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 Late night thoughts - The promises, the joys and the perils of life4 comments
5 Aug 2004 @ 00:20, by Craig Lang

Promise, peril and joy, they go together; signposts and milestones along the road of life.

Some thoughts on possible pending job changes - voluntary or otherwise, and life in Corporate CubeWorld.


Today (yesterday, actually - its 1AM CDT, here) was an interesting day. A week ago, our company announced that it is going to lay off about 5% of us. We don't know for sure who it will be, so the big question on everyone's mind is "Is it me?" My mind, of course, is no exception.

So what did they do today, those Lords of CubeWorld? They held the department's annual summer picnic. This is an afternoon event in which the whole department gets together and plays goofy (team building) games, that are supposed to build group morale. If the air wasn't so cynical, and the humor so dark, this year's event would have been alot of fun. But there was always the reminder, when seeing one of the supervisors or the director, that in a few days, this person just might be the one to tell you that you no longer have a job. Rah, Rah, Go team...

So as we were talking, a number of us were discussing what we would do if-or-when we were told to take a hike. Since we are still in the beauty and bounty of late summer, more than one of us said that they would like to take the rest of the summer off.

I was of a similar mind - thinking in terms of summer, and even early fall to pursue personal interests. I just signed up for a creative writing course at The Loft, a creative writing clinic in the Twin Cities. My website also needs a brush-up. My book is still only half-written, I need to do oh-so-many things regarding my hypnosis practice, I am trying to book speaking and workshop engagements, and the list goes on... I could easily fill two to three months with work, and still not see daylight.

But then I remembered that in all of this, one thing would very much be missing - going to work in the morning. Work has generally been part of my life for the last twenty five years. And for the most part, they have been enjoyable years. I have enjoyed being an engineer, and before that a technician. I like the people contact that an office environment brings to you.

But the corporate land of CubeWorld brings alot of disadvantages to it, as well. The biggest is the power structure - and with it, the continual jockeying and currying of favor that a heirarchical structure brings. Twenty years ago, or even ten years ago this didn't bother me. But somehow about eight years ago (at about the time I started seriously meditating) I felt like my eyes openned up. I saw how ugly the petty politics were in CubeWorld. And that's when the fun began, and life began to change.

So now, in some moments I look forward to possible change, while in others I think to myself "Oh shit, this could really happen...". And I realize that when life is at its most promising, it is also at its most perilous.

It is at this time that I am reminded - maybe by my higher self, maybe by God, I don't know - that whatever happens, God is there. We are all spirits in the material world. Whatever happens, our journey through life will continue, and we will take step after step along the bumpy path of life. The path leads to promise, but it passes through both joys and perils along the way.

Promise, peril and joy, they go together; signposts and milestones along the road of life.

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5 Aug 2004 @ 01:30 by newdawn : just remember
that when one door closes another opens and you then have the opportunity to take time for yourself then take the next step in your life journey. Life is an adventure. Live it with joy and excitement no matter what comes your way.  

5 Aug 2004 @ 01:35 by shawa : Yeah...
I almost hope they give you the sack, so that you may be able to do all the wonderful things you mention in your entry, lol! Keep us posted. ;-)  

5 Aug 2004 @ 02:21 by ov : Risk
Craig, so much of what you are saying reminds me of something I read earlier tonight in the latest {|Mayan Majix newsletter}, about half way down, the part about the game of lack and loss. Though it also could be just an attraction to solipsism as means of escape that appeals to me, which then makes me wary of it, but then I get comfort from something the Dali Lama said. "Try very very hard to do something good for the world, and if nothing comes of it, well then now hard feelings" or something like that. :-)

But when I come back down to earth I think what a crappy situation your boss has put you all into. What could have been a good time turns into what could be a psych experiment to see who plays well with others. Have they already made up their minds who is to go, or are they still thinking about it. No way you can know, one way or the other.  

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