snow, rain and springs into this area and other areas in within the broken hoops of nature circles of life that work in circles within circles. As we continue to heal the huge circle that was prepared on of the May 8th, 2004, that alleviated the Volcano that was about to explode in the Yellowstone National Park, called the Magnificent 19 + 1 = 20, the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel Ceremony..”
Bennie “BlueThunder” LeBeau
Eastern Shoshone, Fort Washakie, Wyoming  

14 May 2006 @ 01:50 by swan : I think that those of us who are aware
must keep doing our ceremony, keep making healthy choices for our bodies, minds and spirits and the planet and keep believing that it IS making a difference.  

16 May 2006 @ 05:43 by koravya : Impossible World
Welcome to the Impossible World
By Rebecca Solnit
Following is a quote from.
The entire address is worth reading.
F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said, "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function." The state of the world is always a jumble of opposing ideas, of uprisings and crackdowns, of wonder and horror. Fitzgerald's forgotten next sentence is, "One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise."  

16 May 2006 @ 09:16 by swanny : Yes...
Though it is a sorry state of affairs and somewhat of a rationalization
this is often the case and the truth.
Actually though I don't see it so much as an indication of superior
intelligence but a demostration of the "will to live" or the resiliance
of the human spirit.

Incidently is it clowns or puppets? or even sheep? I have been noticing to though that given the "dynamic" state of the world and life the use of generalizations is becoming more problematic, as there are at times when we act as clowns and times when act as we ought as citizens of a noble earth, rare though they be, so we are perhaps at least then "citizen clowns".


18 May 2006 @ 07:24 by koravya : Citizen Clowns
May 17 / 18, 2006
Thanks for the thoughts, Swanny.
“Will to Live” as the ultimate driving force. As the Rain of Death saturates our atmosphere, huge segments of the human population, and I will neither exclude nor excuse myself, are deeply embedded with all kinds of rationalizations about this development, some of us arguing that it doesn’t exist and there is nothing to argue about, rationalizations that guide us in our professed search for Truth. Perhaps there will come a time when the rationalizations break down as the organism approaches the imminence of Death. Then it may come to pass that all hell will break loose, and the “Will to Live” will be called upon to prevail. There is the undercurrent, the oceans of magma rising to the surface of our bony skulls, issuing through the fissures and overpowering and smothering the debates about what to do or not to do. And the “resilience of the human spirit” is our hope, the other leg, along with our “Will to Live,” that will carry who we are and who we will become towards our next horizon.
Clowns we are, every one of us, loving every minute of it, lost in our hallucinations, laughing at ourselves laughing at the world laughing at ourselves back, and this is a vital part of who we are; and we are a community and we take our community seriously, because seriously, life and living is not a nonstop joke, and tears and pain are real, that place where we brush the feather of Death.
Citizens of the Earth, citizens of the village, and citizens of the human genome. Citizen Clowns. Dead serious, laughing our way through the universe; keeping those ideas together in a functionality.

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