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6 Jul 2005 @ 16:48, by Craig Lang

While very much of a personal trail, I offer this for the benefit of any others who may be on a similar path...
As many on NCN know, I have for years, been casting about trying to find what my career path should be. I often feel like a lost soul, wandering in the wilderness of life. And as a result, I have accumulated a rather interesting trail of tests such as Myers-Briggs, Strong-Campbell (now Strong Interest Inventory), and other similar exercises.

It has been interesting to note how the results have changed over the years. Yet none of it is a surprise, as such tests are really only telling you the same thing that you told them. However, it has been interesting to see the information laid out in a very straightforward snapshot - a "slice of life" in the present day. And it has been interesting to note the trail of results, showing my wanderings through life in recent years...

I have taken the Myers-Briggs several times, and have gotten a progression of results over the years. 10 years ago, I was solidly an ENTJ - an engineer's engineer. When I took it, from the profile page at the time I joined NCN, about three years ago (Gawd, has it been that long?), it came out ENxJ - a distinct trend from T toward F.

In recent months, I have again done the eqivalent of climbing a tree to see where in the woods I am. As a result, a couple of weeks ago, I again took it and the Strong Interest Inventory - the next step in my casting-about. This time, my Myers-Briggs type came out as ENFP: the progression continues... :-)

What does this mean?
Well, I started meditating about 10 years ago. And from looking at the description of the J and P scales, description of the the "P" side looks alot like "being in the present moment" as described by someone like Eckhart Tolle. So, does this mean that I'm somehow "learning a lesson"? That's probably anyone's guess. But the main conclusion is that meditation has deeply impacted my life in very positive ways.

The "Strong" was also interesting, though not very surprising, either. My profile (IAS) was somewhat of a cross between that of University Professor, Research Scientist, Writer, Psychologist, and some form of healer. But what it also confirmed was that my interest in enterpreneurship is not very great - easy to see when you look at how slowly I have proceeded in building my business. Clearly, my big interest is in research and writing. No surprises here, either... :-)

I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up, but I've found that as I've been searching, I have left a definite and very coherent trail. It is one of progression from left-brain to whole-brain, from future-focus to present-moment-focus, and from ego (3rd-chakra) to heart (4th-chakra). Where the trail leads from here, I certainly don't know. But I suspect that it will always be an interesting path to travel...

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