New Civilization News: Ningizimu School - the power of Love    
 Ningizimu School - the power of Love
picture12 Jan 2004 @ 23:06, by ashanti

A friend of mine, Robin Opperman, works at a special school for mentally disabled children, the Ningizimu School. He really is an angel, doing fantastic work with these kids. He works with them through Art, and together they use old waste, and turn it into magically beautiful African creations. Alliance Francaise have been so impressed by the stunning work the children produce, with Robin's gentle encouragement, that they have commissioned a series of banners. They are currently on exhibition at the Durban Art Gallery, and will eventually be on display in Paris later this year. Photos of the work are unfortunately not yet available, but having seen them myself, I can assure they are truly beautiful. It is just amazing what the power of Love can do - transform waste into beauty, and give purpose, fulfilment, empowerment and income to children who are disabled, and who would have otherwise been thrown away by society.

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