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20 Sep 2004 @ 18:24, by Craig Lang

As I sit at a computer workstation in the lab at my day job, waiting for another experiment to complete, my mind begins to wonder. I ask myself what is it that I question about the daily routine? I notice that I enjoy what I do from day to day.. But as I'm sure many have observed, what is missing from the corporate-American job is the long term psychic fulfillment that comes from serving the higher calling.

In reality, the job is going well. In spite of some recent rocks in the road (see previous posts), things are fun and interesting (in the positive sense) at the nine-to-five job. The engineering project I am working on is challenging and fascinating. The people I work with are great. And yet, there is something more, some higher calling that seems to be awaiting my energy.

While the work is often quite interesting, in the long term it is difficult to see how it serves. It is as if one were eating food that tastes good, but does not do much to satiate one's hunger. I would bet that for many of us in CubeWorld, there is the same feeling.

I also suspect that, even though I say this, my situation is far less the case than it is for many others. The company I work for makes medical electronics, devices that either save lives or bring a patient's quality of life up to a higher/acceptable level. So in a certain sense, I really can't grouse too much. Yet, when sitting in a corporate cubicle, it is hard to get a sense of doing healing work. Instead, all I see is a PC monitor and a bunch of printouts, memos, etc. Hardly the stuff of the healer.

As my mind ponders this stuff, I often begin to generalize. I have heard so many people describe the same vague sense of searching in life. And I begin to wonder if I now understand it a little bit more. It is the sense that each of us is here for a purpose - given to us by God, by the Universe, or simply by our own higher nature. But wherever it comes from, it is often manifest as a need to serve the higher good.

For most of us - those who are fortunate enough to have jobs, but not in their calling from 9 to 5 - there is that deep yearning for psychic fulfillment. The day job can do a good job of meeting one's first through third chakra needs. While corporate profits, meeting a project schedule and developing quality deliverables for shipment to customers is all well and good, it is not service to God (at least that I can see). It feels ultimately, like service to self.

In an emerging fourth/fifth chakra world, where does this lead? How can this help to bring about the changes we know are coming, in the most positive, loving and healing way?

In more recent times, I have seriously checked into the possibilities of going independent, either as a healer or as a freelance engineer working with medical/healing technology. What I have found is that this is probably even less fulfilling than my present situation. I am not all that great of a businessman, so in many ways this is even more grief than working for a company. In short, my calling is apparently elsewhere. So the search continues.

So much has been written on this, so many have asked this same question, and there have been so many answers given. Yet for so many, just as for myself, the question remains. Is there a way to experiecne the fulfillment that comes through service to a higher calling, while still meeting the needs of the survival and ego selves? This is a question that has dogged the spiritual community for nearly as long as humans have pursued a spiritual path. Yet today it probably looms as large as ever.

I for one, have few if any answers, but I certainly feel as though I ask the question alot...

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20 Sep 2004 @ 22:20 by magical_melody : the personality does not know,
and yet at base, the heart knows, there is something more to be and do, and its coming to the surface now as the dance of ego and essence bop around on the dance floor. The mind needs to let go of the wheel, so that life can get off the karmic wheel. Big shift! So what do you need in order to go independent, aside from faith and trust in self and in God?  

21 Sep 2004 @ 17:30 by craiglang : Great comment Alana
Hi Alana,
Thanks for your note.
This is very consistent with what you have said to me in the past. It is probably all true. Very little has actually changed since our conversations on this, except the state of the world, and the state of my own emotions regarding the external world. Earleir, these were future-vision of things to come, now they're here. But the questions and the caveats are still the same and the family obligations are unchanged, etc... Truly, it is simply a case of finding one's self, setting a course of action and then doing it. Yet it is the "it" that is in question.

Thanx again for your comment.

Subsequent thought (9/24/04)
I think that your comment assumes that going independent is the answer. Actually, I'm not sure that this is the case. My sense is that there is a creative third path, perhaps a nonprofit, or an organization with which my path is aligned.
Thanx again for the comments,

24 Sep 2004 @ 11:56 by qmal : seeking the path
Perhaps of consideration.In the deep struggle between the life that is planned and caste for you by society's structure and for allowing it to proceed and that other life ,that you know you can do. That you are drawn to, are the forces and feelings of a world that casts both a lot of agony,and beauty in the air and the fundamental desire to help. I struggled with the same thing all the time for many years working in a service station. I finally tried something different , chose to do what I was already doing just in a different style and way. I became a mobile mechanic, and it was exciting and deep. I met many interesting people and visited many beautiful places and felt largely satisfied in general, but it was quite hard physically and not very successful from a business perspective.That same struggle continued but it was different ..I was closer So I believe it was much more satisfying from a soul perspective, then my previous path. I am still strugling with it today in another way. So I know what you mean when you feel like you should pursue a greater cause than cubicle and freeway. I think you're right , people are really grappling with this in this day and age. Very nice thought stream , I relate to it deeply.

CL Note 9/24/04:
Thanks for your comments. I wonder how many others out there are asking these same questions. My sense is that they are legion...  

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